Monday, 1 August 2011

Playing catch-up..

Sorry I haven't been here for a few day's.. I didn't realise, but it's almost been a week!
I will remember to let you know next time I think I might not be on here for a little while...

I'm amazed at the response I got to my give away..! My followers have soared from 53 up to 91! Blimey, I never thought I'd even have 20 people reading My blog! haha
So, welcome to all my new followers, lovely to have you here. :-)
(I might just be kidding myself and as soon as the giveaway has ended, I might lose quite a few... hopefully not though!)
If you haven't entered.. you can do so here.

I had my Mum come to visit for a few day's last week, which is why I haven't been able to do much blogging. I've popped on to leave a few comments, but haven't been able to sit down and write a post. It was really nice to have her here to spend time with myself and Rose, as she lives far away so I don't get to see her very often at all. 

She came on Wednesday and with her she brought a hamper full of lovely goodies for me! So so generous of her and SO not necessary! (But much appreciated..)

My favourites were a Gorgeous creamy coloured shawl which is so soft, some beautifully smelling handmade soaps, some Cath Kidston fabric goodies and a 100gram skein of Ethical twist yarn, which I have already started knitting into something lovely for Rose. Obviously everything else was great and I felt completely spoilt.. Thank you very much Mum xXx

(There were some photo's of mum and I with Rose, but they're not very flattering of either myself or Mum. So I think she'll understand if I don't post them on here!)

Rose is now on the move....

Forget 'Where's Wally?'.. it's where's Rose!?

First she mastered rolling from back to front and now front to back. She just keeps on rolling right across the living room floor and getting herself into very awkward places... not that she seems to mind this much though! More things to explore.. more chair legs to gnaw away at!

She turned 6 months old on the 24th July, it's so scary how quickly time is flying by. It won't be long until she's leaving home! Okay.. maybe I'm being a little too dramatic there..

It was our 1st Wedding Anniversary yesterday. My friend babysat for us and we went out for our first evening meal that was just us together since having Rose. We went to a lovely Thai restaurant and the meal was completely delicious but I definitely haven't reached my target weight at Slimming World this week!

If you do the maths you'll realise that Rose was well and truly already with us on our wedding day! But somehow that feels so special, that she was part of our magical day. (Ewww.. how cheesy is that!)



  1. Wow, what a fab mum you have to have brought you such goodies! Rose looks so cute in those photos, it's amazing how quickly they grow. My youngest starts primary school in september and I cannot believe how quickly that has come around. He is ready for it..........but I am not though!!!

    Okay, so how did I miss the giveaway, I am trying to play catch up at the moment for being away for a bit, I will pop on over now and leave a comment!

    Have a super sunny day today!

    Vanessa xxxxxx

  2. How lovely of your Mum to bring you all of that gorgeous stuff! I'm seeing mine tomorrow night (she only lives half an hour away so I get to pop over occasionally) and I'm going to ask her to show me how to knit. I used to knit when I was little (I used to teach my little junior school class!) so I'm hoping I pick it up again quickly.

    I'm starting Slimming World with my Mum tomorrow, have been doing WeightWatchers, as you know, but I think the novelty of a new diet may kick-start a bit more of a loss. Any tips for me?!

    Your comment about switching off the gag reflex made me laugh out loud!! Ha ha! Are you reading this, Cuckoo? Ha ha ha!

    Congrats on your 1st wedding anniversary - you looked beautiful on your wedding day, where did you get married? It looks so lovely. It's our first wedding anniversary next month, I'm really looking forward to having a wedding anniversary, never had one before!!

    Nicki xx
    PS - love your seat cushions and tablecloth in the photo. I recognise the tablecloth (CK?) but where are the seat pads from? xx

  3. Have just finished reading through your blog. How is the hexagon blanket coming on? I am making a similar blanket - Lucy's - but it feels really slow. I blogged about it last week, take a peek and let me know what you think. Yours is lovely by the way.

  4. Oh Happy first anniversary, really special time. Love your wedding photo by the way ,you both look very peaceful and in love. I love a wedding I do I do! Mum's are just the best especially when they know us so well... enjoy your treats and finding runaway Rose xox

  5. Wow your mum is awesome, what a hamper! My mum's visiting this weekend but I doubt I'll receive one ;-) Rose is also really cute!!

  6. Hi. What a lovely hamper!

    I saw your comment on Shabby Chic Sarah about banners for your blog..if you haven't already you could try They have some lovely blog graphics that are free to use.

    Have a good day.

    Lexie (

  7. Happy Anniversary!! Love the goodies your Mum brought you & Rose is so sweet!! Time flies when they are little, they grow up way too fast.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I made my banner, using the photo collages at Its free to use the basic features, & its really good, plus easy to use!! xx

  8. My goodness it doesnt seem five minutes since we were getting you into your dress for the wedding, and feeling so proud of my little girl looking like a fairy princess (very cheesy!!).
    I am just glad that you liked your surprise hamper, and I got it right (remember the silver New Look jewellery). Your blog is so lovely and well written, makes me feel like I am there. Love Mum xxxx

  9. I loved your cheesy comment, it made me smile.

  10. Gorgeous bride, gorgeous husband, gorgeous baby, gorgeous hamper. Too blimming gorgeous for words!!! Love the stuff your mum brought.
    Mine always brings cake, Prima magazine (I wouldn't ever think of buying it but it's now my fave mag and I love it), something for the kids and plenty of food. Gotta love our mums.
    x x