Thursday, 31 May 2012

This is why I've not been a very good blogger lately!

Hi everyone, how are you all doing..?! 

I know I've been completely rubbish at blogging this month, I've been feeling pretty exhausted without much energy to stay up in the evenings to blog and it's all down to us expecting a new member to our little family, Rose is going to have a baby brother or sister!

I've been very fortunate and haven't been suffering with any morning sickness but I've been feeling Sooo extremely tired, thankfully that feeling seems to have passed now though. I've also found the idea of blogging about other things difficult when all I've wanted to type is 'I'm pregnant!'. haha

This little one is due on the 10th of December, so hopefully it's not too late as I'd rather not be giving birth on Christmas Day!!

I hope everyone's doing well, I'm so behind at reading people's blogs and e-mailing replies to people but I plan to get back to normal now I'm feeling a lot more energised! :-)


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

An update on what's happening in the garden and Rose has been meeting a few more animals!

Here are a few photo's of what's out in the garden at the moment... there was a sunny spell in between all the rain the other day and so I popped out to take a few pics to show you all. 

I'm particularly happy with my tulips, the ones I had in the garden last year were okay but they weren't as pretty as these ones. I really love the intense pinks in these flowers...

I've got so much to do out there but as the weather has been soooo bad lately, there just hasn't been a long enough dry period where I've had the time to go outside with Rose and get loads done. It doesn't help that every time I try to do any weeding, Rose continually keeps trying to climb into the flower beds beside me!

I was back in Dorset for a few day's at the end of April and while I was there, Rose and I took a little trip to my friend Kelci's family farm to see some of the animals.

We were so lucky as the weather was just perfect, gorgeous sunshine. Rose enjoys meeting two Very friendly sheep, I couldn't believe how tame they were! They happily let Rose feel their fleecy coats, she loved scrunching up her fingers in the fleece feeling the different texture.

I was amazed at how unfazed she was by the two sheep, she was a little more unsure of the horses as they were so much taller and bigger than she is but the sheep are a little more on her level I think.

Meet 'Tink' the horse, I thought it was a girl but it was actually a male horse!

See! Verrryy friendly sheep..!

She even had her first pony ride! :-) He was actually a Shetland pony, that's why she looks so massive on him! haha

Nan looked after Rose for me while I went away on a hen weekend, well it was just the one night but it was the first time that I had left Rose overnight anywhere and I was actually really worried about it. But I think Rose loved having some quality time with her Great Nan and Grandad and when I returned she was being so affectionate towards Nan, it really was lovely to see. Nan said she didn't show any signs of being upset when I wasn't there when she woke up on the Saturday morning, she was just happy to be given her breakfast... even if it wasn't by me! haha... She obviously loves her food just as much as I do!


Monday, 7 May 2012

When Mum came to stay...

A few weeks ago my Mum came to stay for the weekend, it coincided with a stag-do of a good friend that Ray was going on and so was actually really good timing. Having Mum here definitely helped keep my mind off all the mischief Ray and the boys good be getting up to! :S haha 

While she was here we weren't very lucky with the weather and it rained quite a bit! So instead of venturing out into the awful rainy weather, we had a couple of lazy mornings where we were still in our pyjama's at 10 am! But we both enjoyed spending a few hours crafting (she has a lovely stall at a few craft fairs down in Cornwall) while Rose went down for her morning nap.

On the Sunday we were really lucky with the weather in the afternoon and took Rose for a little day out. We went to the Aldingbourne country centre which is up the road from us, where Rose could see the animals. 

I hadn't been there before and thought that the animals would be in stables or something like other places we've been to before but this place was just a couple of big paddocks where most of the animals were completely free to walk around wherever they wanted and you just went in with them. I then realised Rose was wearing a completely inappropriate outfit of white tights and nice shoes.... she should have been wearing wellies at least!

She managed to run straight into a verryy muddy puddle within the first 5 minutes of us being there... we used a massive amount of wet wipes to clean her up but she still needed a good scrub in the bath that evening! :-)

I'm not sure Rose was Too impressed when this very friendly horse tried to say hello with a good sniffing! haha

As you can see, she was very excited to see all of the different animals... At one point Mum was having to restrain her from climbing into the chicken coop With the chickens, I think she thought it looked like a great wendy house to play in!

Although her clear favourites were these two Very friendly pygmy goats, they were so gentle and although it took her a little while to get the courage to touch them herself, eventually she couldn't stop stroking them. I say stroke... but really it was a quick touch with her fingers before grinning excitedly. We don't have any pets at the moment in this house and so it's still a very novel thing for her to be able to touch an animal that size!

Right, I'm off to do a little crochet before getting a relatively early night. Yet again I had trouble with Rose last night and she was awake from 2:30am til 5am! It's such an awful time in the night to be awake, I wish she'd either wake a little earlier or later so that it wasn't right bang in the middle of my sleep..!


Sunday, 6 May 2012

Life according to my Instagram.

I've been using Instagram on my iPhone quite a lot lately and thought I would give you a little peek at some of the photo's I've put on there.. 

I meant to put a few of these photo's on my blog before but never got around to it so here's a little catch-up!

(Rose's new favourite place, she climbs up onto the buggy to have a peek through the blinds to see what's going on in the street outside.)

(This photo reminds me of the lovely sunny weather we were having a little while back... where has it gone!!?)

(It's been a very gradual process but I've been working a little English paper-pieced patchwork.)

(Hot milky time before bed!)

(Now that's a whole lotta citrus!)

(Apparently this is the new way to travel... not in the comfy padded buggy seat no, but down in the shopping basket..! Sooo normal, haha..)

(I've been busy sewing pin cushions to go in my Etsy shop, now I just need to actually list them on there!)

(It was a day for polka-dots)

(Mum came to stay and we were pretty unlucky with the weather, so we enjoyed having mornings in our pj's while crafting together.)

(Rose has discovered a love of tomato ketchup... I'm rationing it!)

(and finallyyyy... I'm actually almost finished sewing all of my patchwork shapes together, it's only taken me Months!)

If you fancy following me on Instagram you can find me by searching 'countryrosecrafts'.

I can't wait until I can get my iPhone upgraded, the camera picture quality is pretty pants on the one I have now. It does the job okay though..! :-) 

I hope your all having a brilliant bank holiday weekend. Ray is working lots to try and get us some extra pennies but we have the whole day together tomorrow, pleassseee don't let it rain, again!


I Am here, really! :-)

I'm sorry my heart hasn't really been in blogging for the last couple of weeks... I've been reading most blogs but have been rubbish at leaving comments! I'm really sorry for that, I'm attempting to catch-up with that though..!

I've just been feeling really tired in the evenings and instead of being my usual night-owl blogger, I've been turning in early! Rose has been waking up most nights again as well which doesn't help matters! 

I'm putting a few posts together to put on my blog as soon as possible but in the mean time I will leave you with a little video of Rose's new found dancing skills.... hahaha. She came home with an old High School Musical toy microphone from Ray's parents house and it has been playing Constantly, it's not driving me insane at all...!

 It's not the best quality video and I'm sorry about the state of my front room, I was looking after my friends little girl and together they both wrecked the place!


Oh! Just before I go... I was completely chuffed to receive a message on my Etsy earlier on this evening saying I've been included in my first Treasury! :-) My item's are the fabric coasters on the bottom row by the way... you can go and look at they real Treasury here:

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