Monday, 30 January 2012

Patchwork sewing case

I wanted to give my cousin a little something handmade along with her other bought birthday presents. She has her sewing machine with her at uni, so I thought a little sewing/mending kit would come in quite handy and it's something she can keep forever. I had completely forgot that my auntie was making her something quite similar, so she now has two of the same king of thing! But they say it's the thought that counts anyway!  :-)

I found a brilliant tutorial on Pinterest, for once I actually Made something I pinned on there rather than just continually pinning hundred's of things that I'm never actually going to have the time to make!

Here is the link to the tutorial, there is also an option for a tutorial on how to make the patchwork style cover, it was the first time I had sewn together any mini patchwork squares and aren't they fiddly! They look so simple but it's actually quite difficult trying to line up every one of the seams, I think it's much easier if you have a special foot on the sewing machine. I managed to match up the majority of the seams, but like everything I think it takes practise so next time my seams may be a little neater!

It'd a brilliant little project for using up scraps of fabric, I used fabric that I had got given to me by family and friends.. some that I had bought new and also a few little bits I had found in charity shops.

I filled the little case with a few bits and bobs, I found such a gorgeous pair of embroidery scissors... so cute!

It's a busy day today...

I took Rose for her 10-12 month review this morning and found it strangely quite nerve-wracking! I think it's because of being aware that the health visitor isn't just checking Rose,she's also judging you on your parenting skills. Well it felt like that anyway... She seemed incredibly shocked that I was still breast feeding Rose. In a good way though, she was really impressed but to me it's just the easier/cheaper option! I don't know when I'll carry on until but I spose we'll just see how it goes..!

She has her immunisations this afternoon at 4pm and I'm Really not looking forward to it. It's a lot easier when they're still a small baby and aren't really aware of much!

I hope everyone's having a good monday, it's lovely and sunny here today but freezing! I don't think it'll be long before we have some snow...


  1. what a pretty little kit you have made. Love the colours and patterns you have put together.

    I have to admit I joined pinterest did a few pins and have not been back. My computer did not seem to like the endless images and kept freezing. I think it put me off! lol.

    Hope all goes well this afternoon with Rose's injection. These things dont get easier do they.

    Have a great week.

    MBB x

  2. It's very pretty - I love it! I joined Pinterest but thats as far as I got - must give it a proper try some time.

  3. Wonderful... so useful and very pretty :) I'm sure it will be a much loved gift!
    I know what you mean about feeling you are being judged on your parenting skills at these check ups. I am still even a bit on edge when I go to the boys parents evening, lol!
    A HUGE well done to you for carrying on breast feeding to this age it is surely giving Rose a fantastic start in life.

    Happy Monday my lovely xx

  4. Hope all goes well at the doctors, it's never very nice is it? We have a tough gig being mothers, and don't you worry at all about the health visitors, I bet they can see what a super star mummy you are!
    Nattie x

  5. Wow - I would love to receive your beautiful gift! And those scissors are super cute!! Well done you!! How do you find the time to do so much crafting with your little one - my youngest is 4 months now and I am desperate to get my sewing machine out again! Perhaps tonight's the night!xx

  6. Oh that is such a lovely sewing kit,well done. You are such a worrier, you are doing a fantastic job, Rose's beaming smile should remind you of that. Good luck with the appointment and Rose's jab.
    Lots of love
    Mum xxxxxx

  7. Lovely sewing kit,you have used such pretty colours.Hope all went well with Rose's injections poor little thing.Love Jill xx

  8. looks incredibly neat to me! well done you.

    I don;t think you can have too many sewing kits. It's always handy to have one in your suitcase along side a travel size hot water bottle and a pair of slippers.

    Hope Rose's jabs went ok. I forgot that they have all that again at 12 months. Something to look forward to in a few months.


  9. She loved it Ash. Very different from what I made and the scissors match her tweezers. It was really lovely to see her and spend some time with her. Made me feel rather old!! (but very proud).

    Hope the jabs went well. Think Jose was around three when I stopped feeding her xx

  10. I looovveeddd iiitt :D :D :D
    Thank you Ashh <3 <3
    Give Podge a huge big squishy smooch from me :D :D <3

  11. Beautiful! And looks like she loves it :) those scissors are super cute! Hope Roses' jabs went ok, she looks like a very happy little girl from all the pictures you show us - you are obviously doing a great job with her! Enjoy the rest of the week and keep warm - it's gone so cold!!! Jenny xxx

  12. I love the patchwork sewing case. I am sure your cousin will love it. I have to admit to not having gotten on the pininterest board, but I do bookmark enough projects that I will never make:)

    Congrats on continuing to feed your little girl. I fed Ginger to 20 months and only stopped then because I was 3 months pregnant with my current bub and I wanted to ensure she 'forgot' before his arrival. With a couple of months to go, I think she has;)

    I just loved your comment on trepidation at visiting the Child Health Nurse. One of our nurses was (we have just moved) always concerned about Ginger's weight gain. It sort of got to the point of "what do you expect me to do" - I am feeding on demand, she is not very keen on solids and she is obviously just a slight child. Thankfully, she worked week about with another nurse so I just started going in her off weeks:)

  13. Your sewing case is just beautifully made and what great idea....your cousin sounds very practical that she has a sewing machine at uni with her so this is a well thought out gift.

    I took my littlest for his 3yr old jabs last week....I was so cross with myself as the first jab went in and he was really good without much fuss, so I said there we are look the lady's putting a plaster on see, so he turns to see just as th second jab went n, well he of course howled and I felt doesn't get easier as this is my third child ....I do hope Rose's went well I'm sure they did.

  14. I fed Miss Fairy until she was 14 months and had no encouragement from anyone in the health service at all!

    The sewing case is very pretty and I was wondering where you got the scissors from?

    Dev x

  15. Your sewing case is really amazing and such an inspiration to me! Thanks for sharing the tutorial link!
    Best wishes, LS

  16. Well done on the sewing case, it's lovely. You have lovely fabric scraps and a good eye for colour.

    The jabs are awful aren't they! It doesn't even end there because you have to keep an eye on them for the next few weeks incase they develop a fever or anything, poor wee things, it seems much easier when they don't know what's going on. And well done on the breastfeeding, just do what suits you and Rose and never worry about the health visitor, you have a happy smiling little girl, what more evidence of your parenting skills can there be!

    Helen xx