Friday, 9 March 2012

The first of my catch-up posts and a lot of thank you's.

I've had a lot of lovely things through my post box recently... I've bought a couple of things and I've also been really really fortunate to win more than one giveaway in the last couple of weeks. I've never been a particularly lucky person but it seems that I've had luck on my side recently! :-)

I've never had anywhere proper to store my crochet hooks, I've just always chucked them all in a jam jar up until now and it's such a pain trying to find the right size hook when you need it. So when I saw that Messy Jesse had added this beautiful crochet hook cozy to her shop, I just Had to get it. It's perfectly stitched and the Cath Kidston fabric is just gorgeous.

Not only did I receive the crochet hook cozy, she also included some extra pieces of pretty fabric which I was happily surprised to get..! :-) Thank you! xx

Heather over at Pink Milk won my giveaway the other week and even though she really didn't need to, she sent me a little thank you gift which was a beautifully smelling scented candle. Thank you Heather xx

I was so lucky to win this beautiful pair of earrings in a giveaway over at Scented Sweetpea's. They are tiny silver hearts from Becky at Red Bird Jewellery and are just perfect because I struggle to wear dangly earrings these day's with Rose's little hands grabbing anything and everything in sight! Thank you to both of you :-) xx

I was also really fortunate to win the giveaway over at Rosie Hearts, I've won a machine embroidered glasses case and will show you some pictures when I receive it. Thank you Rosie xx


  1. Wow! You've been lucky Ashley! Isn't it lovely to get surprises in the post :)

    Jo x x

  2. wohooo thanks for thr bloggy mention! Yay so pleased you like them all. The pleasure was all mine :) xx

  3. Wow you really are lucky! Hopefully your streak will continue! I'm hoping mine might come soon! xx

  4. That crochet hook cosy is gorgeous, that's one of my favourite CK prints. Lovely things!

  5. Oooh, lovely things! Lucky girl! :)

  6. Ooh, lucky you! Maybe you should buy a lottery ticket!

    I love the crochet cosy, very handy indeed and really pretty.

    I won a giveaway at Rosie hearts as well for a kindle case, she is so clever.

  7. Wow how lucky are you? I adore the wee crochet hook holder - it's stunning!!