Saturday, 3 March 2012

Finding it hard to squeeze everything in...

This is just a quick one...

I just wanted to explain why I haven't been very good at commenting on other peoples blogs the last week or so. I'm read as many as I can but when I'm occupying Rose at the same time, sometimes it just takes too long to leave a nice comment when the word verification thing takes long to write out than the actual comment! Why is it Two words now and not one..? I don't actually need glasses but I struggle to understand what the letters are a lot of the time!

I like to reply to everyone's comments on my blog but have been missing a few lately... I'm really busy trying to finish a couple of things off for people and I'm trying to get some stock sorted for my shop, as well as this... just looking after Rose keeps me pretty busy! :-) 

I've been given lots of brilliant advice and one of the most common things said, is that I need to have a Lot of things listed in my shop regularly. That way, people are likely to come across your shop more often and it's good to see new things being listed all the time. 

So anyway, I'm just getting as much made as I can so I have things ready to list... hence my reduced amount of time in blogland! All will be back to normal soon though :-) It would be much easier if there were a few more hours in every day!

By the way, the photo's are of my surprise bouquet of flowers Ray brought home with him after work the other evening. They do look lovely on my dining table.. :-)



  1. Lovely flowers and how nice of Ray to surprise you!! There must be something in the water as I got a surprise bunch of daffs this week too!!


    S x

  2. I know exactly what you mean about the word verification thingy - I've taken it off my blog now and I think a few others are doing the same.

    Beautiful flowers and, ooh, lots of luck with your shop. :-)

    Heather x

  3. I completely agree with you and that's exactly why I haven't been commenting either. I read a lot of blogs in bed on my ipad, which is great but if I make a mistake with the word verification it kicks me out of the thing altogether - so annoying!

    Loving hearing about the progress as you fill your shop. Keep it up - all your things are pretty pretty pretty.

    Nicki xx

  4. I've taken the captcha off my blog, as it has become completely ridiculous.

    Lovely flowers, how lucky.....if you do find a way of fitting more in your day, or finding more hours, I reckon you're onto a winner!

  5. Gorgeous pics of your flowers :) I so know what you mean about the word verification thingy....I disabled it on mine as it is driving me mad! I too wish there were lots more hours in the day! I'm finding it so frustrating having to dedicate myself solely to the kids and the house and the house selling that I'm so exhausted I just fall asleep. I'd like 10 extra hours, I'd craft for 5 and sleep for the other! When I used to sell online I found listing an item everyday really increased my products views and subsequent selling rate. Good luck with the making :)

    Have a lovely weekend x

    Jo x x x

  6. Beautiful flowers. I was just saying to my Hubby that word verication is a right pain, I`ve often refreshed it a few times to get something recognisable!


  7. Gorgeous flowers and lovely choice of salt and pepper pots :)
    RAchel x

  8. That word verification thing annoys me so much , i took mine off some time ago. By the way you may find something nice waiting for you at mine :-)

  9. Hi Ashley, what stunning and cheerful flowers, always lovely to get a surprise bunch of flowers :o)
    I've decided to take the word verification off my blog as it's got so super silly and I wantpeople to comment and not be put off it by the word verification. I think blogger has gone a little loopy with this! i must pop over to your shop and see what you're selling, how exciting! Penelope xox

  10. You don't have to appologise for being busy - you should keep the blog for yourself, we are all in the cheap seats enjoying the view! The flowers are amazing. I am now off to find out how to turn the word thingy off, I didn't know you could!

  11. Glad you are busy with your etsy shop, thanks so much for your etsy order from ME :D I'll be posting it off for you tomorrow morning! Yes you can turn off that annoying word verification thing, just google it, there's lots of tutorials. I had to do it on mine, it was driving me crazy! Hope your enjoying your weekend, the flowers are gorg! xo

  12. I am also fed up with the word verification thing. It puts me off commenting. I have decided to remove mine - it can always be put back if there is spam problem. Good luck with the Etsy project. I am thinking about doing something but at the moment I have to force myself to get my house ready for sale. How come its always when you have important boring commitments that you get all inspired and want to do other things!!!

  13. Gorgeous flowers & photos!! I totally agree with the word verification, drives me bloody mad! xxx

  14. That word verification thing is very annoying - is it only me who can never read it properly? Those booties in your shop are so sweet. x

  15. I am with you, on the lack of time thing.
    I just don't have enough time to comment on all of the lovely blogs I follow- it's crazy- and it makes me feel stressed at times, and it shouldn't be like that, should it?!?
    Great stuff in your shop, BTW.
    AND am going to remove that awful word-thingy from my blog comments now. I have an iPad too, and boy, this thing does not cope well!!
    Have a lush week.

  16. I have too noticed that the word verification has got a lot more harder to understand! many times i have to do it twice to get it right. not sure why they changed it? as the older one used to be easier to read/understand. I have it on my blog mainly cos i was getting chinese spam on my old blog, it stopped after adding the verification. i love it when people comment, but i also know what being a mum is like, so except not everybody has the time to comment all the time...xx

  17. Hi, I've taken it off my blog too and I haven't had any spam comments yet! Good luck with your etsy shop. xx

  18. Just came across your blog. So lovely. Those flowers are so beautiful. I hate the word verification too! (I've never had it and have never had a spam problem.)

  19. Thanks for following my blog :) Your blog is lovely! Your daughter Rose is just adorable.
    The flowers are so pretty, nothing like having cut flowers inside to enjoy.
    I am now a new follower..I am looking forward to reading all your posts :)