Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Recovering under a huggge mound of laundry!

We went to visit my Mum in Cornwall on Thursday and stayed for a few nights, it was only 3 nights but by the amount of laundry that is needing to be done, it looks like we were away for at least a fortnight! How can one little person produce sooo many dirty clothes!? I only have one at the moment, goodness knows how you mum's of large families cope!

We had a really brilliant time, I just wish car journey's were a little easier these day's... If we're lucky we get a couple hours of sleep/ quieting playing time and then after that, all hell breaks loose and we have to contend with an extremely loud screaming baby in the back of the car! I ended up dangerously unstrapped hanging over the back of the front seat, trying  failing to calm her down. Nothing would work. Since we got home, I realised Rose has 3 big molar teeth poking through her back gums.. so this could have been part of the trouble..?!

I have loads of photo's to show you but I will leave that to the next post.

Anywayyy... this is my progress on Rose's dress. I managed to fit in quite a lot of knitting time on the journey's, the parts when she was happy anyway! I'm just working on the back straps now and then will begin on the picot edging to the bottom of the dress.

I was reading Messe Jesse's blog the other day and really loved the look of her new book in this post. I managed to get it for a really bargain price from the Book People and it was waiting for me when we returned from Cornwall.

There are so many pretty photo's inside but I really want to give this cupcake design a try as it's Ray's mum's 60th birthday coming up soon and I would like to make her a tea cosy as she is a Big tea drinker. I wont have the whole thing white but I would like to use that design.

When we were in Truro, we had a browse around the charity shops and I came across a pair of rose printed curtains for the bargain price of £3.50. The fabric is lovely and will be cut up to make something pretty.

I got some gorgeous fabrics in an amazing fabric shop there. There was sooo much choice and I really had to stop myself from getting too carried away!

Mum treated me to a few things which was really nice of her, it's always nice to be treated! :-) Thanks Mum xXx

As you can see... taking photo's with a small person nearby isn't always very easy!

I got some 1/2 metre's of the patterned fabrics and then a few fat quarter's in plain colours.

Dreading Slimming World tonight, it's impossible to stick to a diet when your away. Well I find it impossible anyway!


Edited to add: I almost forgot to say, I've gone and joined in with the fun on Twitter and you can find me here


  1. With you on the laundry thing. Why is there so much of it. We're a family of five, and if we go away just for a weekend, it takes a couple of weeks to get it all sorted, washed and put away when we get back! A nightmare!

    Loving the dress for Rose, I have a big itch to knit but I have so many crochet wip's to get done first.....it's taking FOREVER!

    Have a super week!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Good Luck with your huge pile of laundry ~ although I'm sure once you get a couple of loads in the machine it will start to look a bit more manageable! I love the little dress that you are knitting for Rose too ~ and can't wait to see it finished. Is it your own pattern? :O)

  3. Love the dress and yes, the molars will def be painful for her. Rub some bonjela or the kids stuff on her gums. x

  4. That curtain material was a great score!!!
    Hearing your pain in the laundry, good luck getting through it

  5. Love that little dress. Can't wait to see it done!

  6. yayy so glad you got the book finally, and you love it! :) Your fabrics from Truro looks super sweet. Look forward to seeing your creations from them, I'm glad you found the shop ok.

    Yes you were lucky with the weather this weekend too! Perfect!
    Jessie, xx

  7. Rose's dress looks beautiful, you are very good at crochet. I really like all the gorgeous fabric you bought! Nice book as well. Stay warm... Ann

  8. Your little knitted dress is beautiful. I can't wait to see it on your little model. Hope she's feeling better.

  9. It was so lovely to have you all down to Cornwall, wish it could have been longer. I was happy to treat you to a few little bits, that's what Mum's are for. I think however long you go away for, you always end up with so much laundry, even more so when you have Rose who decides it is brilliant fun to take a drink then dribble the contents down her clothes. The dress is looking so lovely can't wait to see it finished. Hopefully it wont be too long till I see you again.
    Lots of love
    Mum xxxxxx

  10. Gorgeous fabrics and your little knitted frock is going to be lovely.

  11. Hope you had a nice weekend. It was a little warmer than mid-week last week so that should have made your trip a little more pleasant. I'm sure I know which fabric shop you are referring to and, yes, it is lovely! My husband dreads it when I go in there as he loses me for what seems like hours!
    Yor little knitted dress is looking beautiful, I love the flower detail in the pattern.
    Becky x

  12. Rose's new dress is going to be gorgeous, you're so clever :) I'm also been bitten by the fabric bug lately after finally getting a sewing machine, i might have gone a bit overboard on polka dots! Glad you enjoyed your little getaway, take care, K xx

  13. i hope slimming world wasn't as bad as you'd thought!
    rose's little dress is coming on a treat, its going to be gorgeous
    good luck with that laundry
    thank you for your very sweet comment
    love jooles x

  14. The laundry is a pain but always worth it for the break!! I can't wait to see the finished dress....so pretty :)

  15. Gorgeous dress for Rose...what pretty detail in the skirt.

    The new book and fabric look good, isn't it nice to have new projects on the go.