Sunday, 12 February 2012

Relaxing walks and using my time more productively!

After our snowy trip to the park on Friday, we went straight to buy a snow suit to keep Rose warm on our future trips out and about. We tried it on Saturday and if I do say so myself, she does look incredibly cute in it! It was the first time I had let her walk around by herself in the garden (I'm so scared of her falling on the concrete slabs out there..) and after I helped her walk down the step, she almost ran out into the garden. Obviously she was desperate for the freedom! 

I hadn't put her mittens on for this little trip out into the garden and the first thing she did was touch the snow on the flowerbeds, the look on her face was hilarious! I don't think she was expecting it to be quite so cold!

Ray and I decided to go for a walk  in the afternoon to stretch our legs and luckily we have a really pretty footpath just up the road from us. Rose had a little wander with her reins on up there but was exhausted so after about 10 minutes she was sound asleep in the pushchair..

Ray and I really enjoyed the peace and quiet though and it was nice to have some (not quite) alone time, I think you have much more meaningful conversations when out walking. It's so easy to just talk about the usual boring things like what needs to be done around the house when at home, so it's definitely nice to get out and get some fresh air!

I finished Ray's mum's birthday present yesterday evening and it's now wrapped up ready to give to her! I was so relieved from all the comments on my last post saying I Had actually sewn the pot holder together in the right order, thank you for that. :-) 

My hand quilting definitely isn't perfect but I guess it's not bad for a first attempt. The back looked quite nice as well which was also a big relief!

Rose has started to amuse herself a lot more these day's which is lovely, a few more minutes to myself are always welcome! It's incredibly sweet when she sits looking through her books on her own, I Love books but what is it about them that children love so much?!

I've decided I'm going to use my time more productively to make things that I can sell in my Etsy shop, as it would be so so lovely to have a few pennies of my own, even if it's not very much.

Okay, well speaking of making thing's... I've off to get busy with the sewing machine! :-)



  1. She really does look lovely in her snowsuit! I love my daughter in hers as it makes her look still so 'baby' somehow.

  2. Do you know what I have noticed? There are so few hand knitted booties available for babies older than 1yr old. No patterns either. I reckon I'm not the one looking for a soft slipper type bootie for those snuggly times inside the house. If you make a 12-18 month boy bootie that's not bland I am bound to buy them!!!

    Rose is so confident on her feet now. Crazy how quickly they take to walking.


  3. Wow, Rose looks just like you in that second pic!! Lovely photos, I can see you're emjoying your new camera.

    The pot holder looks really lovely, I must have another go at hand quilting something....

    Love the little knit shoes, so cute!!


    S x

  4. ROse is such a pretty little doll, I love her snowsuit. It reminds me of the one the Princess used to wear.
    I get a warm feeling when my children pick up books. I read to the Princess from a very early age (she was a week old!!!) and she is such a book worm now and loses herself in the stories she reads.
    Your walk looks delightful!
    x x x

  5. lovely makes and rose as always looks adorable...thanks for sharing the lovely walk ;0)x

  6. Rose looks like a kid in a candy store out and about in the snow! Can't wait to see your finished booties!

  7. Rose is so cute in that snowsuit. I'd like one of them for me! Also, I love your hair in this post, I bet you just 'threw' it up but I spend ages rafting and can't get my hair like that!

    You're right, it's good to get out for a walk with the other half, it's proper quality time xxx

    Ooh and that pot holder is gorgeous!! Xxx

  8. ahhh what a sweet cutie pie little Rose looks in her snowsuit x i love the look on her little face.
    the potholder is so pretty, what a fab gift.
    have a happy new week
    love jooles x
    P.S can't wait to see what lovelies will appear in your etsy shop :o)

  9. Rose is such a sweetie, love the photos. I'm very jealous of your new camera! Emily adores those books too, with the touchy feely pages, we've got a stack of them and she pulls them all off the shelf and surrounds herself with them. The pot hold is lovely, i bet your mother in law will love it, so nice to receive a gift made with time, love and thought put into it.

    We love walking, a nice chance to talk together. Though our walks usually consist of Leah & Tom rushing ahead, M striding around on his long legs with Em on his back in the carrier and little short-legged me huffing and puffing behind trying to keep up!

    K xx

  10. CUTE is Rose in her snowsuit, all-in-ones always make little one so cuddley I think.
    I can't get over how beautiful your dresden potholder is, the fabrics are so pretty. You've done an amazing job quilting it too!

    Louise xx