Saturday, 27 August 2011

A verrry exciting parcel!

 Hello again!
Well, we're back from Dorset... after a journey that took nearly 3 hours when it should have been 2. Although it really could have been a lot worse, Rose slept for pretty much the whole journey and I didn't hear a peep out of her even when she was awake. I was so worried that she'd get grumpy and seeing as I was on my own, I wouldn't have been able to do anything to stop her crying... but she was brilliantly behaved. Phew!

I had such a lovely time, it felt like it really had been far too long since I'd been back. So it was really nice to see friends and family and have a catch-up, Rose and I definitely did a lot of socialising! It's always lovely to go back home, but it never feels like a holiday because you end up trying to fit in seeing everyone in such a short amount of time. It does feel lovely to be back in my own home though and be able to relax a bit..!

My cousin lent me her SLR camera whilst I was down and I had great fun taking photo's with it, but I have something else to tell you about first so I will have to do another post with some of the photo's from our trip back to Dorset.

I had a VERY exciting visit from the postman today :-)

So whilst Rose has been doing some of this...

I've been doing a little of this..!

My newest and definitely most favourite craft book arrived today, I had pre-ordered it from Amazon after reading about it in a magazine and am so thrilled with it. It's called 'Queen of Crafts' and is written by the same girl that started the Shoreditch Sisters WI group and it's packed full of gorgeous idea's to make and do.

                                                               Everything from baking...

To patchwork...

To kitchen gardening..!

Today I plan to make these...

I'll let you know how it goes!



  1. Oooh I saw an article about her in a newspaper and knew I NEEDED that book when it got published! How divine, I'm off to Mr. Amazon right now xox happy days Ashley x

  2. What a happy parcel to have arrive!

  3. very interesting craft book!

  4. What a lovely book!! Rose looks lovely & snuggly under her ripples too! x

  5. Fantastic! I love a good craft book! When I was little my elder sister once asked me 'why do you spend so much time reading craft books?' She simply could not understand the fascination for me. Well, now I'm exactly the same!

    Well done on driving for three hours alone with your little one. It's one of the things I'm not very brave about.... and I've got three now ;-) You are a brave lass.

  6. Oh I LOVE her!! Am totally buying that book now it's out.

    Glad you had a fab time back 'home' - great photos xxxx

  7. That book looks lovely, lots of ideas for you to try. Rose looks so so peaceful
    love Mum xxxx