Saturday, 18 February 2012

When Rose and I went to London on a very busy train!

Rose and I went up to London by train on Thursday to see my cousin Josie who's at college there, I hadn't seen her since Christmas so it was lovely to have a good catch up and for her to see Rose now that she's up and walking. 

However... when I booked my train tickets I hadn't realised that it was the half term holiday's for the schools and so it was absolutely jam-packed there and back (I'm not down with the holiday dates yet! It's a few years before Rose will be home for the holiday's...) I luckily had a seat with Rose next to me in the buggy on the way there but I had to stand for the whole journey home which was very annoying... the journey was 1hr and 40mins long!  

I've been dying to go and visit The Make Lounge up in London for aggess but last time Rose and I travelled up to see Jose it was a Sunday, so sadly the shop wasn't open but on Thursday it was! It was lovvelllyy in there, So many beautiful fabrics to take in. I had thought there would be many more crafty things around the shop though but there were only a couple of baskets of wool and a lot of craft books spread out on the table, most of the books were for sewing clothes which I'm not really that interested in... for the moment anyway!

I was really impressed with the fabric section of the shop though, the bolts were arranged on a whole wall of  white shelves and I was able to buy as smaller cut of the fabric as I wanted which was great as it meant I could get a selection of different prints. We don't really have the money for me to be buying more crafty bits at the moment, but I just couldn't resist. I just Had to get some of the gorgeous fabric whilst I was there though! (Is it obvious I'm trying to justify myself right now...haha)

Rose coped brilliantly with all of the travelling and being in the buggy for a large section of the day, I thought she would have been more frustrated being strapped in now that she's Very mobile but she was happy to just take it all in really. The only really annoying thing about being in London though is 'Where do you go to change a nappy?!'  I suppose we could have gone and bought something in a cafe/restaurant to be able to use the loo but at that moment we had limited time and couldn't really do that... I have to say, I do love living in a Much smaller city where I know where everything is!

About a 15 minute walk from The Make Lounge was this shop and it was gorgeous inside. I didn't buy anything though as like I said before we don't really have the money at the moment and for one 50g ball of wool the average price was at least £15... Ouch!

I'm going to go and try to finish my Mum's birthday present now as I have to send it on Monday and I'm no where near finished yet! :S



  1. Fabulous fabrics!! I'd love to take a trip to one of those shops, just need to have an excuse to travel that far, ha!

    Love your new header too! I've just changed my blog header today, a bit of a pain but I got there in the end and am pleased with it now, not sure how long I'll keep it for though I do love a change :)

  2. Fabric love! No wonder you couldn't resist. Loop is fabulous isn't it? Luckily I don't get to go there often, I couldn't afford yarn if that was my local shop but it is nice for an occasional treat and a leisurely browse.

    S x

    PS Rose looks so cute!

  3. What a great outing! I am slightly jealous to hear you jumped on a train and popped into London - I LOVE London, but live far away in Canada and I would give anything just to "pop into" my favourite city!! I love the fabrics you chose - you showed great restraint in the number you chose - but they are the prettiest!

  4. Lovely fabrics and Rose is the cutest.

  5. Lovely pic of Jose and Rose, can you please email me the original. Going to be good to see her on Friday.


  6. I'm so envious! That's two places I would just love to go to, but I would need to take some spending money as my will power has the breaking strain of a kitkat! Glad you had a good day and that Rose enjoyed herself.
    Becky x

  7. The big smoke......lucky you, I would love to get the chance to see the big lights and browse some crafty shops. Like your fabrics, especially the chicken one, bless Rose, what a good girl she is.

  8. looks like a fab day out and what a good girl Rose was x
    I have been to loop and loved it, a little on the pricey side i agree, but very inspirational. I really must go to the make lounge, your fabrics are beautiful.
    Hope you get your mums gift finished :o)
    happy sunday
    love jooles x

  9. looks like a really joyful day!...I have moments where i miss London as i lived there during work and uni years...5 years!!!!...but there's something lovely about visiting but knowing i'll come back to the country!...Loop looks fantastic!...have you ever been to the Craft Council gallery and shop in Islington- I loved it there all the textile and paper crafts. Actually the charity shops around Islington used to be fantastic with clothes!...not sure what they're like now, but even back then i loved a good rummage hehe did well on a busy train with a littly!...Ive only taken Sophia 4 times to london since i've had her and two of those times was in a car- but then Devon is a long way to London. Love teh fabrics and little rose enjoying her day- she has your beautiful smile! x

  10. hehe i just remembered when i needed to change Sophia and did it on a park bench as i couldnt find a clean toilet changing area!- my friend (who has no children) couldnt believe how bad london was for finding somewhere to change a baby without buying a coffee!

  11. What a lovely selection of fabrics, and the Loop shop looked gorgeous from the outside, but 'ouch' to £15 for a small ball of wool! That is a lovely picture of Rose and Wiggle, they are both growing so quickly.
    Take care
    Love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Looks like a great trip was had. Rose looks so cute. Beautiful fabrics too.

  13. I love the look of those fabrics,and you are right you had to get them!! The Make Lounge is fantastic, I've been very lucky to go to a few courses there and I've never left without buying more stuff.
    Loop is so expensive and a bit posh!! I haven't been in their new shop but it does look so special. I just can't justify the price for everyday knitting and crochet.

  14. You stood on the train a very long time.....I wouldn't have been able to do it. It is so good that you have the courage to take these trips with your baby. Love the sweet. I love reading your have such love for your little daughter.

  15. Awe I hope you had a good time in London! I've lived here for two years and still not visited loop and the make lounge and I live really near! I'm terrible aren't I? I think the reason is I'm too worried I will fall in love and spend too much money though! The fabrics you bought are beautiful though! xxx

  16. Oh what a beautiful shop Loop is. Love your little pile of materials too, it's so hard to not purchase goodies when they are right there in your hands. I am like that with yarn, I have a ridiculous amount of yarn......and I love it all. Rose is so sweet and good to her mumma staying in her buggy.
    x Sandi

  17. Sounds like you had a lovely time in London and what a star Rose was for you! Beautiful fabrics you bought. Not so good journey back though, my husband commutes every day and for the amount of money you spend on a ticket, you should be able get a seat! xx