Friday, 20 May 2011

Enjoying the peace and quiet..!

Well, the hubby is out with the boy's for the evening so I'm enjoying having the whole house to myself!
Rose went down for the night quite easily today which was lovely and I reallllyyy hope she sleeps through til the morning!

You see.. I didn't have the best night's sleep last night. Ray and I went for out for a meal together for the first time since the birth. So, it's been quite a while..! His parents looked after Rose.. thankfully she slept for most of the evening. I knew I would find it difficult to leave her and drive of to go for our meal, but I was actually quite surprised at How glad I was to be back with her. The connection between a mother and baby is quite something!

The meal was very nice, although not so great for my diet! We had a curry and it was lovelllyyy.. I was so excited to have one, as I've been so good food-wise the last few weeks but this week, I haven't been quite so strong-willed at staying away from chocolate and biscuits! So I really am beginning to dread Tuesday.. (weigh-in day!) I know I Must have put on weight instead of losing it! Oops..

So, making the most of some 'me' time tonight, I've been doing a spot of web 'window shopping' and browsing through one of my favourite online shops. I have a slight addiction to Cath Kidston you know and I just can't resist! I know I really shouldn't get all of the things from there that I do, but it just all so prettyyyy..!!
I love this bag..!

Okayyy.. well, on with the knitting I go. I'm getting quite far with Rose's Debbie Bliss cardigan.. although I'm pretty certain it's going to be too small for her. Why oh why am I so dippy..!? I Should have done the size up! Oh well... I'm nearly at the point of stitching it all together.


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  1. Sounds like a good night to me!
    Can I ask you something, with my dunce hat on? HOW do you make the photo montage thingie for your header? (Whenever I've tried to download photos to my header, they are absolutely massive and don't fit) I am honestly a numpty when it comes to technology, and I really would like to get a bit more colour into my blog!
    Thank you!
    Emily x