Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Rose's 1st birthday!

This is going to be quite a quick post as I'm grabbing a quiet moment when Rose is napping to sit down at the laptop but what I should really be doing right now is packing, as we're travelling down to Cornwall tomorrow to visit my Mum. (Sooo looking forward to it!)

Edited to add: It sounds like quite a few people live in or regularly visit Cornwall, does anyone have any idea's of nice things to do or places to visit whilst we're down there..?

I've got a few WIP's on the go at the moment, so I'm hoping we'll time the car journey's well so Rose will sleep and I'll have a few solid hours of knitting/crocheting time! That's the plan anyway... I'm sure it won't work out quite that way though..!

Ray had a big exam the day after Rose's birthday so really needed to crack on with his revision, so Rose and I went back to Dorset for a few day's and had a little birthday party at my Nan and Grandad's house.

 I baked a cake for her and did my best at decorating it. This is where I got my inspiration from.... okay I know it doesn't look half as professional, but I was pretty chuffed with it! Looking at the photo now, one of the front rose's looks pretty rubbish but that doesn't matter as it still tasted pretty good! haha

I really enjoyed making it... especially the glitter part at the end!

Rose was given some really lovely presents and it was just a really lovely day. It was a real shame that Ray wasn't there but it couldn't be helped and he got to see her for a good few hours in the morning.

It was a really special day for another reason as well, my best friend Vicky who lives in Wales was able to come back to Dorset to see Rose on her birthday. She's Rose's god-mother but because of the big distance between where we both live, we hadn't seen her for months and months. We're going to Wales in March to stay with them for a few day's and I'm so so looking forward to it. :-)

One of Rose's presents from her was this really sweet basket, she's going to look so cute carrying it around when she's a bit older.

My mum crocheted this beautiful blanket for her and she loves it! I especially love the little felt hearts she stictched onto it, something I would never have thought to do.

Such a pretty pose!!

The next day Rose and I had a little day-trip with Vicky and went to Lyme Regis. We had a look around all of the shops but annoyingly most of the nice ones were closed... it was a Wednesday! There was a shop that looked amazinggg and was a really sweet cupcake decorating shop, but no - closed!

We did have a really lovely lunch in the restaurant there though and luckily it was relatively quiet where we were sitting so Rose got to walk around a little, unfortunately the table corners were at just the right height for her to walk straight into though so we did have a few tears!

Right, well time to crack on with packing! Or maybe I'll just make a cuppa and make the most of Rose Still being asleep and get on with my knitting... ;-)



  1. Aww 1st birthdays are wonderful! Rose looks so sweet. Your cake looks beautiful and love the cake bunting.
    I would never have thought to crochet a blanket in chunky wool like the one your Mum made but its now going on the list of things to make. It looks so snuggly!

  2. Happy 1st Birthday to your little girl ~ it sounds like she has been doing a lot of celebrating with all those lovely presents and that beautiful cake! Hope you manage to catch a few minutes with your knitting too :O)x

  3. Aw, happy birthday beautiful! Rose looks like she's had a great time. Your cake looks wonderful Ashley. Why do we always put ourselves down and focus on any small faults? Lovely, lovely post. xxx

  4. Happy Birthday gorgeous Rose, bless her, she looks so grown up. Rose will always adore that beautiful blanket made by Nanny, how sweet, love the colours and her basket is just lushious.

    Your cake is fab, how did you do the pipping? really lovely.

    Oow, I love Lyme Regis, walking along the cob brings back memories of my childhood, lovely.

    Have a lovely time in Cornwall and hope manage to squeeze in come crochet/knitting x x x

  5. What a little beauty Rose is x
    happy belated to is a VERY important age.
    Your rose cake is just beautiful, i will have to remember that idea!
    have a lovely time in cornwall
    love jooles x

  6. Awwww HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSE! Looks like you had a beautiful day!

    Loved the cake, it looked amazing.

    Have a fab time In Cornwall. I LOVE Cornwall!!!!!


  7. Just found your blog - it's a lovely read. You do very well to manage all the crafting and baking with a wee one. The cake is a work of art. I have a one year old and a three year old and there has been a definite dip in my crafty output!
    I wondered if you could share what yarn your mum used for Rose's beautiful blanket?
    Hope you have a wonderful time in beautiful Cornwall.

