Monday, 2 January 2012

FO: Rose's fairisle cardigan.. the cheats way!

So far I'm actually doing quite well at finishing projects that I've at some point cast aside for other things. I want to get all of my half finished items finished and then I can fully enjoy starting new projects without that niggling guilty feeling that I should actually be working on something else.

I finished this cardigan just in time thank goodness, as it fits Rose perfectly right now... at the rate she's growing though, if I had been a few weeks later in finishing it, it may have been a little too snug!

The pattern is free on Ravelry and you can get it here. I altered the bottom of the cardigan slightly as I wanted it the cream coloured section to stand out a little more, it's got quite a lot of stretch to it so I think it'll last her just long enough. The pattern is really quite simple and is so so pretty.

The wool is a self-patterning yarn that knits a fairisle effect, I love the look of  fairisle but I just haven't learnt how to do it properly yet! (It's next on the list of things to master..) I wanted to knit something that wasn't just one block of colour though and as I had this in my stash, I thought I'd try it out. It's a baby yarn so it's really soft and suggly, it actually makes me want to pick her up for even More cuddles!

 I had a little help from Nan at Christmas with frogging and picking up some stitches because somewhere I had gone wrong but I just couldn't figure out what I had done... I think I just needed a fresh pair of eye's to look at it.

It was really lovely to knit once I had transferred it over to my new circular knitting needles. I was spoilt with gifts by my family at Christmas and I was treated to the starter pack of KnitPro needles plus a couple of extra different sized tips. They knit beautifully as the needle tips are slightly more pointed which make it easier to do some of the fiddly stitches and they are so smooth that the stitches slide on and off them perfectly.

I'm just going to do a little more on another project I'm attempting to finish and then it's off to bed for me!



  1. Love that first pic of Rose, she looks so much like you! The cardie is very pretty and a lot like the one I've just finished for Sophia. Should take some pics. Was it knit top-down , that's my new "thing"?!

  2. Gosh, Rose really does look like you in that first pic!!

    Lovely cardi!! One of the first things I tried when I sorted out my knitting probs was a cable scarf in Crofter yarn (incidentally one of my ponies is called Crofter!!)


    S x

  3. She has changed even in the week since I saw her. Here's to finishing off some of the WIP's, that is my plan too xx

  4. Hello nice to meet you, my name is Floriana and I'm glad I found your blog ... nice blog thanks to countrtkitty ...:-) I invite you to go from my blog and I hope to write often. Your child and 'wonderful :-) I wish you a Happy New Year and see you soon ... a hug Floriana

  5. That cardigan is gorgeous and Rose is looking beautiful! xx

  6. awww doesnt rose look a sweetie x love the cardigan x...her hair is really growing now, i noticed that with my twinnys daughter rosie...blimey she'll be 2 in April! where does the time go? x

  7. Oh sooooo pretty!!! Rose AND your pretty cardi! It really looks sweet :)

    Jo x x x

  8. As much as I love Roses cardi (you clever bugger) it makes me want to wail a little bit. Why are there so few lovely little knits for baby boys? I have been poking about trying to find a little tank top pattern and every one has something yicky about it.

    Anyway enough of that whinging! Go you finishing off stuff. That's one of my 2012 objectives. I'm a little embarrassed by how many Wips I have not to mention the projects I have bought the stuff for and not looked at again. Terrible.

    Those needles look great. I may have to invest in some.

    Rose seems to have doubled in size over Christmas. My Mini is putting all his energy into growing more hair and teeth!!


  9. Rose looks SOOOOooo like you (in your headband pose)
    Beautiful work...very very clever.
    Had a twinge of knitting envy there...fee x

  10. I love the little cardi... and beautiful little Rose in it... I wish I could say, 'My Nan helped me', be sure to cherish every minute of time with your Nan Ashley :)x

  11. What a cute little sweater! The fair isle effect on the neckline is beautiful : )

  12. The cardy is lovely and Rose looks so sweet! I didn't know they did a baby wool in that Crofter. And aren't you lucky getting a KnitPro set - I've got one size of their birch sock DPNs, and I find them perfect to work with. Look forward to seeing your next project
    Jane x

  13. Rose and the cardigan both look gorgeous!

  14. Oh so cute! Rose is GORGEOUS! I love fairisle effect wool and have also used it. I will learn to do the real thing...someday! Cx

  15. Hi Ashley
    What a lovely gift that blanket must have made. I am about to teach myself Fair Isle water cover first of all from a Debbie Bliss pattern using all my odds ands ends of DK.
    Happy New Year
    Sally x Lavender Attic