Monday, 27 February 2012

Giveaway Winner!! and a few other things...!

We've had a couple of strangely warm day's recently in this part of the world, so we've been venturing out into the garden a lot more often these day's. Although it wouldn't be possible for me to actually Do any gardening out there, as Rose is just determined to try and eat as many things as possible from out there! 

When does it get to the stage that they can play happily outside without eating all the earth from the flower beds!?

There are a few signs that spring is on it's way, it's so exciting to look out the french doors and see that the crocuses have flowered. It's been really boring and dull out there for sooo many months now!

Rose and I had a lovely morning at one of the playgroups we go to this morning, it's a bit of a walk to this one in particular but feels good to give my legs a good stretch! I haven't been doing nearly enough exercise lately... I have a Hen do which I have a gorgeous LBD to wear to and our friend's wedding the weekend after to go to at the end of April and I still haven't lost my Christmas weight. I really need a kick up the backside so will be going to Slimming World tomorrow evening.. (Say's me that's just bought not one but TWO creme eggs from the corer shop!!)

Rose having a good feel of the plant pots... or maybe just pointing out the dead plants that really need to be removed at some point!

I used the random generator website to find the winner of my giveaway but I'm a bit of a techno-phobe and couldn't figure out how to show you the page. 

But after counting through the comments on my giveaway post, the lucky winner was....

 Heather at Pink Milk!!

I'll be sending you a message in a second Heather to let you know that you've won! :-)



  1. Ooooh congratulations to Heather...i am very jelous!!
    Rose certainly looks like she is enjoying herself :o)
    Good luck at slimming world, although you look absolutely gorgeous to me x
    love jooles x

  2. The pictures of Rose are so cute, she is growing so quickly and living so far away means I miss all the little changes and dont get enough cuddles. "Stand away from the creme eggs!!", good luck at Slimming World let me know how you get on, and I share Jooles sentiments, that you do look gorgeous.
    Lots of love
    Mum xxxxxx

  3. Rose is such a sweet little thing - lucky Heather, she will definitely enjoy those goodies.

  4. Congrats to the winner, she will be thrilled. Rose is so sweet and growing up so quickly. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  5. COngratulations to the winner but I am jealous, hah.
    Rose is so cute. Her hair is coming in so pretty. I love it when babies discover the outdoors. You will be outside all the time now.

  6. Congrats to Heather :) love your spring flowers coming through, we have some snow drops and they are gorgeous aren't they? have a wonderful week sweetie :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  7. Well. I'm totally peeved I didn't win BUT I just think Heather is so so soooooooo darned lovely that I'm glad she won. She has such a suuuuuper blog.

    Our crocusses are poking up too. That means I need to get out in the garden and I loath gardening!!!


  8. Wahaaaaaaaay!!!

    But I simply don't ever win anything ... are you sure?!

    Skidaddling off to email you now!

    Big, big smiles ...

  9. Lucky Heather with all those gorgeous prizes... am just a little bit jealous! Rose is such a sweetie :) xxx

  10. ooh, grrr that it wasn't me...but yipeee that it was someone lovely who won!
    Lovely pictures Ashley!
    fee x

  11. Ahh, love little Rose's coat. I remember the trying to eating up the garden stage only too well, luckily it didn't last too long!

    Congrats to Heather!

    S x

  12. Well done to Heather. Rose looks so sweet in the garden! xxx

  13. Oh well done to gorgeous Heather. She totally deserves it, that's fab news!!! Rose looks so cute in her little dresses. Totally gorgeous.
    I eat a lot of chocolate. I also put on nine pounds at Christmas but it was well worth it for the Champagne and chocolate love affair I indulged in.
    Now I am not breast feeding though, it's going to take an age to come off and I just love to eat!
    I think you are utterly beautiful just the way you are for what it's worth.
    See you, fellow West Sussex blogger!
    x x x x

  14. Well done to Heather, lucky lucky !
    Rose looks so cute and she will probably love to eat things for a while yet! its all good though, I sometimes dread to think what my daughter atr at that age as my Dad has a farm so need I say more. She hardly ever gets a poorly tummy now though!
    I gave chocolate up for new year!! have broke it obviously!! but never mind, a little bit is good for you!You will soon shift it running after Rose, though you look fine already,
    have a lovely week,
    Andrea x

  15. Lovely flower pics....doesn't it put the world to rights when the flowers start to come up in spring? I'm afraid my middle boy, almost seven still finds the need to lick things, Walls, windows, things in the garden, i'm told it's not unusual! I can also remember when I was out sorting sheep with my hubby and said boy was drinking out of the cattle trough....grim......

  16. Congrats to lucky Heather!
    Heather x