Sunday, 25 March 2012

Friday afternoon fun.

We planned to have a barbecue this weekend as the weather is so lovely here on the south-east coast of England at the moment but we still hadn't got our own one for this garden. So in a spare moment from work at lunchtime ray popped down and picked us one up. As you can see, Rose was in heaven having the thing in a million pieces on the front room floor... she gave it a good go but in the end Daddy had to take over to put it together.

We had my some friends round for a BBQ yesterday afternoon and it was really lovely. I took some nice photo's but when I went to look at them last night, I realised I had made the ultimate photography mistake and hadn't put the memory card in the camera! SO annoying!

We're having some of Ray's family around today for Another barbecue... it seems we've caught the barbecue bug! But it makes sense to be out enjoying the garden as much as possible whilst it's so warm and sunny. We've constantly got the french doors open to the garden at the moment and Rose is loving exploring everything out there.

I've been busy on the sewing machine sewing a few bibs for Cuckoo. I'm really happy with how their turning out, I hope she likes them! :-)

Right, I'm off to start preparing for today's BBQ! I hope your all having a lovely weekend and the weather is nice wherever you are...



  1. Hi Rose
    I always follow your blog
    Have you a nice sunday!

  2. Hehe, look at Rose poised with her screwdriver!!

    I love a BBQ but Mr G reckons they always smell better than they taste!! We sometimes take a disposable Barrie up to the stables and have hot dogs and toasted marshmallows, lovely!!

    You can set the camera so it won't take pics without a memory card inserted, I did it with mine as I know it's exactly ypthe sort of thing I'm likely to do!!


    S x

  3. Good job starting Rose at a young age putting together flatpacks. She'll probably spend most of her adult life struggling with them!! At least she reads the instructions hehe!!

  4. we too are making the most of the sunshine - it may well be the summer!
    enjoy your bbq!
    and the week ahead...fee ♥

  5. Looking forward to those bibs. I'm dribbling so much lately!!!

    They look gorgeous, really lovely. Of course i'll like them so throw that concern out of your head.


  6. It's been a lovely weekend hasn't it. Hope you enjoyed your bbq. The bib patches look cute, can't wait to see them finished!

    S x

  7. Hi Ashley!
    Thank you for your visit and sweet comment on my blog. I am happy that we "met". :)
    We had two days of BBQ here this weekend. I love it so much that every warm sunny day all I want is to have a BBQ. :)
    Hope you have a fab week. :)

  8. We had arranged to have a Sunday lunch out yesterday but it was more than warm enough to have had a BBQ. Managed an hour in the garden with my crochet and had to move the chair into the shade eventually. Sheer bliss. Dev x

  9. Lovely picture of Rose 'fixing' the bbq! We are big fans of outdoor cremating too and will be dragging ours out at the weekend. What have your been cooking? I could do with some inspiration!