Friday, 17 February 2012

Gorgeous gifts!

My friend Sarah came over for lunch on Wednesday and I just have to show you what she gave me. 

Of course I didn't need to be given anything at all! But it was a lovely surprise to receive this gorgeous pink pot of spring bulbs and this beautiful broach!

It'd made out of felt and is perfect, the back of it is so neat! I've worn it all of today and I got quite few compliments on it. :-) So thank you very much Sarah xXx

I've got a few other things to show you but the weather has been miserable and cloudy ALL of today, so I haven't been able to take any good photo's.. I will try and take some photo's tomorrow before our friends that are visiting arrive and get a post written up soon.


PS- I'm almost ready to host my giveaway for reaching 100 posts... almost but not quite! Anyway, it's better late than never though!?


  1. Isn't that just beautiful. What a great gift.

  2. what a beautiful brooch, what a clever friend you have
    happy weekend
    love jooles x

  3. Pretty!! What a touch of spring on a dingy day!

  4. Such gorgeous gifts! That brooch is beautiful and perfect for brightening up a dull day! Can't wait to hear about your giveaway! xxx

  5. I love your brooch! It's a fab colour and oh so pretty :) spending time with good friends is good for the soul x

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Jo x x x

  6. Sarah is so clever and you look fab, gorgeous brooch. Glad you both had a lush day.

    I think you both live near me don't you? Maybe we could can a lunch together x x x

  7. COULD CAN? Sorry!!!! x x

  8. The brooch is very lovely - did your friend make it, any chance she can tell us all how she did it?

  9. You're more than welcome - I just picked up a pot for you when I got myself some spring bulbs and those felt flowers are so therapeutic to make it was nice to have someone special to gift one to!!

    Jessica - I cant find the tutorial I used but if you Google "felt dahlia" then you'll find loads of tutorials.

    Gem - we're not far from you, we'd love to meet for lunch!!

    So pleased you like your brooch, it's nice to have someone who appreciates handmade things.....


    S x

  10. Love the brooch. I also love your tea cosy did you make it? if so do you sell them because if you do I would love one or two.Lesley x

  11. How very sweet and special. I love a well thought out gift, they are the best xox

  12. Oooh lovely, what a thoughful gift! Such a nice colour too xx

  13. Love the brooch. I have been looking at a tutorial for those recently on the internet and it's on my to do list so it's funny to see you post about it! Your friend is so thoughtful

    Helen xx

  14. Beautiful brooch in a gorgeous colour too, what a thoughtful friend you have xx