Monday, 29 August 2011

Photo memories of Dorset and some retail therapy!

 Whilst we were back in Dorset for a few days my cousin josie lent me her SLR camera so I could have a play around and see if I wanted to eventually get one myself... an Oh my gosh! It took Such nice photo's and it was lovely to be able to take some close up shots of flowers and not have to take about 20 photo's on my camera before finally getting a good one.

I thought I would take a moment to show you a few of my favourite photo's and I will put all of the rest onto my Flickr account very soon.

My Nan has the most beautiful garden ever, it's all very well kept...(unlike mine!) but then again I don't don't think I've ever phoned her in the day when she hasn't been outside working on something or other out in the garden.

I had a little time to work on Rose's new baby blanket and I'm now just finishing off the edging, very exciting!
It won't be long until I will be doing a 'Ta-dah!' post all about it.

I had some brilliant retail therapy whilst visiting a craft centre with my auntie :-) 
Nan baby-sat Rose for me so that I could have a little 'me' time and it really was lovely. When you've had a baby I think you start to get so used to having the baby with you 24/7, that when you are on your own you feel a little strange without them. I managed to not call to check she was okay myself... although did get Lettie to do it for me!

I bought this ball of gorgeous 'Rico Creative Galaxy' wool and Love it. Apparently it's quite a new one and it has these tiny little sequins in it which make it look very pretty, I'm not entirely sure what I play to do with it but maybe a cowl or something like that...

We also went to my first quilting fabric shop and I bought my first jellyroll..! I was drawn towards a particular jellyroll as soon as we entered the shop and tried to tell myself it was just too expensive but in the end I just couldn't resist. I've now started working on my first quilt for Rose (photo's will come soon) and feel so excited about it, sometimes I wish I could be happy with concentrating on just a couple different crafts to get on with though...



  1. Those photos are amazing, i definitely think you should get one of those camera's. The blanket is looking lovely, and i really love that yarn..... may have to treat myself
    Lovely post
    love Mum xxxx

  2. That camera is worth every penny me thinks!
    Love that yarn too.
    Rose's new blanket is rather pretty too!

    Have a great week,

    Sandie xx

  3. Completely agree on what you said about the camera. Gorgeous pictures of the flowers!!And that blanket looks so so so very pretty!!

  4. Wow your friends camara looks fab - what beautiful photos :) A camara is on my xmas list this year.
    Your blanket is looking lovely too and I'm sure your little girl will love snugging up in it when it's finished!

    Can't wait to see what fabric your jelly roll is....

    Louise xx

  5. Good morning my love. I am very pleased to be able to have helped in the corruption into the love of patchwork. I think with the camera it is nice to be able to take good photos of Rose, there is so much to learn about the camera and how it works etc. that you’ll get so much out of it. Life it too short really not to do some stuff that we want to do. Make sure it is covered on holiday insurance and your travel insurance xx

  6. Beautiful photo's :o)
    and that new wool of yours looks divine.
    I am very excited to see your quilt progress, i am soooooo tempted to buy a jelly roll too, been thinking about having a go at quilting for a while now, will be very interested to find out your ideas
    jooles x

  7. Like Jooles I am really building up to making a patchwork quilt. Think I will be very strict with self, finish all the wips & then make my quilt a winter project. Looking forward to seeing your first post about yours.

  8. Exciting about the Jelly Roll! I've just got into them too and am in the middle of my first quilt so I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. I know what you mean about wishing you could concentrate on a few crafts at a time!

  9. I've been pondering SLR's too. Looking at your photos I would say they're worth it. Your blanket is looking lovely, can't wait to see it finished.

  10. I seem to have missed a few posts. I though you were having a bloggy break. Hmmmmmmm.

    I can't resist jelly rolls. I have 4 now and still haven't made a quilt!