Saturday, 10 March 2012

I don't think I'll ever be an early-bird!

Unsurprisingly I was up and downstairs at 5:30am this morning, this is actually an improvement on how long Rose has been sleeping. The last few weeks she has woken up at least once throughout the night and has been difficult to get back down again. The fact that we have new neighbours who think it's okay to lock their dog outside barking away for hours on end until it wakes up Rose doesn't particularly help though! 

I keep telling myself her current sleeping habits are so bad at the moment due to teething, but these day's it's hard to tell whether it's a cold she's got or just a runny nose from all of those big teeth poking through..! It will be a Big relief when this stage of her growing-up is over... just the teething part, everything else is lovely! haha :-)

So after an hour or so of me sitting on the sofa staring into space with a larrgge strong cup of coffee in my hands, I finally got myself motivated to get on with a few thing's that needed doing. I'm knitting the last few flowers to go on the second tea cosy I'm making, so that's nearly done. Then I got on with a little Mother's Day sewing... we're visiting my best friend on Tuesday night and won't be back until the end of next weekend, so I need to get these things finished.

The post came early this morning which was a pleasant surprise and look what was waiting for me on the doormat! :-)

I haven't completely loved the last few issues to be honest, as I don't really love the hundred's of adverts throughout the magazine and sometimes I don't find the section where they show someones home very interesting. I love looking at the photo's when they're bright and colourful and show lots of crafty things but not so much if it's just someones normal home with nothing relating to craft in the photo's... I don't mean to sound like a complete moaning minnie!

This issue is full to the brim with gorgeous photo's and craft idea's. How cute is this baby hat!?? Awww..

Right, off to get on with a little housework before we head out for the day. I hope everyone has had a lovely start to the weekend and maybe some of you have had a very enjoyable lie-in..!? I think today will be a coffee-fuelled one for me!



  1. Teething is such a tough time, my kids always got an ear infection at the same time! Have a wonderful weekend,

  2. No lie in here either, I was stood on the sidelines watching my 8year old playing football in the drizzle, this also entailed stopping my middle boy falling on the pitch (I had to dragging him off more than once) and my littlest boy (3) from cycling on the pitch. We did mcdonalds with all the other boys and this afternoon I have the joys of a swimming pool party....goodness knows ho tired I'll be tonight, maybe I should take up coffee drinking too!

    Your sewing looks like a nice project and what could be nicer than settling with a new mag. x

  3. the teething part and when they are suffering with colds too is a hard part of motherhood, sleep patterns mainly and feeling your not getting the best of sleep...Sophia keeps getting horrid colds and she keeps waking a lot with coughing fits...but at least she can get in with me...;0)
    i havent bought the last issues of mollie makes- mainly because of the price...just that tad bit too much...i guess subcribing is cheaper but i share a front door with a bove flat so dont like mags coming through in case they go walkies.
    i actually prefer the home sections, but guess that's just personal that hat x

  4. After the 3 for £5 Mollie Makes launch, I haven't bothered to buy it again. Love the bright pics etc but don't feel there's enough in it to warrant the price!
    Kids sleep is a difficult matter, Sophia is 3 so has been sleeping through for ages. But I find it very hard to adjust when she's ill or has nightmares or just generally not settling! I shouldn't complain though as she is a late riser.
    Celeste x

  5. Hi! I've just found your blog and am loving it. I love the things you make, they're so ME
    :-) Your daughter is a poppet isn't she! Sorry to hear about your nuisance neighbour/dog, leaving the dog out to bark like that is simply not acceptable - we had this for a short time only with some neighbours of ours and I thought it would drive me literally bonkers. But when you've got a toddler as well with all the nightmares of lost sleep if they're woken......shudder.......
    Look forward to reading more from you!!

  6. Hope your coffee fueled day is going ok! Fingers crossed for some decent sleep tonight. The sleepless nights soon pass and before you know it you're trying to shake them out of their bed! Loving the look of what your sewing for your Mum. I've not had a chance to look at my Mollie Makes yet....can't wait now I've seen some snippets!

    Jo x x

  7. You've just reminded me I've got Mollie Makes to read tonight! I put it down unopened when it came earlier and totally forgot about it! It looks like a good one :) I do agree with all your comments about some of the previous issues! Hope Rose starts sleeping better soon, poor thing xxx

  8. I always thought that a before 6am start was just too early when my babes were little, it was how we found the Hoobs, which I did learn to love. All to quickly, one of them turned eleven, and today she got out of bed at 1pm. Yes, I did just type 1pm!

  9. The more coffee the better! Maybe when Rose naps, you could too. Even if is just a snooze on the couch covered in a cozy blanket. Her "wake-up" phase will end soon enough - just in time for another wonderful phase! :)

  10. There is nothing worse than being up when you really want to have a duvet morning, just have lots of coffee and hopefully you'll have a good night sleep tonight. I too had my Mollie Makes today, and yes I agree it is a good one.
    Take care
    lots of love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Hang in there with the broken sleep and early starts - it does get better. My son was AWFUL every time he got a tooth... Hopefully you'll get a lie in tomorrow! My Mollie Makes also came today but typically I haven't had time to even glance at it yet! Gillian x

  12. I sadly agree with you about Mollie Makes, it looks exciting but never has much in it. I am starting to buy books rather than mags, they have no ads!
    Heather x

  13. I've just had my issue through the post too and can't wait to sit down and read it... now I just need to find a few minutes to be able to enjoy it :-)

  14. Ooh I feel your pain, Mabel rarely gets past a 6am wake up and we have also had some night time waking recently. I kind of wonder if it is in part a realisation that when she wakes up there might be the option of playing. We end up taking her downstairs and watching some Night Garden and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong. Slippery slope I fear!
    At least you produce some gorgeous crafts whilst half asleep, I manage very little!
    I read Fee's magazines, note to self to borrow this months with that baby hat - too cute
    Nelly xxx

  15. I am looking forward to going through Mollie Makes today! I too have 'sleep issues' with my two year old. I can count how many time was has ever slept through the night on one hand so I totally sympathise. Lie you I just keep focussing on the fact that it will come to an day!

  16. Bless your heart. I remember those days. And remember the extra strong coffee too. :o) It really does get better. :o) Your magazine looks lovely. :o)