Friday, 20 January 2012

Just a few snippets from my day...

It was lovely to have Ray home for longer than usual this morning which meant I had another pair of hands to help entertain Rose with. I made the most of that little amount of time and got to work on a few teeny tiny granny squares. I'm not entirely sure what I plan on making with them yet, maybe a small little lined case or maybe I'll just keep on going until I have a blanket! (That'll take a longgg time though, I'm not sure if I have enough sticking power...)

My stash of Stylecraft yarn is working out to be excellent value for money! I've already made two well-loved baby blankets with it and still have so much more to use up. :-)

We had quiche for lunch. I usually try to avoid this kind of food (the pastry kind!), as it's Really not helping me to keep off the pounds but I wanted to see if Rose would eat any for her lunch. She wasn't sure at first but did eventually take a few bites... she can be quite fussy. A lot of time I feel as if I just don't know enough options of food to give her, it can be so down heartening when I spend ages making her something new and then it gets chucked straight on the floor whilst she shakes her head from side to side. In some way's, I do really look forward to the day's when she can actually tell me what she feels like for breakfast/lunch/dinner!

Here's a sneaky peak of what I'm making as my homemade present for my cousin's birthday which is coming up. She has some shop-bought gifts as well but I have to have this finished along by the time we go to Dorset for Rose's birthday, as I'm sending it up to her in London with my Nan and Auntie... I need to double check that this is okay with them to do so..!

I never realised it was So hard to sew simple patchwork squares! Well I found it pretty tricky anyway... No matter how carefully I cut the squares, some of the seams just didn't want to match up. Very frustrating when your trying to get it done really quickly before Rose wakes up!!

Okay, I'm off to watch a film with Ray now and maybe have a little knitting on the go too. I find it so hard to just sit and watch the telly without doing some sort of crafting these day's... does anyone else have this problem too?!


PS - (Thank you so so much for the helpful comment's that I received on my last post, I am working my way through replying to comments and emails... I just haven't had the chance yet today. As you can see.... I figured it out! Well I very much hope it's worked or this will look rather stupid...)


  1. Oooh I love your little grannies! So very cute, good luck sewing them all together - that's my worst part and I don't envy you one bit! :D you're patchwork is looking great - I was actually doing some today too, and for once all my squares actually lined up! I was being super careful but it doesn't always make a difference! Have a great weekend, Jenny x

  2. Love the granny squares and the quiche looks yummy!! After two weeks on the wagon I am getting pastry cravings!!

    I'm so pleased you asked about the photos sizes, I have always thought mine are two small and I didn't even realise you could alter the size *dunce*!!

    The quilting looks lovely!! I hope to bind mine this weekend.

    Did you cut your squares using a quilters ruler, rotary cutter and mat? I've learned at my quilting group it's by far the most accurate way, they are always horrified if you suggest doing it with scissors!!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend....


    S x

  3. Love the beautiful pics. I know how to resize them, but I really don't know how to take gorgeous photos. Yours are a feast for the eyes.

  4. That quiche pic is making me hungry! Loving the fabric in your quilting too. Lovely prints.

  5. Love the granny squares and looking forward to seeing what you do with them!

    Gem x

  6. Hello love. Yes of course we can take Josie's stuff up. I can't believe she is going to be18. I feel very old!!

  7. Loving your teeny tiny granny squares and the colours you used. And it turns out to be stylecraft, I have that yarn! How exciting!

    S x

  8. What a lovely gift to make, and i like the little granny squares, i think it would be lovely to make them into a big floor cushion.
    Love you lots Mum xxxx

  9. Lovely little squares, I'm a bit of a short project girl too, I like the idea of the big project, but know I would soon get bored! I am on my second attic24 pack of style craft and it's not far off gone, it's such great yarn, very soft and super cheap.

    Your quiche looks scrummy, I love pastry stuff too, but as you say, not great for dieting.

    I yet again seem to have missed the past couple of posts, your patchwork for your cousin is lovely, it doesn't look easy at all, and your piped icing cakes are a work of art....clever you!

  10. I just found your blog today and I´ve been enjoying all the lovely things you show! I´ve added you to my blog list, hope that is okey with you! Stop by "at my place" when you have time!
    Have a nice week!
    Ann-Charlotte in Sweden

  11. Hi , I love all your beautiful images in this post :0)
    The quiche looks delicious and I love the crochet squares in your basket. I know what you mean about patchwork squares....harder than they look to make the corners meet !!Yours looks gorgeous.
    Jacquie x

  12. what a lucky cousin x your patchwork looks perfect to me, you are one clever lady.
    and oh that quiche looks very yummy, i should be being good but would you believe we are still eating christmas chocs!
    love jooles x
    P.S i have a little giveaway going on at mine if you fancy a peek x

  13. love the teeny tiny granny squares! That quiche is making me hungry. Kellie xx