Monday, 24 September 2012

Pregnancy diary - Week 29

I call these the pregnancy diary posts but they are so sparse that they can't really be called that... more like 'occasional when I get my bum into gear' posts. Ah well, a couple of pregnancy posts is better than nothing and will always be interesting to look back on in the future.

I'm officially 29 weeks pregnant with our second baby today but I took these photo's during last week when I was still technically 28 weeks... so obviously I'm a little bigger now. I'm starting to feel reallllyy tired again these day's, I remember feeling really exhausted from about 7 weeks until around 12 and then it eased up slightly and I felt like I had a lot more energy. Well, that energy has now been used up! I feel absolutely fine in the mornings, it's just the afternoons that can be a bit tough as that's when Rose has her crazy hyper time and I struggle to keep up with her! We went for a walk into town and to the park this afternoon when the weather had cleared up and by the time we got home, I just felt zapped of Any energy I thought I had. It doesn't help that Rose and I are both suffering with colds, yet again. 

I feel a Whole lot bigger this time round, maybe it's because it's a boy this time or maybe it's because I'm having to carry this big bump around with me whilst I keep up with Rose. She's started to show a lot more interest in my baby bump these days and has learnt to stroke it now rather than give it a good thump! I think she just wanted to see what my reaction would be. She now seems to be fascinated by my 'outy' belly button and 'beeps' it when ever my belly is bare. I'm so excited for Rose to have a brother but at the same time I'm clinging onto these last couple of months where it's just the three of us. 

Apart from having some pelvic-pain which seems to have settled down a bit (now I'm trying to take it more easy!), I'm doing ok. Just have the general aches and pains which are normal... I never remember having any complaints when I was pregnant with Rose though, I probably did have but I'm most likely just noticing things more this time round because I'm already tired after looking after Rose. She's normally not hard work at all but she just keeps on catching these cold virus'! As soon as we seem to be getting over one cold, another one starts to show signs of appearing!

Right, time for bed for me... I'm not managing to stay up that late these days. Probably best to get in as much sleep as I can before December is here!