Saturday, 28 January 2012

Saturday round-up.

We've been visiting Ray's parents today and because of it being a new environment for Rose to explore, it means I can get a lot more knitting done than usual! I'm knitting Rose a dress at the moment, I know... the colour looks pretty boring but I want it to be a nice plain wintry dress to go over bright long-sleeve tops and colourful tights.

It's pretty much gone to plan so far but I'm still really hoping I don't get stuck on the pattern. I attempted to start knitting this the other night but kept going wrong on the 10th row and so after Four failed attempts I gave up. I was getting so frustrated with myself because I Lovvvee that particular shawl and really want to knit something a bit more complicated, plus it's marked down as easy! So feeling completely rubbish about my lack of knitting skills, I changed my plan and started knitted a simple dress for Rose.

Our first red rose of the year has flowered in the garden and looks just beautiful. The garden was so forgotten about and unruly when we moved in but it had only one colourful thing growing in it at the time... a rose plant. It seems such a funny coincidence now that we ended up choosing Rose for our daughter's name. I cannot believe it, she is now a big grown-up 1 year old! We had a really lovely time back in Dorset for her birthday but I have a lot of photo's and things to talk about so I will leave that for another post.

We have been making more and more trips to the park these day's, as soon as Rose spots the swings her face completely lights up. :-)

I had enjoyed a very indulgent hot chocolate at a lovely cafe in town, whipped cream and everything!! (...notice a certain little ladies hand reaching for it...)

Ray and I enjoyed a delicious dinner together tonight, of course it was all the more delicious because he cooked it all himself! Doesn't food taste so much nicer when someone else has gone to the effort of cooking it for you!?



  1. Good to see your daughter has a taste for chocolate already - start as you mean to go on I say!!!!!

    Im sure the little dress will be lovely.


  2. The dress looks sweet. YOu have lots of talent. I gave up on knitting because I would get stuck and not know what to do.
    You have such a fun life with your Little Rose. Enjoy every minute.

  3. It was really lovely seeing you. You have a grow up one year old and I have a grown up eighteen year old!! I (liking the more natural colours) think the dress is a lovely colour xx

    I can't get over how pretty Rose's eyes are xx

  4. Rose is such a gorgeous little lady! Her new dress is coming along great - sometimes it's nice to work in a neutral colour - especially then you can combine it with lots of different outfits! Don't be too hard on yourself with the knitting, looks like you are doing fantastically (from a girl that has absolutely no idea when it comes to knitting!) sure you will crack it soon :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend xxx

  5. i think Rose's dress is going to be gorgeous, just like her x
    some patterns are just tricky, i have been trying to knit socks for what seems like forever and still haven't mastered them, i guess i just haven't got a 'sock brain'! you are a fabulous knitter x
    ooooh that hot choc looks soooooo good, could just do with one of those right now!
    happy sunday
    love jooles x

  6. That dress is looking gorgeous Ashley and Rose is going to be beautiful in it. She is a little stunner! You must be so proud. Lynda xx

  7. Oh ! Your daughter's knitted dress looks so cozy! Just think- it will be worth all the hard work too. She can wear it now as a dress, next year it will be a tunic and the year after that - a VEST!!
    BTW - I am a new follower popping in from Canada!

  8. Rose's dress looks adorable...It will indeed look VERY cute over colourful long sleeved tops and pretty tights!!

    By the way... your tea cosy turned out FAB!!! You clever knitter you!! ;-)


  9. The little knitted dress looks gorgeous. I used to knit a lot for my sons when they were little - they're in their 20s now!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. I love the idea of a neutral colour dress with bright top and tights, it's going to look gorgeous!

    S x

  11. I do love the dress that you are knitting, definitely a lovely choice of colour. Rose's eyes just get bluer and bluer, she is definitely going to be a heart breaker when she grows up. My goodness I have a 22 year old daughter, an eighteen year old niece and a one year old granddaughter......... my goodness I feel old!
    Lots of love

  12. What a wonderful blog you have, I came across it this morning and just loved reading your posts. Your daughter is so cute and it reminds me of all those precious special days enjoying your child growing each day. Your home is gorgeous and your love of craft is wonderful. All the very best, I added your blog to my favourites and hope to read more of your lovely posts. Kind regards, Ann ~ Australia.