Sunday, 29 July 2012

Pregnancy diary - 21 weeks.

So, I'll be 21 weeks pregnant tomorrow with our little boy. (I'm not sure 'little' will be the right word to describe him when he arrives going by the size of my bump already!) 

Rose was 9lb 3oz and I've had a whole load of people telling me to expect at least 1lb heavier just because it's a second baby and then up to another lb as it's a boy this time. I know most of the time that they're just scare stories but I'd rather not be giving birth to a hugggee baby at the end of the year!

I'm starting to get the odd kick here and there now, usually when I bend over and it feels as if baby boy is getting squished so he pops into a different position. I started to get quite worried before my 20 week scan as I hadn't felt any movement that I could definitely put down to being just baby but it turns out I have an anterior placenta again, just like I did with Rose. It just means that I feel movement later on as it's like having a cushion inside the front of my belly that they baby is kicking against.

I'm getting more and more excited everyday about this baby... I can't wait for Rose to have a little brother to look after. Well, it'll probably be quite a while before she is 'looking after him', I caught her submerging her dolly right under the water in the paddling pool the other day... not worrying at all!! The fabric body of the doll was soaked right through and the baby had to me hung on the clothes-airer overnight in the garden, I dread to think what the neighbours thought when they saw this very life-like looking baby strung out to dry!

I've begun to get that really itchy feeling again all over my tummy as it stretches... for some reason I thought that wouldn't be as bad this time round as it's already been pretty stretched out with Rose! No stretch-marks yet though, keeping my fingers crossed there!! 

There are definitely some bonuses to being pregnant though... We were at the beach when we went back to Dorset last weekend and I popped up to the toilets to go to the loo, there was a huge queue but the nice friendly toilet attendant took one look at me and asked if I'd like to use the disabled toilet instead. I took him straight up on that offer! I seem to be making trips to the loo every 20 minutes at the moment, it doesn't help that I am Always thirsty! It's only going to get worse though!

I sound like I'm just moaning about being pregnant so far but if I'm completely honest I absolutely love being pregnant. Ray says I've hardly moaned about any pregnancy complaints this time round, so far anyway... I didn't realise I complained last time round! haha. I suppose I'm always occupied with Rose these day's though so I don't get a minute to think about any aches any pains. 

I've been feeling so fortunate to be pregnant at all lately, the book I'm reading at the moment has a women in it that is desperate for a child but even after 2 attempts at IVF she still can't conceive a baby. It really got me thinking how it must be so heart-breaking when you can't have a baby of you're own. I realised that I kind of just took it for granted before that I had become pregnant again and would be having another baby... so tonight I will be going to sleep feeling very thankful for everything I have in my life (even if I do have to get up multiple times in the night to go for a wee!).


Thursday, 19 July 2012

We had the 20 week scan today for baby no.2....

 ...I'm pleased to be able to tell you that all is well with baby no.2, everything looks normal and healthy... always a nice thing to hear! :-)

....and we found out that I'm growing a little BOY inside my belly at the moment. Come December Rose will have herself a baby brother! 

We're absolutely delighted and very pleased we found out the sex, we'd had a few moments of doubt about whether to find out this time round. We never knew if Rose was going to be a boy or a girl but this time it just felt right to find out, the last month has felt like a build up to Christmas!

So I've got myself some gorgeous new wool today (even better, it was on sale!) and the knitting has already begun!


Saturday, 14 July 2012

A very soggy Saturday.

I have to say, the weather is starting to really get me down. It pretty much hasn't stopped pouring today and when Rose was awake from her nap and we could have gone to the park, it was raining so heavily that it would have been ridiculous to even attempt to get out the door.

We ended up staying indoors allll day, I can't stand those day's when we don't even get outside once. Keeping Rose entertained indoors all day was interesting to say the least! We had great fun making dens though with chairs and tablecloths which kept her happy for a nice amount of time.. the majority of the morning was spent with me doing housework and Rose having much fun wandering around with her toothbrush cleaning her teeth... she has a strange obsession with her toothbrush and if I even attempt to take it off her, she has a huge meltdown! 

These photo's were taken last week during a rare sunny (shock horror!) day... Rose has only just about gained enough confidence to go down the big slide all by herself, before now we've always had to give her legs a tug and hold her hand going down. She's usually always so excited making her way up there but as soon as she sits down she gets scared and changes her mind! So it was a real achievement to see her shooting down the slide all by herself. :-)

We cycled to the park the other day instead of walking and it was really overcast and chill so we were dressed in a few layers... next thing I know, within the space of 30 minutes it was brilliant blue sunshine and was boiling hot! Rose was sweltering so I stripped her down to have a run around... not the helmet though, she loved wearing it Far too much! haha What a funny combination... she's got style I tell you..!

I hope you're all having a wonderful, slightly drier weekend than what we're experiencing here anyway!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Best £2.50 ever spent.

A few weeks ago I was helping out at our local NCT nearly new sale and I bought a few things for Rose, mainly things for future Christmas/Birthday gifts which included a bargain priced doll that came with a baby bath and a bottle. She spotted the doll as soon as she came through the door with Ray later on that afternoon and even though I had originally planned to put it away until December for Rose, she was so happy sat playing with her new baby doll that in the end I just let her have it that day.

I then realised it's probably a good idea to get her used to playing nice and gently with the baby doll in preparation for our new arrival in December, although it has got me a little worried when I see her doing things like this... apparently the baby wanted to bounce on the trampoline as well!!

There are plenty of lovely moments to watch as well though when she shows the baby some affection...

This baby has a serious thunder thighs problem, check out those hips!


Generally the baby is being smothered in slobbery kisses though, the baby on it's way doesn't know what's going to hit him/her! I actually caught Rose straddling the doll the other morning trying to shove a toothbrush in it's mouth... apparently it needed to have it's teeth brushed too! Somehow I think the new baby will have to be carried around with me wherever I go, otherwise goodness knows what Rose will be getting up to when she's out of my sight!

We're having a very lazy afternoon here watching the tennis (it's more background tv for me!) and I've been spoilt with a roast beef Sunday roast from Ray and he's just brought me in strawberries and cream... yum!


Oh! Almost forgot to say, one of my favourite bloggers Nelly has just restarted blogging again and has begun a lovely new blog... please go and have a look here:

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Bump no.2 at 17 weeks...

I thought I'd take a couple of photo's to show you the growing baby bump at 17 weeks along. I have my next scan in 2 weeks time so I will have a couple more detailed scan pics to show you all.

I'm still at the stage of just feeling a bit fat... until the bump is a bit more solid and I start feeling babies movements, then I feel a little as though I've just eaten all the pies!

I can't get my head around how quickly it's all going this time. I had so much more time to think about every little thing last time but now that I'm so busy with Rose, the time is just whizzing by..! It's already July...  I'm going to have to be really organised for Christmas this year And every birthday before that!! If the baby is 2 weeks late then that would take me up until Christmas eve... that's just a bit too close for my liking to be honest! :-)