Friday, 6 January 2012

2011 Photo memories and a lot of chatter!

I know everyone's probably bored with seeing all of these 2011 photo mosaics by now but I wanted to put one together as it was an excuse to look back on the huge amount of photo's taken this year. I only started blogging in March so I've only included photo's from then onwards. I've used most of them here on my blog but there are a few extras that I added in... just because I liked them.

I crocheted a cushion cover for my mum's birthday, it was my second cushion cover and I was really happy with it.
We went on a little holiday to the Isle of Wight and stayed in a lovely little cottage, we were really lucky as there was a heat wave and we ended up relaxing on the beach!
Ray and I went on plenty of walks with Rose when she was tiny enough to be snuggled in the Wilkinet carrier.

I completed Rose's ripple blanket, it still my favourite of her baby blankets and I got sooo many compliments on it. I still have loads of the Stylecraft left from making both her blankets, probably enough for another one!?
I began my Japanese flower scarf in King Cole yarn.
Rose and I enjoyed many days in the park enjoying the sunshine, the park behind the Cathedral here is so so lovely and peaceful.
I completely my granny bunting for our kitchen and it's still hanging up in there now. :-)

I began and completed Rose's knitted bolero, stupidly I knitted it really really tiny though so she only got to wear it for a day! (Lesson learned here...)
Rose came with us to her first wedding, it was one of Ray's colleagues that was getting married.
Plenty more walks were had in West Sussex And Dorset.
Fruit and vegetables that I was attempting to grow in my little garden actually Grew!

I crocheted a little purse for my Nan's birthday, she's now gone and sewn it onto the Outside of her handbag which looks shall we say... interesting!
My Nan and I drove half way to Cornwall to meet my Mum and spend the day with her. We had a picnic and it was lovely to let Mum spend some time with Rose.
I finished my Japanese flower scarf. I haven't actually worn it yet... it's just not that warm!

I finished Rose's baby shrug, I love it but it's still too big for her to wear. I think it'll fit her about half way through this year...
Ray and I visited some gorgeous gardens, before starting this blog I never really took in how stunning some plants can be. Now I really enjoy taking photo's of flowers as I can look back on their beauty anytime I want. Just another positive about blogging...

I crocheted a baby blanket for Rose using the granny square pattern from Attic24. I remembered exactly when I started it, it was about 4am in the morning and I was awake downstairs with a poorly Rose. I started crocheting granny squares to keep me sane!
I sewed an oven cloth for my best friends birthday, I also made a few other things to go along with it.
I borrowed my cousins SLR camera for a day and had so much fun taking photo's of the views from my Nan's garden and the flowers in it.

We went on holiday to Spain, Rose's first holiday abroad. This photo was taken on our one and Only trip to the beach... she got sand everywhere! (I was finding sand in her chubby creases for day's after!) Rose was terrified of the waves and didn't understand that your not supposed to eat sand, just a bit too young... The rest of the holiday was spent relaxing by the quiet pool by the villa.
I finished my first mini quilt for my auntie's birthday present, I wasn't sure about it as it was my first attempt but she said she loved it and has it hanging on her kitchen door.

I baked and decorated my first 'proper' birthday cake. It was for Ray's 27th birthday, it took me forever and I wasn't completely happy with the result but it's the love that went into making it that really matters! haha. Ray was chuffed with it anyway. :-)
I did a bit of a chair make-over, it's a little scratched on the top where Rose pulled it over but it still looks much better than it did before!
I completed a couple of knitting projects, Rose's cropped cardigan and my hand warmers. She's still too little to be able to wear the cardigan and I decided to save the hand warmers and gave them to my Mum for Christmas as I knew she really liked them.

We tested out the baby rucksack for the first time, Rose seemed comfortable enough and even fell asleep... her face did get a little squished though.
I began knitting some more hand warmers from the yarn I had bought with a birthday voucher, I've now finished them and wear them everyday.
I hand quilted a hot water bottle cover to go in the Advent swap package I was sending off to Jo at Cupcake Jojo, I hope she liked it.
I showed you a couple of my other WIP's, Rose's quilt that I kind of plan to finish by her 1st birthday.. Eeekk! Also, another baby blanket... I'm not entirely sure if I like it that much anymore though and can't decide whether or not it's worth carrying on with.

I decorated my very first Christmas cake! (I had baked it a couple of months before hand...)
I was busy making and finishing off Christmas presents for people, including Mum's mug hug (I Had made a few other things for Mum as well), Nan's dresden plate cushion and Lettie's hexagon blanket.
I finished my cabled headband with the most gorgeous wool, Lettie bought me another skein of it for Christmas so I will have to knit something to match.

Well, that's it! Sorry if I completely bored you all with my knattering... but I hope you've enjoyed a round up of some of the photo's that have been here on my blog since March.


PS- Before I go, I just have to tell you.

I am Incredibly excited at the moment... I am waiting for the anticipated arrival of my new camera!! Here it is if you'd like to take a peek.
It should be arriving anytime from tomorrow onwards... Every time I start thinking about the things and events I'll be able to take photo's of, I just want to jump up and down on the spot with a huge grin on my face. I know this probably sounds really over the top but to be honest I'm just really looking forward to taking some lovely shots of Rose, I was so disappointed with my last camera as it just wasn't quick enough and she was constantly blurry!


  1. I never tire of seeing your lovely photos. :o)
    Happy New Year. :o)

  2. I only started to read your blog in late Summer but you've a real eye for gorgeous things, are very talented and help inspire me to keep making with my 2 boys constantly under my feet! Looking forward to a truly lovely 2012 x

  3. Gosh how Rose has grown, it has gone so quick. Love all your photo's I never get bored as I love all things UK, so it is all eye candy to me.
    xx Sandi

  4. what a beautiful post Ashley i really loved all of your mosaics x
    I love the quilted hot water bottle cover that you clever thing :o)
    and exciting about your new camera..enjoy x
    love jooles x

  5. What a great snapshot of the year! Who knows how many photo's you'll take when you get your new camera!

  6. I think you are very much forgiven for doing a 2011 recap - Rose must have changed so much and your mosaics are stunning!

    My favourite make is your August baby blanket - the colours are simply beautiful.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  7. You are going to LOVE your new camera! I have a Canon SLR that I bought in 2009, and I still love it as much as the day that I bought it!

  8. Your year round up is lovely, and the pictures are lovely love Mum xx

  9. That's a lovely colourful retrospective... Rose has changed so much!