Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The little thing's in life..

I absolutely adore having my garden.. it's lovely just being able to take a wander out there and see all the changes that seem to take place every single day. I've loved seeing all the plants growing so speedily throughout spring, but along with the lovely plants come the weeds and oh my, I do struggle to keep up with the weeding!

Just a few photo's to show you the lovely flowers that are out there at the moment..!

When we moved here, I didn't realise how many lovely rose's we would have growing in the garden.. 

My tomato plants are doing really well.. I can't wait until we can be picking fresh tomatoes from outside our back door. : )

We've got runner beans as well.. I wasn't sure that they were going to grow very well in the beginning, but they've actually picked right up..!

Although I have so much to do in the garden still...

I have about a million  seedlings to pot up... there is some serious over-crowding going on in there..! Now I just need to find some time from somewhere to get it all done!


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