Thursday, 4 August 2011

What would I do without Calpol!?!

Today's been a bit of hard day so far...

Rose has cut her first top tooth and she's is really suffering with it. She woke this morning crying, but when Ray went in to get her she was still half asleep. I think the pain must have woken her and then she got herself in a complete state and was crying like I've never seen before. But Oh the relief! when the Calpol kicked in and she was all chilled out laying under her play-mat. She already has 2 bottom teeth but I think we were just really lucky with those as they just seemed to appear with no fuss at all! Can any of you mum's out there recommend any brilliant teething products..?! Help!

She's been a bit all over the place today but is currently upstairs having a nap and she's been sleeping for 2 hours! Heaven! Well... not that I've been doing anything exciting with that time. Just scrubbing the kitchen to within an inch of it's life! I do feel a lot happier when it's all shiny and clean... until about an hour later when all my hard work seems to be erased!

But on to much more exciting things..!
I was very happy to come across a Gorgeous giveaway over at Sew Sweet Violet.

You should pop on over there and you could win yourself some beautiful bunting!
Sounds good to me! :-)



  1. Hello! Poor you and poor Rose. I used to give my girls a powder called Ashtons and Parsons. It was in little paper sachets from the chemist and you had to sprinkle it on their tongue. I'm not sure if they are still available but they seemed to work at the time!
    Hope this helps.

  2. Nelsons teething powders. Not Pearsons sachets. Nelsons, green and white box. They work brilliantly for temper tantrums too and are totally natural as they are from chamomile. I'm taking a box full on holiday with us as they help the older boys chill out on the plane too.


  3. Oh dear poor Rose!! I can't offer any useful advice, my boys both sailed through teething.

    Glad the Calpol kicked in and hope she's back to her normal self soon.

    I love a clean kitchen too, but I *detest* doing it as it is such a Groundhog Day job!!

    S x

  4. Oh poor Rose. I remember the teething stage. I also vote for Nelsons teething powders - they are fab.

  5. Oh poor little Rose!
    I remember that period with my children...
    a hug!

  6. Poor old Rose. I was hoping that Sew Sweet Violet's giveaway would remain a secret so that I could win it!!!Here's to a better nightX

  7. Ashley you sweetheart x
    I had a lovely comment on my blog saying that she had popped over via a link on your blog, so here i am, and how lovely of you to do that.
    Poor little rose, It really must be so painful, i hope she is feeling happier very soon x
    god bless calpol!
    jooles x

  8. Nelsons teething powders, couldn't have been without them for my two, most chemists stock them and I know (obviously) that Waitrose do, they are brilliant and Calprofen. With the powders I use to put it on a spoon or even just use my finger to rub on the gums, it comes in a little sachets and can be a bit awkward.

    I feel her pain bless her, it's just horrid, I remember it well hun, I hope it cuts through soon, big kiss from Bee to Rose x x

  9. Oh no poor you. It is so horrible when they just get past themselves.
    Am obviously now on my way to get said satchets on stand by for any teething trauma Mabel has so thank you,
    Hope all is a bit better now,
    Nelly x

  10. hey - keep missing your blog because it wasn't on my sidebar (soon to be rectified)
    teething - it's a nightmare! You can give them nurofen at the same time as calpol for double impact.
    BTW 'calpol' was one of Alfie's first words. I'm not kidding.
    fee x

  11. Those teething powders sound good. When mine were little we used Seven Seas Combination R, a tiny homeopathic mineral salts tablet that immediately melted on baby's tongue and really worked for us. xxx