Friday, 10 February 2012

Patchwork, fabric and venturing outdoors.

This is the progress I've made on my dresden plate potholder today. It's all sewn together now, I just need to decide on how I'm going to hand quilt it.

It's going to be Ray's mum's 60th birthday present, I was planning on sewing her a tea cosy but that never materialised! I was instead inspired by Amy's dresden trivet's over at nanacompany and thought that something similar would be perfect for her to either use to place her teapot on or she could use it just for decoration or on a little table or something.

I now realised I should probably have hand quilted it before I sewed the back on as now the stitches will show all the way through, I'm really kicking myself as there's no way I'm going to un-pick it all as that would mean un-picking the centre circle as well.. What should I do!? Silly me...

My hyacinth bulbs are coming along nicely in the kitchen, it frustrates me the way they droop over every time though. I know they were just reaching out towards the sunlight, but now they look all lop-sided... well anyway they're now tied together with a little ribbon.

A little camera time today when Rose had just woken from her morning nap... I think it's my favourite part of the day to spend with her as she always wakes up from that nap incredibly bright, happy and with a big grin on her face. The mid-to-late afternoon nap is a wholeee other story though!

A little treat was popped through my letterbox this morning, a few pretty fat quarters from myfabrichouse. It's such a lovely website to have a browse through and the brilliant thing about it is, postage is completely free! :-)

See... so so pretty. Gorgeous!

Rose and I took a walk to the local swing park this afternoon and there was still a scattering of snow around, she was fascinated by it all. I let her have a little walk in the snow as she was desperate to see what it all was when we got into the little park area but it wasn't long before she was too chilly. We managed a good session on the swings before we were straight in M&S buying her a snowsuit! Hopefully we'll have a little more snow tonight and she can be all snug tomorrow when exploring the white stuff!

Here are a couple of photo's from yesterday outdoor adventures. I met up with a friend with a little girl who's a week older than Rose and we went for a lovely walk all around Bosham. 

It's such a pretty scenic area and how amazing would it be to have that view out of your kitchen but it must become really busy in the summer... We were walking along the water's edge next to countless gigantic houses, they all had their curtains shut so I think they were all second homes. Lucky people! 

Okay, I'm off to carry on with my baby bootie knitting now. I'm trying to get some thing's made so I can get my Etsy shop up and running...



  1. Love your potholder- what a beautiful present, love Rose's big smile, and those snow photos are amazing!!

  2. I love your dresden plate, and sitting here in the Australian summer I am very envious of your dusting of snow.

  3. What a lovely picture of Rose, what a little star!

    Your patchwork looks great, hav you got a plan for the new fabric?

  4. Your pot holder is just precious! :o)
    The area you walk to is beautiful.
    And your sweet little Rose has the prettiest smile.
    Have a nice weekend. hugs, Trish

  5. Lovely potholder, the Dresden is one of my faves. You don't hand quilt until its all complete so you've done it right, the tick is to get tiny even stitches front and back - hand quilters use a thimble and needles called "betweens" and a funny rocking motion - search on YouTube for hand quilting for tutorials, I've tired but am hopeless at it, need to practice!!

    Love Bosham, so pretty - you can get a fab cream tea in the cafe there on the front.

    Bless pretty Rose, she has such a lovely smile!!


    S x

  6. Excuse all the typos, Homebird was right when she said iPads don't like backing up to correct them on Blogger!! Xx

  7. What a pretty little lady you have! Such a darling smile. What are you going to use the new fabric for? Can't wait to see! BTW - your dresden is lovely. I adore that strawberry fabric you used!

  8. Hello love. Glad you found the bootie pattern useful. Do you think they will take you a long time? Off to stay with Mum tomorrow xx

  9. Hi, Love the patchwork, you have done it exactly right, the quilting is done last, through all the layers to hold it all together! xxBrenda

  10. I think the pot holder will look much nicer on the reverse if you can see the stitches. Sarah is right, you didnt go wrong!

    I'm holding Mini whilst typing this and he just got really excited when he saw that adorable photo of Rose.


  11. What a pretty patchwork plate, you MIL will be chuffed when she receives this. Lovely colours.

    Looks like a lovely place to take a walk round I could do with a bit of seascape about now!

    Aww your little girl does look adorable and happy, hope she gets to play in the snow a little more.

    MBB x

  12. Totally droooling over your newly aquired fabrics... I have purchaced a few fat quarters and a moda charm pack and cannot wait to get started on a new project! Your dresden pot holder is beautiful, I think it looks gorgeous just as it is even without quilting it :-)

    Rose looks SO much like you, bless her.... you must be such a proud Mummy!

    Much love xxx

  13. Gorgeous sewing and gorgeous new fabric! can't wait to see what you produce with it!
    Rose has a very pretty smile! You can't help but smile back! :)

  14. Lovely photos. I am very jealous. I am from Chichester and would give an awful lot to still be from there! Still, I have a visit this week and a girl can dream.

  15. I love your dresdens, very pretty! I saw Amy's too - they were fab weren't they? They got me thinking too!

    S x