Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A really sweet gift arrived today, all the way from Australia and Rose's first 'proper' word!

We had a really brilliant morning today. I was feeling 100% back to normal (I managed to catch the tail end of Ray's bug he was suffering with over the weekend, so felt really lousy for a day or two) and we had a lovely time at our usual Wednesday toddler playgroup we go to every week. 

Rose said her first 'proper' word!
As usual, as soon as we entered the playgroup I didn't see Rose for about 15 minutes... she's definitely not a shy one that's for sure! She potters over just to check I'm still there every now and then but then loses interest and goes to play over the opposite end of the room again.
I was holding my friends little baby Fabian who's a few months old and after a while Rose appeared next to me, she never seems to get jealous when I hold another baby...  just becomes intrigued and tries to touch their little feet! She stood there looking very interested before babbling a bit and then saying 'baby'! It was repeated continuously a few times so wasn't as clear after a while.. but she still said it! Eeeeee! :-) 
Did anyone else get this excited about their babies first words?!

Anyway, after we got home after the group I realised I had received a parcel in the post. I almost missed it because it had been pushed behind the door when I came in the house.. For a moment I couldn't think what it could be until I saw the Australian post mark! I was sent the most lovely thoughtful gift by the lovely Ann and I am soooo thankful for it.

Ann has sent me a whole load of fabric, mainly Tilda fabric's... am I not the luckiest person!? 
It is so so kind of her as it must have cost her so much to post all the way from the other side of the world! 
I don't think I've actually ever received any post from Australia before, so it was rather exciting knowing it had come all that distance to now be included in my quite modest (now growing) fabric stash! :-)

Of course I just Had to take about a hundred photo's of all my favourites together..!

Thank you so so much Ann xx

I thought I would include a photo I took of Rose and myself this afternoon... obviously, she's trying to perfect her fake cheesy grin pose for the camera! haha (Please excuse the bags under my eye's... Rose was up twice during the night.. and for quite a long time!)

I've managed to list two new items on my Etsy, two sets of my pretty fabric coasters. I now have a grand total of Three (Wow!) items in my shop... it is gradually increasing though..!

I hope everyone is having a lovely week, only two more day's until the weekend! ...This doesn't actually make that big a difference to my usual day but it does mean that Ray's not at work, happy and relaxed at home instead. :-)



  1. These fabrics are so gloriously yummy! Couldn't resist pinning a couple onto my pinterest board ;-)

    Congrats on Rose's first word. She is such a cutie!

  2. Oh I say, lush fabric. Lucky you, Ashley! You and Rose look so pretty together....I have BAAAAD eye bags at the mo.....horrendous.
    Fancy coming over to me for lunch or coffee sometime?
    x x

  3. Lovely, lovely fabric. What a nice surprise. Rose is beautiful. My son is two and a half but quite a late talker and I still delight over every new word he has!

  4. Love the fabric and your picture. You two are so cute.
    Congratulations on her first word. We have a little one that his was Happy Halloween and that's all he would say for about three months. You'd say Merry Christmas and he would say Happy Halloween. So funny and such a big two words.

  5. Well done Rose - there'll be no stopping you now! I get excited over all my son's 'firsts' and he is eight now. His latest is his first written computer program...

  6. Isn't she a cutie, how sweet she said her first words, she'll soon be chattering non-stop soon. Wow what a lovely surprise to come home to, it's beautiful, love the colours, so pretty.xxxx

  7. Oooh, how exciting!! Bless Rose!! H's first word was "door" and I'm ashamed to say I can't remember W's, it'll be written in his baby book I hope!!

    Those fabrics are gorgeous, I love Tilda!!

    Ewwww, sorry you got Ray's bug, yuck - were you sick? *shudder*


    S x

  8. Hi Ashley, I am so glad you like the fabric and it was a pleasure to send them to you. It really is wonderful when your child speaks their first words. That is a lovely photo of both of you. Enjoy and all the very best, kind regards, Ann

  9. glad to hear your feeling better Ahsley...there seems to be lots of horrid bugs doing the rounds at the moment.
    What a lovely lady to send you such a gorgeous treat x
    gorgeous too...i am in love with tilda.
    lovely photo and what a clever little Rose, first words are magic :o)
    love jooles x

  10. Well considering you had the tail end of a bug and had been up through the night you still look amazing. So that and the fact that you got such a lush fabric gift means I can no longer be your friend ;o)

    Take Gem up on that offer. She is amazingly lovely. You'll have so much fun.


  11. What a lovely day! The material is so beautiful, as is your lovely talking (!) daughter!

  12. Oh those fabrics are beautiful. Well done Rose on your first word. I'm waiting patiently(not) for my son's first words, i'm sure they're going to be Mommy, i love you, your the best. A girl can dream, right :)

  13. What a lucky girl, Tilda fabric is so pretty ins't it? I am ashamed to say that I can't remember what Miss Fairy's first word was, isn't that awful. I can, however, remember her first steps across the front room. She had been walking round the furniture for a bit and one day I asked her to "walk to Mummmy"...and she did, just like that. It was so amazing that I had to ring Mr Fairy at work and tell him! Dev x

  14. Wow, lucky you - such gorgeous fabric!!
    Maria x

  15. you and your beautiful rose have the most cutest of smiles ;0) she is a lot like you x
    those fabrics are beautiful- they look like tilda fabrics- my local haberdashery has the most EXPENSIVE fabrics- i love looking but cant afford your coasters x