Sunday, 1 May 2011

Granny bunting and crochet jar-jacket to match..!

Well..! My granny bunting is finished, joined together and up on show in my kitchen.. and I LOVE it! Sorry for the dark photo.. I will try to get a better one sometime, but you get the idea..! In my last post you can see them up close and can see the beautiful colours a lot better..

I can't believe how utterly plain and boring the window looked before it was put up there.. it definitely needed something to fill the space and distract the eye's from the dead boring blind that was just there before and I think I found just the thing..! I keep stopping to admire the bunting as I walk through the kitchen. : ) Loving all the pretty colours!

And to match.... a crochet jar-jacket to hold all my pens for the calendar, in Matching colours no less..! I've never been so colour co-ordinated!

Rose's christening was yesterday, we had an absolutely perfect day and were sooo lucky with the gorgeous sunshine. I will be putting together a post shortly..

Bye for now xxxxxxxxx


  1. Looks lovely Ash. Thank you for a lovely day on Saturday. Jose drove most of the way up and a fair way back. She was amazing.

    See you very soon xx

  2. I wish my husband would let me go mad with the bunting in our kitchen but our tastes are very different and he dares to have an opinion! How rude! doesn't he know I am the woman, I make the home, he SHOULD defer to meeeee wail, squeal, knashing of teeth! I should show him this post of your, maybe he'd change his mind. Cross your fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes!

    I'm enjoying you blog no end but I an finding the font and size of letters a bit hard to read on a laptop size screen. Just thought I'd let you know in the same way someone let me know when they found my old font difficult. I hope I haven't offended you.


  3. Hiya! look at us glued to our blogs!! That font is much easier to read. I guess if you miss the pretty swirls you could change the colour to a more girly one. I too had a swirly font and I was sad to see it go, but my readership increased when I changed it. Not sure if that was a coincidence or not..

    The cake. SOOOOO easy! My mum does a version of this cake using a packet mix. I do the EASIEST all in one Delia victoria sponge recipe and cook it in two tins, then I slice the two cakes in two. Butter cream the tops of all four cakes and sandwhich them together with fruit in between. You'd be amazed at how easy it is! Try it!!!

  4. Love the bunting! Think the crinkly edges look better than my non-crinkly ones - will make sure I read the pattern properly next time!
    Looking forward to seeing the pics of the christening
    Emily x

  5. Just found your blog. Love the bunting, the colours you have chosen are fab. Your baby is so so sweet! x

  6. The day was perfect, the weather fantastic, the company brilliant. My granddaughter a perfect little star. And i really love the bunting, i will have to have a go at some xxx