Friday, 13 January 2012

It most definitely is Friday the 13th!!

I was supposed to be meeting my friend for coffee at 9:30am this morning at the leisure centre cafe before we took the kids to their different baby classes, as usual I was running late and was running out the door at gone 9:25am. Luckily we live about a 5 minute drive away (yes, I do usually walk but it was freezing cold and I wasn't organised enough with Rose to get out the door in time...) but it takes about that long to just bundle ourselves into the car trying not to forget anything.

I blipped the doors open with the key fob and opened the front drivers-side door, chucked the changing bag with everything in it on the seat and put the key in the ignition ready to go! I shut the door as it's a very narrow pavement outside our house and rushed round to put Rose in her car seat. As I just pushed the door to shut, the car only went and LOCKED ITSELF!!

I didn't think it would have Actually locked me out of the car! But when I went to try and open Rose's door, I screamed out in panic when it just wouldn't budge. Luckily my good friend lives a couple of doors down from us and her partner was just coming out of the house with their two children and so I called out for some help. The poor guy didn't have a clue how to get into the car obviously and was walking around the car looking a bit worried so with that, I promptly burst into tears. At that point Rose was still grinning at us out of the windows thinking it was all a funny game..

He rushed and got some friends that live round the corner that were mechanics to try and break into the car but they couldn't get in. Whilst all this was happening, my friend had come to stand with me with her two children in the buggy and she wasn't very well so I felt guilty with her standing out in the cold with me. Then there was talk about maybe having to break a window and if so, which one so that the glass wouldn't fly towards Rose. She by this point was screaming her head off and hyperventilating! (She was due a nap which was why she was so upset and after about 15 minutes of crying she fell asleep thank goodness, for my sanity as well!) It was The worst feeling being locked out of the car, with her so upset and not being able to get to her to calm her down...

Thankfully, a man that was working in a house a few doors down came over and said he had a mechanic friend (another one) that had a break-in kit and lived nearby. Luckily he was really close-by and was there within 10 minutes and they all got to work on trying to break into the car again... it was actually Ray that eventually managed to hook the keys out of the car using the break-in apparatus! I stupidly don't know his mobile number off by heart and had to ring 118 to get the number for where I thought he was working that day. I left a very panicky message with a slightly confused nurse who then left a message on his phone. He must have just thought... 'Oh noooo, what Has she done now!?!' Haha. Fortunately he was only 5 minutes away though, so he had come to see if he could do anything to help.

All that time I had been worrying myself silly thinking my friend would have thought I had just stood her up, I had completely forgotten that another girl was there as well, so she wasn't waiting on her own and they had both realised that something had probably happened...

So, yes... my morning was just ever so slightly stressful. Sorry for telling such a long-winded story but I think it's a kind of therapy for me to be able to talk about it!!

By the way, the pictures I've used for this post are of some gorgeous fabric goodies that I might just have happened to come by recently! :D



  1. thats an awful situation to be in cos you can see your baby but cant reach her-- like a scary dream!
    i totally feel for you, completely understand how stressful it must have been, good job rose fell a sleep ;0)...glad you got inside eventually!
    love the fabrics! xx have a peaceful weekend xx

  2. Oh, no what a nightmare!!!!! You must have been beside yourself!! I hope you have recovered from the whole ordeal now ((((hugs))))

    Mr G and I have both done it with separate cars but never when the kids were little, it's so easily done.

    Love the jelly roll, gorgeous!!

    Did you look at the fabric when you were in CK earlier in the week? What's left online is down to £6.00 so I was wondering if they had any left in store....


    S x

  3. You just know what I'm gonna say don't you? I had that happen to me too. I'd thrown my keys onto the dash so I could put Big in his car seat. I popped my nappy bag, phone etc into the foot well. I shut the door and went around to the drivers door and it was locked. The whole car was locked. I was at my Nan's which is an hour away from home and rang Mr C who was in Swindon (a good two hours away) then I rang the RAC who said that although I was a priority they were going to be two hours too. My Dad had arrived by this time and he sat in his car watching my car to make sure no one broke in and snatched Big who had fallen fast asleep luckily. Two hours later Mr C arrived with the spare keys at the same time the RAC man arrived. Big had slept the whole two hours. He woke as the car was unlocked and screamed his head off for the hour journey back home. But that was way better that having him looking at me through the glass in total hysteria! Poor you and Rose.