  8. Awwww so sweet!! Happy 1st Birthday Rose!!!!! You both look so happy and the cake....WOW! It's gorgeous Ashley :)

    Hope you have a lovely time away in Cornwall....I'm sure it'll be bliss, especially getting off to a good start of solid crochet & knitting time! Hurrah :)

    Jo x x x

  9. Gorgeous cake, really super pretty and it looks delicious too. Rose is such a pretty little thing - hope she sleeps lots on the journey so you get some time to sit and crochet/knit or whatever. Have a fab time in Cornwall - I love it there!

    Nicki xx

  10. Have a lovely time with Mum Ash xx

  11. Wow, the cake is gorgeous, I may just try my hand at one of those for my SIL birthday next week, I've been looking for some inspiration, thanks!

    Sounds like Rose had a lovely day, the blanket your mum made is lovely and I bet it will be treasured, and how nice to have a catch up with your friend too.

    Have a good time on your break, hope you get your knitting time, gosh how do you do that, it would make me carsick, or can you knit without looking?

    Enjoy Cornwall.x

  12. Happy 1st Birthday to Rose! Your cake looks amazing, and so does the blanket your Mum made. I really love the colours and how squidgy it looks! :)

  13. Happy birthday to beautiful Rose!
    What a stunning cake, may I say- fabulous idea that I may well borrow for the future!
    Enjoy your trip away. Hope the weather is kind.

  14. Happy 1st birthday to Rose! She's a cutie and you have some lovely pics of her. Gorgeous cake too, it looks so yummy! Have a fab time in Cornwall, one of my most fav places in the country xx

  15. Aw happy birthday to a gorgeous Rose. LOVING the cake, it is so pretty. You must be thrilled with how it came out.
    You fit so many lovely things into your days, I don't know how you do it! Hard to think that this time last year, Rose was only a newborn isn't it. So much happens!
    She is a dreamy, little candy cotton doll. Be proud and enjoy. My little girl is now 8 and I can't believe how time has flown.

  16. Happy Birthday Rose! What a stunning cake! Safe journey down to Cornwall, it's soooo cold down here so be sure to pack lots of jumpers!! :)

  17. Amazing cake- well done you!! It looks plenty professional, and plenty made wiht love- which is what Rose will see when she looks back at photos and marvels at what her Mum made for her.
    Love the blanket your Mum made as well- so pretty.
    Fingers crossed you get lots of crochet and knitty time in the car and she sleeps!!

  18. Happy Birthday Rose! And as for the cake....WOW, it's amazing.....

    Lou xxx

    PS. I hope you have a lovely time at your Mum's x

  19. Happy Birthday, Little Rose! That cake is beautiful - you are far too critical!
    It's COLD down here in Cornwall, -3 at school today, with talk of snow at the weekend, so pack your woollies!
    Hope you have a lovely time,
    Becky x

  20. Hi Ashley,

    Happy birthday to Rose, she looks gorgeous and I have complete spotty tights envy! I wonder if they make them in grown up sizes??? :) Thanks for your reply earlier too, I've no idea why or how I am a 'no reply blogger!!' Love your cake and Roses' snuggly new blanket, also loving the chunky yarn and heart details. Have a wonderful break away in Cornwall, hope you get some of your projects finished xxx

  21. So, Happy 1st birthday to Rose!!!!!!

  22. The photos are so lovely, and the cake was as tasty as it looked. I am glad that Rose liked her snugly blanket, definitely needed in this weather. It may be cold here but beautifully sunny. Cant wait to see you all.
    Lots of love
    Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. Happy birthday Rose. How funny, we did something really similar on the cake front, though yours looks much prettier! If my blog ever works again I will post a picture! Can't quite get my head round the fact it has been a year since she was born...
    Have a great trip to Cornwall, we have visited st Ives previously and it was gorgeous x

  24. Gorgeous cake. Love the cake bunting idea.

  25. Rose's birthday cake looks FABulous... both pretty AND delicious!! Hope she had a very special day, looks like she had lots of fun :)

    Have a great time in Cornwall and enjoy seeing your Mum. Hope you get lots of knitting done on the journey too... can't wait to see more progress shots (or a ta-tah maybe?!!

    Louise xx

  26. The cake looks gorgeous, I love it, and think you did a great job with it.

    That blanket looks lovely, so snug and warm, Rose lookslike she loves it too :)

    Glad you had a lovely day, and were able to celebrate the occassion in style x x x x

  27. Happy 1st birthday. The cake is gorgeous. I gave you an award over at mine because I really enjoy your blog. Have a good weekend.

  28. looks like a perfect day - love the basket and the blanket both adorable x

  29. ahhh happy birthday to little Rose, so sweet. Hope you all had a lovely visit in Cornwall :)

    Jessie, xo

  30. Love your cake and blanket! Gorgeous! You are very talented x