Saturday, 21 May 2011

Special day's out to remember.

I've had such a lovely day today..

Ray is working all weekend and although I've had a very busy week indeed with things going on everyday, I was at a loss of what to do with my Saturday..! It's been such a gorgeous day and couldn't bear the thought of staying inside.

I rang up a good friend and organised to go around to hers.. so I got myself and baby Rose organised and headed over. We went for a really nice walk around a huuugge lake in Arundel, the water was so so clear and the best thing of all.. there was an ice-cream stall waiting for us when we finished our walk around the lake..! : )

Rose definitely enjoyed herself anyway.. I was a bad mother and forgot a sun hat for Rose! (There are sooo many things to remember to pack in the car these day's!) So I had to borrow one from my friend.. she called it the doily hat but I love it, it looks so old-fashioned and so so cute.. the hat is now Rose's. : )

You can rent the boats out and go for a row around the lake, I was dying to do this but it wasn't a very practical idea when we had 2 buggy's with us and 4 children in total.. only 1 is mine though!

Doesn't the water just look so cool and fresh.. when standing at the edge of the water, you could see right down to the bottom of the lake. Loadds of ducks and swans, you can buy bird food to feed to the ducks so I think the majority of birds in the area are attracted to this particular spot! 

I love the way the water glitters when the sun shines onto it.. it's almost magical.

I have no idea who this lady was... but she just looked so happy and relaxed sitting by herself looking onto the lake. Peace and quiet.. something I don't think I'll be getting much of for a little while just yet..!

I now realise it's very hard to get a baby to look at the camera at the right time! She smiles for me all the time when I'm taking photographs of her.. but when I try and have a photo taken of myself with Rose (this doesn't happen very often!) she just shows no interest.. everything else is just that little bit more interesting..! haha

Right.. should probably go to sleep now.. I was planning on getting up early and going to a big car boot sale to try and bag myself some bargains, but the idea of the early start isn't seeming Quite so appealing anymore. To be honest.. I'll probably be up early anyway, so we'll just have to see..!


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  1. Looks like you had a fantastic day, I agree the hat looks divine on Rose, so cute !!xx