Wednesday, 11 May 2011

So many things.. so little time..

I have so many thing's that I want to blog about, but I just haven't managed to sit down and get writing until tonight.. So I'll write one entry and then see if I can try to squeeze another entry out before the end of the evening..!

First of all.. a big hello from Rose..!

Last week we took advantage of the fact that Ray had a week of annual leave and headed off for a short break at my Mum's in Cornwall. Although we did plan on breaking up the journey by staying a night at my grandparent's house on the way down there.. we ended up staying for a few more nights as we had car trouble and needed our clutch to be replaced. Luckily my step-dad was very kind and helped Ray to get the work done, so we did eventually manage to make it down to Cornwall for 2 nights which was better than none at all.

The good thing about all the travelling in the car was that I managed to get a lot more of my hexagon blanket done..

While Ray was busy with the car.. I was lucky enough to enjoy the lovely weather in Dorset and went for a walk with Nan and Grandad around one of my favourite places to walk in Dorset, Langdon hill which leads up to Golden cap.

There are some really beautiful views around there..

See..!? How gorgeous are those views!

We went on to have a really lovely couple of day's in Cornwall with my Mum, it was a shame that the weather wasn't particularly nice whilst we were there but we plan to go back and visit again soon when it's a bit more sunny!


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  1. Love the colours you've chosen for you hexy blanket - lovely.

    S x