Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Ta-dahh post for Rose's cardigan..!

Well..! I did it!

I finished the Debbie Bliss cardigan for Rose.. it Jusstt about fits here.
Basically.. she wore it for one day and now it's hanging up in her wardrobe looking all pretty. I could squeeezze here into it a couple more times I suppose, but it does look a bit ridiculous! 

I'm such a numpty, but I've learnt my lesson.. always do a size bigger than what she is at the time you start it!

It is very pretty though.. don't you think!? Such lovely soft yarn.. it was so lovely to knit with, but not so great when it came to the crochet edging.. the strands all went a bit splitty so it was a bit of a fiddly business.
It's supposed to have a button near the neckline but she could only just about wear it as a type of bolero thing, so there was no way I could button it up.. I will add one though, just to make it look a little more finished..

Look... Such a poser for the camera..!!

I'm carrying on with my Japanese flower scarf now, I've banned myself from beginning anything new (Let's see how long That lasts!) so you never know, I might be back on here with a 'Ta-dahh!' post soon. And then on with my tea-cosy....

(Had my weekly SW meeting tonight and good news.. I've lost another 2.5lb's! A total of 1st2.5lb's.. only 7.5lb's to go!)



  1. Hi there,thanks so much for popping over to my blog and for the info on the wool,I ve managed to track some down on e bay and will order some today.I fancy making another bag with that wool what do you think? I love Rose s little cardi ,sooo cute ,well done,shes adorable.have a great day,:) xx

  2. Hi Ashley! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. The jewel blanket is made from sunburst grannies and the pattern and can be found here


    You have a lovely blog here! xx

  3. Maybe only knit things 12 months plus!!!! The rate your wee Bud is growing xx

  4. Hello! I have missed all of your recent posts, thought I was following you and it turns out that I wasn't. Dammit. Will have a read through with a cuppa in a mo. You're on my blog list now.

    That cardigan is gorgeous! I can't imagine being able to knit something like that and stitch it all together so that it resembles something even symmetrical! Little Rose looks a beaut in it - gorgeous.

    Well done with SW - that's fab!! I need a bit of motivation at the moment, I put on a couple of pounds when I was away. It's so hard!!

    Nicki xx

  5. Geeeawjusssss. That's such a beautiful cardigan - you should be very pleased with yourself!
    I'm trying to be more disciplined with my projects too - am determined to finish my springtime throw this half term (though I have already planned my next big project....am itching to get started!) Focus. Focus.
    Emily x

  6. I have too many projects on the go and so little time to complete them ... I'm impressed that you're finishing things with such a little bubba to keep you busy. Although, it actually seems to get busier as they get older, so finding the time at any age is a feat!

    Although, there are many more fun projects to work on for the bigger bubs too.

    The cardigan makes a lovely piece of bedroom decor ... and when she's bigger you can say "see, look how tiny you were."

  7. Hello again - just to let you know I've been jigging about with my blog list and have put you on it (should have done that ages ago!)
    Emily x

  8. Crochet with Raymond5/29/2011 10:45 pm

    Hello! That little cardigan is just gorgeous!!! What a shame it is a wee bit small for her, but at least they don't take as long as grown ups ones! I'm the opposite, I make things so enormous for little babies they need to wait years to fit into them!!!!!
    Your little rose is just the sweetest, have a lovely day!

  9. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful baby! And her cardigan is just lovely, too :-)