Sunday, 15 January 2012

Thank goodness I've got it finished in time!

I think I've said before, but it's Rose's birthday on the 24th and I planned to finish making this quilt that I started ages ago for her. After almost an hour fiddling with the sewing machine on Friday night, I Finally got it to do the free-motion embroidery that I wanted it to do. I couldn't use the pretty pink quilting thread I had for it though, I think my machine just couldn't handle that particular thread very well... it is a very modest machine! I used a pale pink thread instead and I think it looks just as pretty...

In the end I stayed up until almost 1am to finish the FME as I was so scared that if I stopped, that it would decide to not work again in the morning. Plus it's quite hard to do that kind of sewing with Rose awake, I'm a complete beginner at this quilting malarky so it takes quite a bit of concentration!

Whilst she was having her morning nap on Saturday, I used this tutorial to make my own binding from some material that my auntie had given me and very quickly did the part that I need to use the sewing machine for. The tutorial was brilliant and the whole process was a lot less complicated than I thought it would be. We went going to Ray's parents house for the afternoon and I managed to hand-sew the binding onto the back of the quilt whilst we were there.

I'm sorry everybody but this post is very photo-heavy but I'm just really happy with my first proper sized quilt, well something bigger than a wall hanging anyway!

The quilt top is made from a jelly roll from Moda called Dogwood trail but I had plenty of material left over and I could maybe make something else for Rose to match her quilt. The backing is made from a vintage bed sheet which is from my auntie as well.

As you can tell, I've been having loads of fun with my new camera. I think my laptop's going to be under a lot of strain with the amount of new photo's that are going onto it!!

I've actually been attempting to write this post over the last 4 hours but the little madam has got another tooth poking through and hasn't been the happiest of babies today! Poor little girl, I think it's going to be another Calpol-fueled night tonight...



  1. you are such a lovely mummy x such a beautiful quilt rose will treasure that as she grows. A great aunt made my daughter a strawberry blanket with a teddy bears pic nic one side and strawberries the goes every were with her when we stay over at families...she adores, loves it- needs a wash but she wont let me! hehe x

  2. It is SO pretty Ashley...the colours are just beautiful.
    It is my aim to learn to quilt this year...i may be in touch!
    hope little rose is feeling ok...naughty teeth
    love jooles x

    1. Have to agree you have done a brilliant job on the quilt. Beautiful.

  3. Wow! I love it! Will be in contact for pointers soonish.
    Celeste x

  4. That is really beautiful and bound to become a family heirloom! Your quilting looks fab - no-one will believe you if you say you're a beginner! Now you'll just have to make sure Rose doesn't look at your blog and see her present ahead of time...Hope her tooth comes through soon and stops giving her pain.

  5.'ve made a smashing job of that cosy she will be!
    Such a lovely keep sake for her!


  6. It's beautiful! Well done, I am in awe! I'd love to be able to quilt but not sure I have the patience. I'm sure your quilt will be very special to Rose over the years :) nasty rotten teeth....hope they don't keep you all up tonight x

    Jo x x x

    P.S. Fab photos! Whooo hoooo!

  7. quilt making envy.
    (got your comment re wooden adorable was that!?)

  8. No wnder you are so pleased, the quilt is gorgeous :-)

  9. As I said I now no longer feel guilty tempting into the world of patchwork......

    Looks pretty Great Ash x

  10. Your quilt is so pretty and you deserve to be very proud of it, well done you!
    Heather x

  11. Dear Ashley! I am so admiring you right now! Fantastic work! Me and freehand quilting do NOT get along... That is, I haven't really tried it for real, only on a small patch and it was a disaster!!! Very very well done and such a cute quilt. ♥♥♥ Annette

  12. It looks beautiful, you should be so proud! You clever lady......

    Lou x x x

  13. The quilt looks beautiful, you have done a wonderful job on it. So pleased your machine let you do what you needed, they are so temperamental sometimes.
    I'll be asking you for pointers when I finally get started!!
    Hope the tooth makes an appearance soon, teething is so cruel.

  14. It's absolutely gorgeous, you should feel really proud of yourself.

    Skip forward 25 years, she may well be blogging about it! How strange is that?!


  15. What a beautiful quilt Ashley, I love it, it's so pretty! Well done for mastering the machine embroidery, you've done a fab job, sure Rose will love her new quilt to bits as she grows up. By the way I read your last post too, but it wouldn't let me comment - so glad it all ended ok but what a horrible nightmare for you :( The same thing acutally happened to me when I was little I remember my mum telling me, though not really sure what happened - obviously they got me out though!! Hope you're not kept up too long tonight xxx

  16. Wow, your quilt is beautiful. I know what you mean about the teething. Sitting here with a very upset little man that trying to shove everything he can into his mouth, he needs armbands to keep him afloat with all the dribble and i won't mention the nappies :( i'm beginning to think we'll never see a tooth.

  17. You have done a brilliant job on that it's beautiful!
    Your free motion quilting is fabulous too, that's something I need to learn to do this year.
    Kandi x

  18. OMG, that is gorgeous!!!!! I love that fabric, have put it on my wishlist.

    I think you should be super proud of yourself!! Make sure you embroider a little label and sew it on the back with the date and so on!!

    I finished tacking my quilt today and so the next step is the quilting. I love the way you've done yours - is that what's called "stippling"? All this new jargon I'm learning!!

    Awwww, sorry Rose is having trouble with her teeth - sending you both ((((hugs))))


    S x

    PS Fab self-portrait, you pretty thing you!!

  19. Your quilt is just beautiful definitely something to be proud of and to treasure, here,s hoping rose doesn't dribble on it too much whilst she's teething!

  20. That would have to be the loveliest quilt I have ever seen, the materials are beyond gorgeous. You have done a wonderful job of it's a stayer!!!
    x Sandi

  21. What a fantastic quilt, you should be very proud of yourself :) Rose celebrates her birthday on the same day as my sister (although there are a good few years between them!)

    Gem x

  22. It is beautiful! Congratulations! I'm sure Rose will love it! Hope she has a fantastic birthday! xx