Sunday, 23 October 2011

A very breezy time on the beach..

Today we met up with some of Ray's family in the afternoon and had a lovely (very unhealthy, I may have ended up with a Huge portion of banoffee pie. Back on the diet starting tomorrow!) lunch at a bustling cafe next to the beach...

...and we all had a lovely time walking it all off afterwards with a stroll next to the sea. I say a stroll... but it was more like a hike, what with getting the buggy past the stones to the sand. Ray's sister and I carried it between us and thank goodness Rose was on her Daddy's shoulders at the time, as she weighs an absolute ton these day's!

I had fun with my camera.

We bought it a little earlier than planned as I was desperate to be able to take some nice shots of Rose and also for photo's for my blog. But now all my money I get given for my birthday and Christmas will now go towards paying for it, this is fine obviously as I've wanted a good camera for aggess but it does take a little of the excitement out of wondering what you might get given! (Gosh, don't I sound spoilt!)

Rose had some time with her auntie, she's constantly wanting to be on her feet non-stop these day's! We had a couple day's of her being a bit grizzly (with teething I think) but thankfully she's now back to her smiley happy self.

Although, as she woke us up at 3am last night.. and Kept us awake I'll add... I'm betting that I'll have another early start tomorrow so I should probably head to bed now. I'll be taking my knitting with me though as I only have a tiny bit to go now and then I'll have finished the second mitt..! They are gorgeous and I love how soft they are but I wish I had made a slight alteration with them so I may give these away as a gift, I'll wait until I finish them to decide though.



  1. I look at the photos of Rose and can't believe that she is only just (not quite xx) 9 months old!!


  2. Rose looks so cute and happy int e picture!!

  3. Lovely pictures with your new camera.........dreaded diets I've just been contemplating the same thing.

  4. Ooh where is this gorgeous beach??!!! Cool camera, the photos are lush.
    Rose reminds me of the Princess at that age. Hold on and cherish those days, it flies by and they don't always want to wear cute tights!!!!
    x x x