Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Just a few photo's and a bit of a natter.

I don't really have a better place to store all of my craft books so that they're out of Rose's reach, so this is what my front room ends up looking like pretty much Every day. I'm already using our tall book case to store all of my crafty bits and bobs and I definitely can't have that all in Rose's reach... Another reason to have my own craft room one day! Or at least a bigger house with some more shelves!

As you can probably tell, I've been having a play with my camera so I've taken quite a few photo's today!

I've just finished crocheting and knitting the flowers and leaves to sew onto my tea cosy, so it shouldn't be long before I have a FO to show you.

As you can see Rose gives a helping hand... well, just eats everything really!

I've finished all of my thank you cards from Christmas today and they're all in the post, off to friends and family. It's taken me a good three day's to get them done as it's a real 'sit-down' job and it's hard to get much done with a little one tugging at your leg... 

I've been admiring my paper garland in the utility room, it was a Christmas present from my best friend from home and I love it. I haven't seen her for such a long time now as she's living in Wales but we're going to be visiting them in March and I really can't wait. Rose and I may see her when we go back to Dorset for her birthday though which would be so lovely.

I can't believe it's now the 10th of January! Rose is nearly one and to be honest, I'm feeling a bit emotional about it all. The last year has just gone so so fast, it feels like only yesterday I was holding that brand new baby that smelt sooo amazing. I guess it's something to do with her being my first baby... did anyone else feel the same..?

Rose has been practicing her walking a Lot, staggering up and down the length of the kitchen over and over again... she looks like something between looking drunk and like a zombie. It's quite amusing to watch!

I had my friend who lives a couple doors down round for tea this morning and she brought her little girl who is 17 months with her. The two girls were enjoying playing with these crochet baby blocks, my Mum made them as a Christmas present for Rose and so far they've gone down very well! 

Right, off to cook Rose her dinner and then it's Slimming World time. I've been so bad at sticking to it this week and have eaten anything and everything! Tomorrow will hopefully be a completely fresh start... looks like the Haagen Daz ice cream in the freezer will have to be polished off tonight then!



  1. Awww Rose is such a cute baby, it's great how much she is walking already! Those crochet blocks are a fab idea too... when I have children, I will be making some of those, hehe! Enjoy the icecream tonight ;) Jenny x

  2. Yay! You've got your camera!!! Don't you just LOVE the sound it makes when you take a pic!!! Lovely photos Ashley :) I love the crochet blocks your Mum made, what a fab idea. Looking forward to seeing the tea cosy. Yep, how you are feeling is very normal as Rose approaches her 1st birthday. I still feel it now and Big Cupcake will be 12 this month on the 22nd! When is Rose's birthday? Big Cupcake's middle name is Rose :) Enjoy your ice cream tonight!!!

    Love & hugs,

    Jo x x x

  3. Aww how cute does Rose look! I love those crocheted blocks too what a fab idea.

  4. Oh I love the walking pictures, I remember the fun times I had watching my little niece taking her first steps...they think they are so clever....and the big smiles they have on their faces while tottering is so cute!

    I did my thank you cards today too.....didn't have a huge amount to do....so only took a couple of hours!


  5. Hi Ashley, happy new year! (If I haven't said it already). Such a cuuuute photo of Rose from the back walking the kitchen... love that you caught her with a foot in the air!

    Wanted to comment on your last post - I have that very same camera!! As does Cuckoo and Belinda at Wild Acre. How funny that we've all chosen the same model!! (Cupcake JoJo, if you're there, what type did you get?? Bet it's the same!)

    Isn't it fab? I'm so happy with mine; just saving for a better lens for close-ups now.


  6. Lovely pics of Rose, what a star! My oldest is now eight, nine in march, middle is six and littlest starts part time school next week.......the time flies doesn't it....how lucky to be able to capture so much on your new camera.

  7. Photos look really good love. Knit and Natter ended up as a stay in the pub as it was Folk night. Think Rosie will have a very sore head in the morning xx

  8. Hello there,
    Lovely to hear a catch up, I have been so frustrated with our broken laptop recently, I am completely out of touch.
    Brilliant walking from Rose, Mabel is trying but realises can crawl faster so just sits back down! Glad she too still wears a bib!

    With you on the turning one front. Has made me ponder labour and that period of our lives all over again, " this time last year..." I seem to keep saying. Are you planning a birthday party?
    Nelly x

  9. Rose is so cute, my daughter is 12 in March and you do really wonder where the time goes! Enjoy taking pics with your new toy! xx

  10. Happy new year Ashley! :)
    I am super jealous of your new camara... your photo's look amazing (helped of course, by the fact your little Rose is looking so adorable) they grow so fast don't they, we take every day as it comes then a little milestone gives us a jolt and the emotions run riot...but they will always be our 'babies' :)

    Can't wait to see your tea cosy!!

    Louise xx

  11. Aw. Rose is so precious, walking about. :o) Yes, I too experienced the same things as we neared our children's first birthday. And even though they are so much older now, I still ponder those first days in my heart. They are so special to me. :o)

  12. Wow your Rose is adorable, I could eat her up!
    I just popped in to say, Yay you won my little cross stitch giveaway! If you email you address I will pop your parcel in the post!
    Kandi x

  13. What a cute little mischief :-) And yes I feel the same as you every year my little ones (well not so little now at 11, 9 & 4) have a birthday :-(

  14. Hehe I love the photo of Rose eating the crocheted flower, tasty!! She is so cute. I can't believe she is walking, that seems really advanced to me!

    I love the crocheted baby blocks too, I'd love to make some of these for my baby (is he still at baby now that he's one?!), I wonder how did your Mum get them so cube shaped?

    Have fun with your new baby!!

    Helen xx

  15. I am glad that Rose's blocks are a hit, and I love the fact that Rose is showing an interest in yarn, carrying on the family tradition! The cubes were all supposed to be exactly square, but if you look closely you will see that wasn't the case, didn't have a ruler so it was artistic licence on the cubes, ha ha.
    Lots of love Mum xxxx

  16. How cute are those crochet blocks?! Adorable!!! What is the block itself made from? ♥♥♥Annette