Thursday, 1 March 2012

What a beautiful day!

When Rose went back down for her morning nap this morning, I didn't do what I probably Should have done which would have been to get dressed! Instead I finished off hand-quilting this pretty patchwork bib.. I'm really chuffed with it as it's a first attempt and I already have another in the making! Addictive!

So, I finally got dressed rather late this morning... thankfully no one knocked on the door! Thursday's we don't have much planned, so it was actually really lovely to just take it easy and relax with my crafty bits and bobs whilst Rose slept upstairs. The front of the baby bib is made up with lots of cotton patchwork squares and the bib is backed with a really pretty polka dot brushed cotton, I'm really glad I hand quilted it, I think it makes it look a bit more delicate...

I've popped it in my shop here. To anyone else that has their own Etsy shop... I'm Very new at all of this and would be so so grateful for any advice or tips you can pass on my way. How do I get people to even look at what I have for sale..? !Thank you Jooles for your emails xx

What a beautiful day it's been here in West Sussex, it felt like early summer! Ray was on-call but had a bit of free time so we packed up to go to the park with a flask of coffee and my knitting in-tow. Reallllyy annoyingly he was called pretty much as soon as we got to the park but it didn't matter too much because Rose and I still had a great time on the swings. Then after we had moved out onto the main grassy area of the  park with our picnic blanket, my friend came to join us with her little girl so Rose had someone to play with.

In between getting up Multiple times to sprint after Rose (those little legs of hers sure move quickly!), I squeezed in some knitting time. I'm working on the second base now of the tea cosies I've been asked to make, something quite simple to work on while 99% of my attention was on the whereabouts of my little munchkin!

The sky was brilliant blue, just gorgeous.

I managed to quickly get a photo of her in the first two minutes of us getting out into the park.. after that it was impossible for me to get a shot of her. Let alone a photo where Rose was actually looking at the camera!

I'm off to carry on with my mission of removing these bl**dy acrylic nails! I got them done when visiting Josie in London, a spur of the moment decision but they're now getting in the way of my crafting so I'd like to remove them... except they just won't come off! Extremely frustrating...



  1. Aaaah, dontcha just love the sun? Happy, happy, happy!
    Emily x
    PS - beautiful bib

  2. Aww your day in the park sounds lovely.

  3. Sign up for the Etsy newsletter etc and you'll get lots of info from them.

    Funnily, I did a post with the same title a little earlier...great minds think alike...or a whole Nation so glad for some sunshine?

    The little bib is gorgeous!

    Have a great weekend,

    Sandie xx

  4. Oooh love the bib, it's so so pretty and I love the hand quilting quality. What a gorgeous day. It looks like it was lovely to sit with a flask and knitting.....makes you happy to be alive eh :)

    I've recently taken my acrylics off too....they were driving me nuts with crafting! My nails were so sore afterwards though....I highly recommend some almond oil from helps to strengthen them and eases the soreness.

    Jo x x x

  5. Wow!! Hasn't Rose's hair turned a lovely golden colour!!

  6. Are the tea cosies going to make it into your shop too?! That is the perfect way to spend a child's nap!

  7. Gorgeous bib!! I really want to have a go at hand quilting.

    I finally finished my tea cost today, just have to sew the button on, it's been a WiP for weeks!!

    Lovely pics as always!!

    Have you tried pure acetone on the nails? You can buy it at the chemist, put some in a little (throwaway) bowl and sit with your nails in it, you can also sit the bowl in a washing up bowl of hot water, so the the acetone warms a little. Let them soak a good 10 mins and then have a scrub at the with an old toothbrush, the acrylic will be soft and you should be able to pick it off. Use hand cream after as the acetone is drying - this is how they remove them at the salons.


    S x

  8. Love a happy spring day in the park - your bib is lovely too! I'm on Etsy too- I'm quite new to it, but it is not my main shop so it does tend to get neglected! I have the feeling you need to put in quite a bit of work networking, making treasuries, and 'advertising' your shop on your blog etc to start getting a good level of sales - will pop over and try and find you on their in a mo. Have a lovely weekend xx

  9. That bib is so pretty. I miss the days before my eldest started school when we could all be found still in our pyjamas mid-morning on a weekday... The school run gives such a focus to the mornings now!

  10. Gorgeous! I love the quilted bib :o)

  11. I have had a miserable encounter with acrylic nails too. They used too much adhesive and it felt like someone was pulling each nail out by the root. I couldn't wait to get them off but had to wait overnight until I could get some solvent !!

  12. That bib is beautiful, if I had a baby girl or knew anyone who did I would buy it for sure. It is absolutely gorgeous x x x x

  13. Hi Ashley, just wanted to let you know that you've won my giveaway and you will soon be the proud owner of a personalised glasses case! Please can you email me to let me know what you would like me to write on it
    Many thanks Gina @ x

  14. Lovely bib, and the tea cosy will be fab if it's anything like the one on your picture. I've just set up an Etsy shop, and I think maximum exposure is the best way - blogging, twitter and facebook all help, plus treasuries and circles on etsy. I'm still trying to figure it all out too! I think listing little and often is good too - spread it out a bit.
    Lovely blog by the way - I've just found it through Twitter.
    Cathy X

  15. Ere. you make a couple of those quilted bibs in boy colours and I'll buy 'em. Seriously. Even something red is boyish enough for me! Love em! Doesn't even have to be patch work. Block colour is fine. Mini is dribbling like a good un.


  16. Hello Asheley, Rose looks beautiful as ever! You are a VERY clever....I need to try and go back to my sewing machine. :-/
    good luck with the shop, not that you will need it...what you make is beautiful.

    Have a fab weekend X

  17. Sweet little bib ,i love everything patchwork ,the colours are perfect xx

  18. Gorgeous bib, clever you! How lovely to do some al fresco knitting....sounds just perfect, although it was a little interrupted occasionally!

  19. I love the bibs, they are so pretty, and Rose's hair is growing so quickly, soon be time for pigtails
    Love you lots
    Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. I love that hand quilted bib. It just looks so perfectly delicate. I was also partaking in some al fresco knitting. Just a simple baby hat while little boo and little guy were in garden. It's just a lovely way to spend a sunny afternoon x