Saturday, 7 May 2011

Rose's Christening xx

Well, the day went off without a hitch..!

We had a lovely time and Rose behaved beautifully throughout the christening.. right until everyone was trying to take photo's, when she had a real grizzle and then fell fast asleep in my arms. So most of the photo's that were taken of us up by the font show Rose either screaming her head off or head slumped, fast asleep..! Ah well... nevermind eh..!

A photo of Ray, Rose and I cutting the beautful christening cake that my Nan made for us. She completely shocked me with the cake.. I knew she was making us a christening cake, but expected something pretty plain and simple. The cake was stunningly beautiful! It had creamy white icing covered with tiny little baby pink dots and a bunch of lovely flowers on the top. I don't have a photo at the moment, but I will have to get on on here soon.

My mum took this photo of me and Rose.. it's a little blurry as she took it on her phone, but I forgot to take enough photo's on my camera. I suppose that was bound to happen when I was worrying whether I had spoken to everyone enough. I don't really like hosting party's or events of any sorts.. I don't feel confident enough to be the centre of attention. Well, I know Rose was the centre of attention at her own christening.. but you know what I mean..!

Vicky, my best friend for years is now Rose's God-mother. : ) I know she is the perfect person for the job and will always be there for my little Rosebud.. She had her own blog, why don't you go and have a peek.

My mum travelled up from Cornwall for the day :)
Doesn't she look like a proud new grandmother..!? I can't believe how big Rose looks in this photo, it's so scary how fast she is growing..!!

Right, off to try and finish all of my thank-you notes for the generous gifts that were given to Rose..

I'll leave you with a photo of the special little girl..!



  1. What a lovely entry Ash, and you have a lovely little girl and the christening was lovely, very well organised xxxx

  2. Aaah, it looks like a lovely, lovely day. Gorgeous photo of your little babe at the end
    Emily x