Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Almost there!

I'm getting there gradually with Rose's 'Debbie Bliss' cardigan..

In this photo is the back of the cardigan, the right front piece and the start of the left.. I took it a few day's ago though and have now finished the left front and am a little way through knitting the first arm.

I was a bit dippy when choosing the sizing.. I wanted her to be able to wear the cardigan straight away when I finished it so I chose the 3-6 month choice of sizing.. but now realise I Really should have started making the 6-9 month. Silly me! Oh well.. when I finish it, she'll probably be able to wear it just about long enough for me to take a picture anyway..!

But I did get some good news tonight.. well not exactly 'news'.. But I found out I've lost 1 stone since I started slimming world and I'm now back in my pre-pregnancy jeans! Woohoo! : )

I hope you are all well..!?



  1. Hello! Thanks for coming over to my blog - I love finding new ones and yours is great! Well done for getting into your pre-pregs jeans... I'm on WeightWatchers and it's hard going, losing weight, isn't it.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

    Nicki x

  2. I love moss stitch - it's got such a great texture. I think the colour you have chosen for this cardie is just gorgeous - very rosy! x

  3. hello Ashley Lovely blog and adorable baby-I can only access your blog by going to poppy cottage blog -clicking the comment box on 17 march post- then clicking on your Im back message going then to your blog profile and then clicking Country Rose in your "my blogs" space- phew!Maybe others are having the same difficuly

  4. Hi Cathy Jane,
    I've tried to click on your name to reply to you but it won't let me.
    I think the reason that you couldn't get onto my blog from 'Poppy cottage' was that my auntie had written down my old blog address that doesn't work anymore.
    The correct adress for Country Rose blog is now:
    Thanks for letting me know that you had this problem xxx