Sunday, 21 August 2011

Finally some sunshine, so let's get out the BBQ!

We spent the day with Ray's family today and as they had some other family visiting, we had a BBQ. It was so delicious, but yet again... I ate far too many goodies. Ice cream... chocolate chip cookies... I couldn't resist any of it! I just don't have the motivation to lose that last 1lb as I'm so nearly there and pretty happy with how I look... I can't make the SW meeting anyway this week so it doesn't really matter!

Rose was complete spoilt with cuddles and attention.. I can't believe how well behaved she's been today. It's always a relief when she's on good form when spending time with family that we don't see very often, I don't want them thinking she's a little terror when she's generally very well behaved.
She's got 5 teeth now and *fingers crossed* we haven't had to many sleepless nights from the teething... although she does seem to wake up at 5:30am every day now! Oh how I wish for the day's back when she slept from 7pm til 7am.. I think I took them for granted somewhat!

A new purchase....
The other day I popped into BHS before going into Sainsbury's as it's right opposite and in the sale were these gorgeous place mats. I love them. They go so well with my red tablecloth, I have some floral place mats that go with my CK tablecloth. Oh how I do love a bit of colour co-ordination!

I had a lovely scrummy parcel arrive the other day.
It took a few weeks to arrive, but it did warn me that it might take a while on the website. 
It's a gorgeous colour pack from Rico Creative cotton. 

I'm not Entirely sure what I plan to do with it yet... but it does look quite lovely sat in my yarn stash waiting to be used... haha I'm sure I'll find a suitable new project soon but I do really want to finish a few things first.

I've got on quite well with the baby blanket, I've just got another 4 rounds of the last colour to do and then I will decide on which edging to use. So exciting..! It's looking a lot less wobbly now though thank goodness, it seems to look better and better with each round that I add. I was a little worried that it would look rubbish and I would have no choice but to frog it back to the granny squares stage.

I've ordered a freehand foot for my sewing machine and can't wait for it to arrive so I can get going and practicing. I plan to use it for my auntie's birthday gift, but I can't say what I plan to do as she will read it on here. For it I need lots of scrap fabric's in different colours and patterns but don't have loaddss of money to spend.. does anyone know where the best place for me to get the fabric is? I also need to buy some fabric for other projects, which websites are the best?

Tomorrow is going to be spent packing for Rose and I because on Tuesday we're off to Dorset for a couple of days. I'm so So excited to go back and see family and friends as I haven't been back for quite some time now and I'm going to meet up with some friends that haven't even met Rose yet. It's going to be a lovely couple day's, I just hope that we have Some sunshine when we're there!


Oh, I nearly forgot to say... I've won the giveaway over at Hookin' with Laalaa!
I'm so so happy as I've been wanting this book for so long now... and I'm finally getting it! :-)


  1. Well done on winning your prize!!! It's fab to win something isn't it, always a lovely surprise.
    Ah Rose looks so cute. I do love little girls as their clothes are just so cute and she is a beauty.
    Loving all the wool, wish I was skilled. Alas, I am not. I have tried and failed with crochet!!!
    Enjoy Dorset, I love it there.
    x x

  2. Where'd you get your rico, lover? I am going to have to order some more even though I have issues with how splitty it is! The colours are just too scrummy.

    Lucky you winning the giveaway. i one one the other day too and I am over the moon. I'll soon be blogging about it.

    looking forward to the big reveal of the blanket.


  3. Love the new table mats!!

    Rose is such a cutie!! Bless her!!

    Email your address to me and I'll send you some bits and bobs of fabric, I have loads of little scraps (as I cant bear to throw them away!!) more than I can use so I can start you off with a few...

    S x

  4. Also said Aunty has a slightly small collection of scraps of fabric I think........ Maybe when we are fitting wool shop and quilting demo you can rummage through said collection as well xx

    Cardigan just needs a button xx

  5. Congrats on winning the giveaway! =)

  6. Congrats on the win, but even more on your beautiful little girl. xxx

  7. well done on winning your giveaway...
    love the piccies of the wool, lovely colour combos.. i saw those placemats when i nipped into our bhs the other week.they ar gorgeous i love all the things in there..they look lovely with your spotty cloth!
    have a good break at the lakes!


  8. Rose is so cute!! Love the placemats, they go perfectly with the tablecloth. The Rico wool looks lovely, I brought the Lucy pack/Stylecraft from Masons with the intention of making a sofa blanket but its far too bright. I'm thinking the Rico looks better for what I have in mind, more subtle. Better track some down. Congrats on the giveaway, & have a great time in Dorset.xx

  9. Hi Ashley! Great news on winning the give away. I haven't got that book, but have Stitch! and Sew! which are both great, so I'm sure Make is just as good!
    Have a fab holiday, looking forward to reading all about it!

  10. What lovely wool! I need to invest in some thick wool to crochet a scarf!

    Have a lovely time in dorset! x

  11. i love the picture of Rose she is growing so quickly i cannot wait to come up and see you all at the end of october. That yarn is amazing i think i may too treat myself, though like you i dont have a plan in mind for it, it is just so lovely. Enjoy your couple of days back in Dorset and give all the family a hug from me.
    lots of love
    Mum xxxxx

  12. Sometimes (well most of the time) I purchase yarn because I love the colors and type of yarn. I bought some Rico a couple of months back and I have it in a basket and just love looking at the pretty colors. Am putting it to good use now tho'.
    Congrat on your give away, something I have not had the pleasure of, being a winner that is. Your Rose is so sweet, takes me back to when my daughter was that age, awww.
    x Sandi

  13. Hi there, I've just started blogging and just wanted to pop over say hi...
    I love reading your blog, your crochet is gorgeous (seen ur work over on Ravelry) and your daughter is adorable! I have 5 little munchkins myself but all boys so it's lovely seeing lots of girlie cuteness :)

    Anyhoo, hope you have a fab time in Dorset!

    Louise x

  14. Hello Ashley,

    First, congratulations on your Laalaa win :-)

    Your yarn mountain (hee, hee) is gorgeous BUT Rose is simply divine.

    I love babies.

    Although it is situated on the East coast of The States, Alewives Fabrics have a fantastic range of materials which make me swoon each time I visit their website.

    Hope this helps... I am rushing off to the dentist now. Yikkes.

  15. congratulations on winning Laalaa s giveaway.I love the spotty tablecolth you have and the placemats are gorgeous!!
    Love that new yarn stash,too.
    enjoy your few days in Dorset.

  16. Love your cheery blog and your Cath Kidston tablecloth ! Now following xx Ava

  17. I've just started making a ripple blanket for someone out of rico creative cotton, I didn't get the colour pack but I'm enjoying using it so far! & congratulations on winning! x