Sunday, 7 August 2011

Weekend away.

As you can see the banner part of my blog has had a little make-over... thanks to the lovely Sarah at Shabbychicsarah. I have admired her banner for quite some time now, as it looks so lovely and professional. I then saw that Cuckoo had asked about it, so I also thought I could ask how to make a banner like it myself. But as I am somewhat lacking in computer skills and adobe photoshop... Sarah sent me an e-mail kindly offering to make a banner for me. She asked me what colours and photo's I'd like to have on it and then got to work, it was so nice of her and I really am very grateful. Thanks Sarah!

Right, onto the events of the weekend!

Fortunately for us as well as her, Rose's teething pain eased up quite a bit over the weekend. This meant that we were able to go and stay at our friends for the weekend for a BBQ and to spend some time with them on the Sunday.
I had actually texted them on the Friday afternoon to say we weren't going to be able to make it as Rose was as cranky as ever and I thought I should give them some warning if we weren't going to make it so someone else could stay in the spare room. But she replied saying  we should just saying see how it goes over-night and thank goodness, Rose slept through that whole night... until 8am! I couldn't believe it! So we decided to still go stay over the weekend and I'm so glad we did as we had such a lovely time and as they're getting married soon, it was really nice to catch-up.

Rose here.. enjoying the sunshine whilst Mummy enjoys a glass of Pimms! :-) I don't know why I bother putting shoes on her little feet. It doesn't matter how many toys she has surrounding her, she always goes for the velcro on the shoes!

She seems much much happier now, a few grizzly moments. But nothing that a little Calpol and teething powders won't help me with..! Thank you so much for all of the advice everyone gave me on my last post.. I was feeling pretty stressed and it was so good to be reminded that other people have also gone through the terrible teething times also. I rushed out and bought every single teething product that was recommended! haha

I also managed to get a little hooky time on the journey over there which was lovvveelly. Haven't had much time for that over the last few day's with miss grumpy! I'm following the Attic24 pattern for some granny squares, I've decided to make another baby blanket for Rose. I love the ripple blanket but as we use it everyday, it would be nice to have one to alternate it with... not only for washing, but so I have something different to look at.

And last but not least I thought I'd leave you with a photo of some houses I came across the other day. I just Love the country cottage garden feel that these garden's have got to them. They look so picturesque and the turquoise coloured front door is very pretty indeed.

Okay, off to bed now incase I'm not so lucky tonight with Rose sleeping through...



  1. I love your new banner. Little Baby Rose is adorable. Hope the teething gets easier.

  2. What a blessing to have a reprieve from teething, I am sure! Glad you got some hooky time in. Loving the colors (and the CK bag that seems to be corralling your yarn).

  3. P.S. The blog banner is wonderful! Sarah is so talented!

  4. Your new header is just gorgeous! I love it! Hugs for a great week, Em x

  5. I'm really glad you like your banner and that Rose settled over the weekend!!

    Roses's little chair is fab, I've seen them around and they are such a good idea, we used to have to surround the boys with piles of cushions and they'd regularly topple over!!

    Your granny squares are looking really lovely!!

    K - I'm not talented is Photoshop at all, it's really just a case of copying & pasting and knowing how to arrange the individual images, I can only do the bare minimum!!

    S x

  6. The banner is lovely Ash. Don't we just make such lovely friends through blogging. Hopefully it will let me post this comment. Cardgian coming along nicely xx

  7. mmmm I can't see your new banner... I don't know ...
    but your granny squares are lovely!

  8. Hope Rose is feeling better? Love the new banner, so eyecatching!! & those cottages, wow, would love to live somewhere like that. The granny squares are gorgeous, I'm starting a granny sq blanket, using all the small bits of wool I have, so its going to be completely random.....hey! Thats what Im going to call it, 'the completely random Granny!' x

  9. Little Rose is too cute! She has the perfect name! Love the crochet squares....and that gorgeous dress/skirt you are wearing. Yes, teething. I was lucky because my boy didn't really suffer but then he developed asthma and we have had our share of sleepless neights from that! They get you one way or the other!! Good job they are so adorable xxx

  10. Your new banner is very pretty and suits your blog so well.
    I love the photo of you crocheting in the car! - lush CK bag, too.
    Good luck with the teething. Xx

  11. Beautiful crochet - my first time on your blog. :-)

    I sympathise deeply with the teething too!

  12. Love your new banner it is really pretty. And your little girl is just adorable.

    Ahhh yes the teething years. Well it does get easier, but can be hard to see that at the time. Hope your little cutie has settled down a little from her teething and giving you some rest at night.

    Loving those crochet squares by the way, just gorgeous!

    MBB x

  13. poor little sweetheart. i do hope she is feeling a bit better now. My grandson is 10 months and he is teething. i can see four little teeth wanting to come out and mister is feeling quite grumpy and is making those funny thing with his mouth.
    your new banner is so lovely and i love your dress too ( under the grannies ^_^ )
    wishing you more happy crochet moment. can't wait to see Rose's new blanket ♥

  14. Love the header - it's so bright and colourful. And the crochet? Amazing! I've given it a go and just can't get to grips with it, whci is annoying because i'd love a granny squares blanket for the bub in my belly. I'll have to keep scouring charity shops! xx