Saturday, 13 August 2011

Progress on the baby granny squares and some other rambling's from me..!

Well, I've been going as fast as I can on these squares!

I think Ray is getting a little fed up of me crocheting alllllll the time... I work away at the colourful squares any spare moment I have... When I get up early with Rose, if I'm lucky to get a chance during the day, after dinner, whilst watching some tv and before going to sleep in bed!

He likes the fact I'm a bit creative and enjoy making things. But I think he thinks that I've been glued to my crochet for the last few day's... (well it is a bit addictive!).

I'm choosing the colours at random, although they all have the same coloured centre as I thought it would be good for them to all have some kind of likeness to one another. I hope they end up looking good together though! They might just look too random and all-over-the-place and then I would have wasted a lot of time!

I'm going to have the centre section of the blanket made up from small granny squares and then a few rounds of treble clusters in a small selection of colours, I've no idea what colours these will be yet though!

Rose and I had a love day-trip out on the train earlier on in the week to meet with my cousin for a bit of retail therapy in Southampton. We had such a great time, well I know I did anyway..! :-) 
It was lovely to have a trip out somewhere and going on the train with Rose was a real novelty. I was surprised at how well behaved she was, I didn't have to get her out of the buggy once on the way there, as she just grinned at everyone that walked by and was completely mesmerised by everything whizzing by outside.
It was perfect timing on the way back because as soon as we got home, she was well and truly ready to go up to bed. We seem to be back to normal on the teething front, another tooth has appeared but she's not been suffering with it like she was with the other front top one. 

One of my purchases was from John Lewis, 2 gorgeousss Rowan yarn. It was in the sale and I love it. :-)
I think I'm going to knit myself some sort of cowl with it... the colour will brighten up those dull winter day's!

I was so chuffed to win one of the giveaway prizes from Kelly @ Handmade at Home.
Some lovely purple yarn and some vintage knitting needles. I lovvvee the colour of the yarn, it's so rich and I'm enjoying thinking of something to make with it..

Okay, I'm off to carry on with my squares!

We're off to Ray's parents tomorrow and that involves a lot of time sitting down and drinking tea whilst Rose is played with and held by others... (i.e Crochet time for Ashley!)



  1. The granny squares are looking really good!! I think the blanket is going to be really lovely!!

    I went into a shop yesterday that sells shabby chic & vintage things and there was a crochet blanket in there for £59 - how lucky are we that we can make them?

    S x

  2. oo lovely colours that you've chosen.. i wish i could crochet it just looks so pretty!.
    i love the orange wool that you've bought such a gorgeous colour for winter!
    aww the teething stage is an awful time .. remember lots of calpol and bonjella!!

  3. I love your granny squares, i think the colours will be beautiful together.
    Glad to hear rose's teeth are behaving now.
    Hope you have a lovely time tomorrow and get lots more squares made, guess where i am going tomorrow...southampton! how funny is that?
    I am hoping to get a new sewing table from ikea.
    jooles x

  4. I'm sure the squares will look fine together, after all they all have the same colour centre and edge, and you are using the same colours over all. I think it looks lovely xxxx

  5. Lovely grannies- such a good idea to keep the centre colours the same-I reckon this will look ace.
    And I love that amber-coloured wool. Would make a perfect autumnal cowl- great plan!

  6. The squares are looking lovely, I bet it is nice to have a break from the hexagons?? I love the Rowan yarn, I have started a summer flower blanket, makes a change from the scarves!!
    love Mum xxxx

  7. Your squares are going to be beautiful when they are all put together into a jewelled blanket of happiness xox Such fresh colours Ashley. Congrats on your blog win, I love collecting vintage needles and all the pretty colours they came in.
    I'mlike you if there is a girly shopping day ahead I've only truly enjoyed my experience if I have been into a yarn shop (hee hee)!!

    ps. My hubby Andy has given up on me and my crochet/knitting obesession, I think he sometimes thinks he's married to a little granny but I keep telling him is rather cool to have a wife who can make, do and mend ! xox have a lovely week ahead x

  8. What a lovely day out you both had. Love your purchase and your win, I have a couple of vintage needles, we don't seem to cherish them as much over here (Australia) Loving your blanket and as Gem said, you are using the same colors.
    x Sandi

  9. This blanket is turning out beautifully! Like the idea of unifying them with same colored centers yet keeping the other layers random. I am inspired!

  10. Jose had a wonderful time with you in Southampton.

    And I think you never waste time if your making something, no matter if the colours go or not (which they do so stop worrying xx)

    Lettie xx

  11. good work. Building up to my big ta daaa as I finish my first blanket!
    Sooooo addictive
    fee x

  12. Ashley, it's good to be back from holidays and to 'see' you! I am totally with you on the husband front. Mine too thinks it's great I'm crafty but sometimes I feel a little guilty at plugging away at my knitting, etc during every spare moment. Hee hee.

    I've just finished anoth )er baby knit. Come along and see when you have a spare moment. (Very hard to find a spare moment with a baby, ey? ;-)

  13. What a lovely idea, soft colours for granny squares, I like that, can't wait to see it made up.
    My husband Mr.T has just taken up crochet and is like you, desperate to get at it whenever he gets a spare moment, take a look at his first granny square cushion, on my blog.
    Crochet is soooooo addictive....

  14. Your granny squares are so lovely!

  15. Hi Ashley! Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog! So nice to discover yours, I'm going to have proper read through tomorrow! Ahh, on the baby front, I'm really trying to spend as much time as I can crafting and baking and just enjoying the novelty of not having to go to work. Judging from the kicking, my baby will be a right little terror!:)
    P.S Your little Rose is gorgeous! Have a great week! Kxx

  16. hi there

    thanks for the advice about the font on my blog.. i might have a play around and see about changing it, i know somtimes i find it hard to read and its my blog!!!..

  17. Just discovered your blog. Looking forward to reading more of it and seeing your finished blanket.

  18. i can understand how you feel with crochet. i am so addicted to it that hubby is complaining and says he is suffering from lack of attention ...and cuddles. Guess your hubby is feeling the sameway too. heehee! i love the randomness of your squares, i am sure once they become a blanket, it is going to look absolutely gorgeous ! can't wait to see! your little sweetpea is so adorable, enjoy these presious moments with her.
    enjoy your crochet too ! ^_^
    hugs ,