Sunday, 9 October 2011

First family holiday abroad with some holiday snaps...

It's taken me a little while to get around to writing this post, but here it is! I said I'd show you a few of our holiday pics.. probably of not much interest to anyone but I'll ramble on anyway! :-)

I managed to pack everything we needed and didn't forget anything important, although I tend to leave all that side of things to Ray as then I can't be blamed for forgetting anything! Much more relaxing for both parties I think...

I was pretty nervous about the the flights, not knowing how Rose would cope.. but I breastfed her when going up and she didn't seem to have any discomfort in her ears. Well if she did, she did a good job of not showing it as she spent most of the flight trying to clamber up over me and grinning at the poor people behind us. I was especially nervous about her making any noise, as the 'interesting' chap next to us had confided to Ray that he really was Not a 'baby-person'... maybe he just wanted us to be sure that we'd keep her as far away from him as possible to leave him in peace to drink his countless cans of Stella...

I was more worried about the flight back as it was at 8:30pm and I was worried that she wouldn't sleep in my arms and we'd be dealing with a cranky baby the whole flight back. But our prayers were answered as she slept for the WHOLE flight and didn't even stir when we had a bumpy landing. I'm sure people were wondering if I had drugged her up on something before the flight..!

Plenty of time was spent by the pool... I'm not Actually nude, as I appear to look in this photo by the way!

Day's out were had...

I Attempted to sunbathe whilst Rose (who has now mastered crawling) clambered all over me!
To be fair I did have a fair bit of time to myself in the sun, it's quite fortunate that my husband is more of a shade-lover than a sun worshipper, as he was quite happy to take her inside the villa to give me little breaks. :-)

Dinner's were eaten 'al-fresco' style on the rooftop, this particular evening it was fajitas on the menu... I didn't stick to the healthy-eating plan but Very surprisingly only put on half a pound!

We were very snap-happy and came home with over 300+ photo's, when we got home a Lot of editing was needed. We seemed to have about 10 of each photo, or very similar photo's anyway...

We only made it to the beach on one day and even then only stayed for the morning. Rose is just that little bit too small to enjoy the beach, we tried paddling but she was just too scared of the waves and preferred to try and eat her own body-weight in sand... It got Everywhere! We coped until a nappy-change was needed and then it just got too much and we gave up and returned to the pool, I swear I was finding bits of sand on her for day's!

Since we've been back it's all been non-stop really but it was nice to get back to normality and get back into our normal routine. Rose is now crawling at speeds I didn't know were possible, is pulling herself up to standing on Any available object she can grab onto and the other day I caught her having climbed up the staircase, only 1 step mind you but time to get a bottom stair-gate sorted I think!


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  1. My family and I also spent some quality time in Thailand last year. I have that same anxiety with my little ones. I was worried about how they will keep up with the long flights. But it was all good. We were able to book some cheap holidays for families and did spent some quality times together. Wonderful blog.