Monday, 26 March 2012

An afternoon in the park.

After going into town this afternoon to get a few things done, Rose and I took a little de-tour and went to a lovely gardens here in Chichester. 

There wasn't a cloud in the sky... I wonder how long this lovely weather will last for. My garden's looking a little thirsty, it could really do with some overnight rainfall! I'm not complaining though as we've been soaking up as much of the sunshine as possible. We didn't get into town until the afternoon due to us both having a nice lazy morning at home.. a certain little lady was up and wide awake from 1:30am until 4am last night. WIDE awake... I mean running around the front room shrieking awake. It doesn't make sense, the last two days she hasn't had her afternoon nap so I thought she'd be extra tired but it doesn't seem to make a bit of difference..! On the bright side I got to watch two episodes of Grey's Anatomy that I had recorded on the Sky box, they were very good episodes too. :-)

I thought it would be a nice opportunity to take a few photo's of Rose in the gardens... how can it be So hard to get just one photo of her smiling at the the camera!? She just giggles and runs around shrieking with laughter at me! haha

I like these photo's just as much or more though because they capture the real moments, not just a posed cheesy smile.

She's definitely becoming more and more of a handful each and every day! She's now really independent when we go to places like the park or playgroups, she'd happily wander off and get into all sorts of mischief! But she's now also become really affectionate towards me which I'm loving, she'll have a wander and then suddenly rush back to me and climb up on me for a cuddle. I suppose most toddlers go through phases like this now and again...

I realised there's a back entrance into the gardens which is really close to our house so I think we'll be popping back there a few more times while the weather is this beautiful.  :-)

I really should go to bed now, just in case we have a repeat performance of last night!



  1. What a lovely day out! Rose obviously enjoyed EVERY moment. I really hope she slept better for tonight. She's got to run out of toddler energy SOMETIME!

  2. You've taken some gorgeous photos!
    Maria x

  3. Oh wow that park is gorgeous. I love the photos of Rose, she always looks so happy. Her hands looks so cute in those photos, either clucthing the other hand or the last one pressed down on her thighs tee hee so sweet. You can really see her character coming thorough now x x x x

  4. Rose is very cute. I have to admit that I prefer the action photos rather than staged ones, you've captured how happy and giggly she is.

    I wish I had a back door into that garden, it looks lovely!

    Helen xx

  5. It really is a lovely garden. It is so strange but lovely to see my daughter race round there now as it is the scene of so many of my childhood - and later adolescent - memories!