Friday, 14 June 2013

I do love little newborn handknits...

I had all of these photo's uploaded already in a draft post but I had completely forgotten that I still hadn't posted them on here. These are the little knitted things I made for one of my very good friend's who had her third baby around 6 weeks ago. 

Due to some tricky complications she had him 3 weeks earlier than was expected so I never actually got a chance to block them! The cardigan luckily was looking okay-ish without being blocked, so that was a big relief! It was all finished very last-minute. It's all been worn lots by her sweet little boy though, so I'm so glad I rushed to get it all done in time.

The cardigan is the Puerperium cardigan which is a brilliant free pattern on Ravelry.

I bought the buttons from The Eternal Maker which I'm lucky to have just down the road from me. My friend didn't know the sex of the baby, so I wanted to go for something quite natural and neutral looking.

The booties were knit from this pattern and are super quick and simple. I made a pair for Arthur out of an Aran weight yarn which he wore a Lot.

The little hat is knit from a pattern by Ginny at one of my favourite blogs Small Things
Here is the link to the pattern on Ravelry, it's a lovely sweet little knit.

Isn't he just the sweetest little boy!? He was so small that even though the hat was tiny, it was still a little baggy on his tiny little head! 


Back to blogging about the little things.

I'm going to try and blog more often so that I have a record of some of the normal every day thing's we get up to. I love looking back through my blog from when Rose was a lot younger and some of the special day's out we had. We've had plenty of day's like that recently but I just haven't even thought to record them. I think you look at the little things in a totally different way when you are going to blog about them. You take photo's of the small details that would easily be forgotten about if they weren't recorded on a blog. I'm hoping this will motivate me to use my camera more. I use it so little these day's just because of the fact I usually have my phone so close to hand when I want to take a photo and so I usually end up taking most photo's on my phone. The camera on my phone is pretty good but I don't think the photo's would be of high enough quality if I wanted to get them blown up as printed photographs though...

We recently went back to stay in Dorset with my Grandparents for a few day's because it was my Great-grandad's 90th birthday and we were all having a big meal out to celebrate. I had such a lovely time being back there, I can't wait until we're living a little bit closer so that it's possible to just pop over for the day with the kids.

Rose and Arthur surprised me and were actually really well behaved for the meal. I had mentally prepared myself for the worst and thought it would be a bit of nightmare keeping them occupied and happy for the whole evening but we were relieved that they didn't play up at all!

I've been trying to use up some of my left-over scraps in my wool stash, just to have my Tiny craft corner a little more organised... I decided I wanted to knit a hat  to go with Arthur's Rocky blanket using up the wool that I hadn't needed to use up for the blanket. I used this pattern on Ravelry to get the right about of cast-on stitches for the 12 month size and then sort of made it up for the rest of the hat. It's the perfect way to use of the left-over little balls of wool and I love the scrappy look it has to it. Rowan pure wool is such a lovely yarn to knit with, not at all splitty and so soft.

Here's Arthur in the finished hat. It's supposed to be the 12 month size, so Arthur either has a very large head of the hat is a little smaller than planned. It's got plenty of stretch to it though so I think it will last him for a good while anyway...

I also knitted up this sweet little hat using some green Debbie Bliss Cashmerino aran that I had left over, it's wonderfully soft. He can either have the brim folded up like this or it looks really cute as a slouchy beany, maybe he'll wear it that way when he's a little bigger. I'd like to knit a hat for Rose now, for the winter... but at this rate she'll need a hat very soon as the weather isn't exactly sunny and warm!!

Right, well have to go now... the kids are needing my attention. Especially Arthur right now! I'll be back soon to show you a couple more things I've made.