Monday, 9 January 2012

My new baby has arrived!!

I came home early this afternoon having taken Rose to a playgroup in the morning and I had a lovely surprise waiting for me on the coffee table, it had come a day earlier than we were expecting it!

Luckily (it's so frustrating when you have to wait to be able to pick up a parel from the post office depot) Ray had still been in when it was delivered to our house and he had wrapped it up for me (as a late Christmas present apparently). I really do have such a lovely husband. :-)

I had to put the battery straight on charge and then I was kept pretty busy with Rose (I think her molars are coming through on one side... her cheek was bright red!) so I didn't get much time to play with all of the settings and look through the instructions manual. So as soon as she went down to sleep, I hopped on the laptop and I have been looking at all sorts of tutorials online and I think I May have got the gist of some of the basics now! I think...

I seriously don't think I've been This excited about something since I had Rose! haha
It's going to be such a pleasure to take photographs now and I'm sure I'll be posting a lot more now that I'll have some nice photo's to show you all.

I hope you've all had a lovely day.

(I just thought I would ask in case anyone can help me... I'm trying to complete Rose's quilt at the moment in time for her birthday on the 24th and I'm at the stage where I have basted all layers together and I'm ready to free-motion quilt over the top.
I've not got a very fancy machine but I was able to free-motion quilt a couple of smaller items a little while ago so I wonder if I'm just doing something wrong...
I'm using a quilting needle and some good quality quilting thread but everytime I go to start sewing, the top and bottom threads don't seem to be looping together to create the stitches. I'm ending up with a line of holes where the needle has gone through the quilt but no stitches are left until a random stitch does work and then it goes back to just holes again.
Could it be something to do with tension or how I'm fitting the bobbin? Or something else untirely...?!
What number should the tension be set to when your doing free-motion quilting? Please help! Thank you xXx)


  1. Have fun with your new camera!
    Sorry I can't help with the quilt....

    Lou x x x

  2. Ooooooooh, as you know I am GREEN with envy over your new baby!! Can't wait to see it on Weds!!

    I have been doing free motion embroidery this afternoon and had a similar problem, I adjusted the tension to 5, cleaned the bobbin race and changed the needle and it seems better now.

    I have switched back to WW!! I ate a SW lunch (dry jacket potato, tuna and homemade coleslaw) and it was vile and I just couldn't stand the thought of no sugar, chocolate, crisps etc and with WW I can have all those things in moderation, and as I long as I don't cheat should manage 1-2lb off on that.

    I lost 29lb early last year but hadn't been weighed since June until today - one stone on :0/, still am feeling pretty motivated and I find the hardest thing is getting in the right place in your head.


    S x

  3. woweeeee what a fabulous gifty especially with all your beautiful makes and to take piccys also of your gorrrrrgeous rose- endless fun!! xx

  4. What a lovely surprise to come home to x is your bobbin thread held tightly behind your work when you start, sometimes they wander back through of their own cheeky accord! Good luck x

  5. Which tutorials have you found particularly useful?

    What a poppet Ray is.

    Not sure what to suggest with the FME. Is the needle the one you were sewing with as I have been told you should use a new needle for each project and at least 4 for each lap quilt.


  6. It's most likely a simple error. Rethread the machine and the bobbin then change the needle like your friend Cuckoo suggested. Say a little pray, turn the machine off and on and then start again. If it is the tension ~ it could be the tension on the bobbin case or the machine. Good Luck - I hate technical problems at the end of a project. ugh.

  7. I would agree with Suzie, rethread the needle and the bobbin, it sounds like something simple in the set up. I have a cheap Brother sewing machine and have made 2 baby quilts, 3 skirts, cushions, bunting etc and have never changed the needle which I know is frowned upon but I really doubt that the needle is your problem. Hope you sort it out and good luck finishing the quilt.

    PS Rose and I do share the same birthday. And my own little baby boy just turned one on Sunday, it's so exciting and very emotional, to think back to this time last year is just amazing! Time really flies with little babies.

  8. hey - as soon as I found the auto button I was away! Keep meaning to read my manual but shutters come down as soon as I open the first page.

    No idea about the sewing - you're all speaking a foreign langueage to me there...fee x