Tuesday, 21 February 2012

2 in one day! Sorry about that!

We've been spending a lot of time in the park recently...
Rose loves the swings and I've taken her to them on a regular basis but it was a lovely sunny day on Sunday so we went out into the main big grass area of the park to let her have a wander around. 
She loved it!
She was so excited by the huge expanse of grass around her that she kept attempting to run (running for Rose means a lot of falling over and getting muddy knee's!). I suppose it can't have helped that she was wearing her big marshmallow suit!

We go out into our garden all the time at home but as it's a small-ish courtyard garden, she doesn't get to run around and play on the grass. So the park must have been incredibly exciting for her!

Ray was having to work on Sunday but had a short period of no phone-calls so was able to come to the park with us. It was a really lovely day, one of those day's where you just feel so incredibly lucky to have everything that you've got in this life.

I was up at 5am with Rose this morning so I decided to be pro-active and get lots done. I'd made a little something for my friend Vicky who lives in Wales, so I wrote her a little letter to go with it ready to be posted.

I only just finished Mum's homemade part of her present late last night, so that all got wrapped up ready to be taken to the post office this afternoon. Recorded delivery was so expensive! That'll teach me to leave it all to the last minute!

And... just to finish off. 
A photo of the little angel... not!
Somehow she's figured out how to un-do the double zips on the changing bag and the contents are emptied over and over again. I kept putting the bag up on the side but then forgetting to keep it off the ground after getting things out of it.. 
Out of all the toy's she has at her fingertips, she prefers to do this. It just doesn't make any sense! 

I'm on my own this evening as Ray found out today he passed a really important exam, so he's off out to celebrate with the others that also passed. Sooo I'm going to watch whatever I want on the TV and enjoy some solid knitting time. :-)



  1. What a gorgeous photo of you and your girl in the park - definitely one to keep!
    Just to let you know I've blogged about your giveaway (and have started one of my own too - please enter, am really worried no-one will do it...) Gulp.
    Emily x

  2. Hehe little Rose looks like she is having fun emptying the changing bag! My Thomas does exactly the same and is fascinated with my purse.

  3. Now she can open zips, hide the sudocreme and your bank cards, they are the things I learnt the hard way! We had an equally nice time in the exact same park the weekend before, I promise I am not stalking you! Lovely pics of your girl.

  4. Congratulations to Ray. he must be so chuffed. A really nice way to remember Rose's first birthday to for very special reasons!!

    Lovely photos xx

  5. Oh! What pretty notepaper. Your friend will love receiving it in the mail. Your little princess looks adorable in her snowsuit - cozy and ready for some fun!

  6. I love the photo of Rose in her snowsuit, a real bundle of cuteness. I cant wait to open my parcel, thank you in advance xx However many toys you give her the thing that will keep her most amused is a selection of random everyday things.
    Love you lots

  7. ahhh look at that sweet little face x
    Congratulations to Ray....hope you enjoyed the evening!
    love jooles x

  8. Lol, I love that picture of Rose in your bag - that brings back memories! My Little One went through a phrase of doing that too. Annoying but 20 mins peace was kind of worth it - ish!

    S x

  9. eeeeeeee! I can't wait to receive my parcel and letter!
    When will it arrive? I must be sure to get it soon after delivery as it's so mizzly I wouldn't want it to be drenched by the rain!!
    Beautiful photo of you and Rose, I can't decide who is most pretty!
    Missing you, big congrats to Ray, and smooches for you all.xxxxx

  10. that gorrrrrgeous smile could do no wrong hehe ;0)xx such a lovely outing x

  11. Lovely pics as always!! You must have lots of fab ones for a gallery wall now!!

    I reckon Rose would be good as airport security - she's very good at searching bags!!

    Did you have pancakes yesterday? I had two with melted chocolate, banana and coconut so bang goes the diet again *rollseyes*


    S xx

  12. I got it! I got it!
    So SO lovely.
    I will do a post soon, or rather,
    when james comes back and magics the photos from the phone!
    You're a good egg.xxxxx