Saturday, 27 August 2011

Jammy tarts!

Well I gave the jam tarts from The book a try..!

They are most definitely not allowed on the diet...

But are ever so yummy!

A couple won't do any harm... surely...



  1. One or two won't do any harm - all in moderation I say although I might add I would so have eaten the lot - not a great deal of will power in that department x
    Leah x

  2. Mmmm, yummy!! W and I made some this week for the first time in ages and they were delicious!! Love the little hearts on yours, any excuse for extra pastry is good as far as I'm concerned!!

    S x

  3. Jam favourite! If you've not been watching The Great British Bake Off then you must. I love Tuesday evenings now it's back on tv and the new book is great too. The jam tarts from the first book are the best, the pastry, which I can't usually make is so easy and tastes delicious. Thank you for popping by and leaving a comment on my blog your name will be added to my giveaway! X

  4. They look so yummy!! I also watch the Great British Bake Off which is the highlight of my tv week. x

  5. Ooo they look scrummy and very pretty with the little hearts! I hope they were less stressful than my pie (which tasted very nice luckily!) I must try this recipe! x

  6. Very yummy! Don't think they would help my diet much!! Cx

  7. Could I have one, please? Jam tarts are part of my childhood memories.

    Ashley, if you are interested I am having my first giveaway over at my blog.

    Have a great week with your lovely family.

  8. They look lovely............ what a way to break a diet!!
    love Mum xxxx

  9. YUM! I haven't had a jam tart for absolutely ages! Yours look so sweet with the hearts.

  10. I'm about to join SW. Can you offer any to tips? You do SW right? Oh and look at your followers!!! Haven't they jumped up loads since your giveaway!!