Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Things to make me smile ♥

Some of the different things I've enjoyed today...

♥ New flowers blooming in the garden even though it is looking a little neglected.
I had some help from Mum when she came to stay to help cut back some of the overgrown greenery that had suddenly 'appeared'. I just find it quite hard with Rose to get out there and get a big chunk of the garden sorted... I'm in awe of you mum's of multiple children out there, that can keep your garden looking lovely and well-kept!

Isn't the colour just gorgeous..!?

♥ I've used the hamper that all of my goodies came in to store my bright coloured stylecraft yarn. It's waiting for me to finish my current projects and then I have something in mind for it all...

♥ A couple of new purchases... Some beautiful buttons from http://www.myfabrichouse.co.uk/. I'm currently knitting something for Rose from the Ethical Twist wool that my Mum gave to me and I'm planning on using a few of the blue canvas buttons. They're so lovely and really weren't very expensive at all.

♥ Some of the last remaining sweet peas from my garden. I dont know whether they've stopped flowering and started to seed because of the time of year.. or whether it's just because I haven't been picking them enough. I don't have much knowledge about gardening.. it's all a bit of a guessing game for me! Hopefully over the next few years I'll begin to feel like I know what I'm doing...

Hello to all my new followers that have come over from Coco Rose Diaries. Lovely to have you here! :-)
Thank you so much Vanessa for writing about my giveaway.




  1. Hello! Thank you for following my blog, sweet of you! I love your flowers, so pretty!
    My garden was totally abandoned while my boys were babies! Only Hubby maintained it! So I think you're doing well...I've only just got into gardening this year, and my youngest is 4...but I don't know why I bother, with two cheeky little boys and their ball games, I don't end up with many surviving flowers!!!
    thank you for sharing your lovely flowers!

  2. I have a wicker hamper just like yours with my yarn in, it's the only way I can keep it safe from the cat (who is obsessed with it!!)

    Very jealous of your sweetpeas, mine have been a disaster!!

    S x

  3. Well done for the flowers that you have got in your garden! I am HOPELESS, although this year I seem to have done a little bit better than previous years. I have had tulips, alliums, poppies and ranunculus, which have all flowered. Maybe there is hope for me. I have no patience and over water, over love, and they all die! I am envious of the sweet peas, something I would like to try next year.

    The buttons are to die for, completely yummy, and the basket with the yarn looks so pretty. I have lots of little baskets around the house stashed with coloured yarn, possibly better than a vase of flowers me thinks!!!!! he he!

    Have a super day!!!

    Vanessa xxx

  4. Such beautiful flowers, the colour is so vibrant. I love the Sweet Peas too such lovely delicate colours. Those buttons are fab and the yarn looks great in the basket. I love looking at yarn colours all sitting together like a rainbow!

  5. You see i knew that there was a reason i gave you the hamper as well as what was in it. At least now you can see some of your yarn more easily, and multi tasking will more easily love Mum xxxx

  6. Keep picking those sweet peas and they will give you flowers for a while longer - they are wonderful flowers aren't they? My day also involved stylecraft yarn, sweet peas and the garden. I LOVE the summer holidays!

  7. Hello, I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say how lovely your images are, they have really added some much needed colour to my day! Emma x

  8. I'm heading over to that button shop right now. My Mum's knitting like a trooper for the bub in my belly and cute buttons are so hard to find!

    Thanks for popping over to my blog and becoming a follower. Your blog is so lovely and it's always nice to read about someone else in the UK xx

  9. Hello,
    wonderful flowers in the garden!

  10. Oh all so gorgeous, I love those buttons, thanks for the link. I think I might have to purchase a button or two :0) Hope the sun is shining your way xox

  11. what a lovely mum you have x
    keep picking those sweet peas and they will keep on coming :o)
    jooles x

  12. Hi, thank you so much for your visit, I'm so glad to meet you! Your blog is really beautiful, I enjoyed all your crafting work - and your mothering work, they're all so gorgeous! That's wonderful to have so many beautiful flowers around, lucky you!
    Have a happy rest of the week! You have a very lovely giveaway!
    Best wishes, xo

  13. Hi, thanks for the tip off about C&H.... never heard of before but had a good look at their online shop. Can feel a purchase coming on when my shopping funds are topped up on pay day! I love baskets of yarn and have got loads all around the house - I have only just discovered Stylecraft yarn and it has made my crochet addiction so much more affordable! Hurrah! Such pretty colours too. My mum gave me a quick knitting lesson yesterday and I've produced a tiny ratty piece of knitting! Will keep at it... there was a lot of unpicking going on - I keep increasing the stitches by accident!
    Loving your flowers, I think you've got green fingers.

  14. oh, your sweet peas are so much prettier than mine. I just love them.

  15. Everything is so lovely....i love the buttons....x

  16. Those buttons will supply you countless hours of enjoyment fancying all the many joyful ways they can be sued. So pretty!