Friday, 30 December 2011

Catching a moments peace and quiet!

Rose has gone down for her morning nap so I'm catching this opportunity to have a little 'me' time on the laptop without her trying to join in!

I'm also enjoying a coffee in my new cup and saucer which was one of my Christmas presents from Mum. Isn't it gorgeous!? I'm trying to be good with food at the moment as somehow I managed to put on 5.5lb's over Christmas! Of course I know how I put it on... by eating an awful lot of food and quite a few Bailey's! So anyway, I'm back on the Slimming World wagon for the new year. 

I've finished one of my WIP's for 2011, this is my new headband. I wear my hair up in a bun quite often but then I can't wear a hat when I go outside so I thought this would be a nice thing to make. I found the pattern here on Ravelry and it was actually really simple. Cables always looked so complicated to me before but now that I understand what the instructions are telling me to do, it's not that difficult at all. I've worn it alot so far as the yarn is so amazingly soft, it's called Miski from Mirasol and is 100% baby llama.
(Sorry about the cheesy grin picture... it's Really hard to take a photo showing me wearing the headband when no one else is home!)

I've almost finished Rose's cardigan, I took this photo a couple of days ago and am now in the process of threading in the yarn ends and sewing on the buttons! :-) It's such a sweet little cardigan and fits her perfectly, so it'll be lovely for her to be able to wear it right away.

Okay, she's still sleeping so I'm going to dash and try to finish it off now. It would be lovely if today was one of those day's where she has an exra long sleep!



  1. Love your new cup and saucer! I'm not even going to go on the scales until next week ~ I think it's going to be quite scary though! Hope that you and your family have a very Happy and Healthy New Year when it comes too :O)x

  2. Hi Ashley, love the little cardy - is it the same yarn I've been using for my hat?- Sirdar Crofter? I had a look on Ravelry but you didn't say! Rose is such a sweetie, she'll look gorgeous in it
    Jane x

  3. It's surprising how warm those headbands are, I treated myself to one at the airport as ran out of time to make myself one in the run up to Christmas. Pretty little cardi, and gorg mug. Happy New Year x

  4. I love the headband! I have made a few as gifts over Christmas but none of them look any good on my mop of curls! Little Rose's cardi is so pretty. Happy New Year to you and yours :)x

  5. Lovely sweater for your darling girl. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  6. have been catching up on festive posts- lovely gifts and makes you have shared x love the head band- you have a fabulous smile xxxx

    happy 2012 x

  7. Rose's cardigan has come on really quickly, well done.

    I hope you all have a really lovely new year. I kind of think that 2012 will be a good one for everyone.

    Love you lots xx

  8. A very happy 2012 to you, your hubby and gorgeous girl.


  9. Your headband is lovely and a really great idea too. Rose's cardi looks so cute, i'm looking forward to seeing the finished article :o)
    I have dug out all of my baggy tops but we still have so much food in our house....oh dear!
    wishing you a wonderful new year with all that you wish for
    love jooles xxx

  10. I know from my Rose, moments on the computer are few and far between. Your Christmas makes are fantastic, your mums coffee cuff and your headband are lovely.
    The cardigan is great, I am looking forward to seeing it finished, I have just cast-on a Debbie Bliss pattern, for my little one.
    Wishing you and your family and wonderful, healthy and happy new year. x

  11. Oooh is that the gorgeous yarn you showed me? What a perfect thing to make with something so soft!!

    Mr G and I are starting Slimming World on Tuesday, I'll be picking your brains!!

    Happy New Year sweetie!!


    S x

  12. happy new year Ashley - you look super cute in that picture!
    hope you got some valuable extra minutes...fee x

  13. Lovely cup and saucer, headband and pics ,i used ,and still do, treasure those moments of peace and quiet ,time for myself its bliss xxxxx

  14. Love the baby sweater.... looking forward to reading about more of your adventures. nice to meet you.