    You're in good company my lover!

    Apparently according to the prisoners my Mum used to work with in the prison I could have got Mr C to call me on my mobile, hold the handset to a certain point on the windscreen and if he pressed unlock down his phone it would have unlocked my car all those miles away. I've never tested it out so I don't know if it's true or not.


    ps, nice fabrics!

  4. Oh dear.....but worry not I can confirm you will indeed look back and laugh lots about it! Oh the joys of having children and what happens to our poor multi tasking brains!!! Gorgeous fabric btw!!!

    Have a lovely weekend :)

    x x x

  5. I would of been no help, I would have been crying with you. I hope your all chilled out now. Love the fabric!
    Have a lovely weekend X

  6. Oh good heavens that sounds like a truly harrowing morning, I was getting stressed just reading about it! Tomorrow can only be brilliant following today.
    Kandi x

  7. Ooo that brought back a bad memory...but mine had a funny ending as a neighbour saw my predicament, said, "hang on a minute", and went to fetch a chap from up the road who came with the biggest collection of car keys ..literally hundreds! He patiently tried them one by one until the car door popped open.. when I asked him why he had so many keys he just laughed...Hmmm....dodgy helpful man.... he is prison at the moment! :)x

  8. As you Aunty I a) feel for you........b) want to remind you to cut a spare key ((please)) as I tend to remember you do have a habit of locking the key in the car.........was it two or three times in the petrol station........... C) police or the AA or RAC next time, they are used to dealing with this sort of thing and D) I love you!!!! Xx

    Nice fabric by the way. Did you manage to get the machine to quilt better?

  9. You poor girl, I can imagine what that must have felt like, we have people over here who deliberately lock their children in the car so that they can go and gamble at the pubs etc. it doesn't happen as much these days thank goodness. Glad Rose fell asleep. I left my first baby at home once, thank goodness I didn't get far, a little voice in my head told me I was missing something. I had been married for 9 years before I had a baby so was used to going off on my own. Your little material rolls look quite delicious.
    x Sandi

  10. Oh, what a horrid nightmare. You just feel so helpless at times like that, thank god you have such helpful neighbours who could help you out.
    I'm the same with phone numbers, you don't realise how much we use our phones for. I've been in my house for two years and still don't know my home number off by heart!
    I love your fabric photos, especially the Ruby jelly roll! It been reading Camille's blog and seeing all her fantastic quilts and fabrics that has made me want to learn quilting.

  11. made me chuckle (sorry) as i thought of the episode of Modern Family when Cam did the same.
    Anyway, it has of course happened to me too (in fact - not only are you not alone but it looks like it might be a rite of passage you can now tick off!!!) but for anyone else who reads this comment, we had a saab at the time and phoned the local saab garage for advice. Must point out that I wasn't particularly calm under pressure - there was no child in the car at the time - but he had done it! And it did leave me with 3 children under 5 with no way of getting home. We were on holiday so spare keys 200 miles away!
    Anyway, basically the kindly man from Saab came over with some kind of 'master key'. Presumably they made some sort of assessment and decided I was clearly not a car thief!

    Worth remembering for future ref. Although I reckon it's a rite of passage you rarely repeat...
    fee x

  12. What a horrible experience! Nice though that so many people were ready to help... And good that you've got some lovely fabric to canoodle and calm down with!

  13. Oh Ashley, how heart was aching whilst reading your post. it was lucky that little rose fell asleep, bless her heart. Isn't it lovely though how there are so many kind people in the world x
    love your jelly roll, i have recently got one too, i will blog about it soon, i feel very behind on blogging at the mo, must try harder!
    have a beautiful weekend
    love jooles x