Sunday, 2 October 2011

Quilted wall hanging for Lettie

It was my Auntie Lettie's birthday on the 18th of September and I wanted to make her something special.
 I would have shown you sooner what I made but I didn't want to spoil the surprise and then we went away and things so I just haven't gotten around to it.

I'm half way through sewing my first quilt for Rose and I wanted to practise my quilting skills... I say skills, but I kind of just took a whack at it!

Lettie had shown me quickly how to do free hand quilting whilst I was in Dorset but I found it quite tricky on my own sewing machine so there are plenty of mistakes to be seen!

I thought I'd make her a mini quilt to hang on her wall... well I hoped it would turn out okay and be something she wouldn't mind on her wall anyway..

I took inspiration from a lovely quilting book and various images from Pinterest and made up the picture by using applique to attatch the material shapes to the backing fabric.  I used zig-zag stitch to go around the fabric shapes and then sandwiched wadding between the front and back pieces of fabric. I then embroidered a few flowers and added some buttons, then I used a free-motion foot to quilt over the whole thing. It took me agggess as I'm only a beginner, but apparently she really likes it so it was all worth it..! :-)

The binding is a bit of a bodge-job, I just could not for the life of me get it right!
I hope I manage to do the binding okay on Rose's quilt... although I'm sure I'll struggle just as much with it then.

Sooo.... this is the finished object..!
Not bad for a first attempt I thought! Although I notice so many mistakes when looking at it...



  1. The quilt is lovely! I think it's those little imperfections that make a handmade item so charming. Very sweet thoughtful gift. I want to give quilting a go and have started collecting day... thanks for sharing. Have a lovely week, xjosie

  2. Beautiful and made with so much love sure she will not mind the teeniest of mistakes! Gives it character and individuality anyway ;) Gorgeous! x

  3. Hello Love. How wierd is that. The first Comment is from someone called Josie, I had to check it wasn't our Josie!!

    I LOVE MY VERY SPECIAL BIRTHDAY PRESENT, and it means so much to me that you made it for me. It is up on the kitchen door, in full view of every one who come to Poppy Cottage. Everything about it is so lovely and for your first attempt you should be really proud.

    I have found this blog, you'll love it, but also she has a tutorial for making binding, might be good for Rose's quilt xx

  4. Well done you! That is beautiful, and if that is your first attempt, wow imagine what you can do next? What a lovely lovely idea for a pressie xxx

  5. It's lovely and looks very well put together to me ~ Well Done :O)x

  6. You can only see the mistakes as you know where they are. No one else can see them or even cares that they are there. Besides they are proof that it was made with love not by a faceless machine. I think it is gorgeous and you should be very proud of yourself.


  7. Simply gorgeous and I can't see any mistakes, a job well done.
    x Sandi

  8. It is beautiful, well done. This is great for a first attempt, just imagine what you will be able to do with some practice xxxx

  9. This is sooo beautiful, I love your fabric choices and your sewing skills are so above and beyond my own....hats off for ya!
    Nattie x

  10. It is so beautiful and what a wonderful and thoughtful gift, stitched with all of your love x
    Gosh i bet she was pleased!
    have a lovely week
    love jooles x

  11. What a wonderful present, I'm sure it will be treasured always.

  12. wow its really precious and soooo beautiful xxxx something to truly treasure x

  13. That quilt is amazing! The colours are beautiful and I am simply in awe of your newfound skills.

    A fantastic present.

  14. how could she not love it - super duper!
    fee x

  15. How Lovely!!!! I had an Aunt Lettie myself, she was the best Aunt you could ever imagine. I am named after her, well in part anyway. I am Meredith Letitia, Letitia after her.

  16. Beautiful, really love it - you clever bean!
    Emily x

  17. What an exquisitely beautiful and thoughtful gift, Ashley! Your Aunt Lettie is one blessed lady. :-)

  18. gorgeous !!!! I have a book giveaway you might like over on my blog - not that you need it. That quilt is adorable!

  19. that is lovely is that.. id be so happy if i was given that as a gift.. lovely!


  20. wowzers, that is gorgeous! I especially love the green at the base, it really sets it off well. oohhh one day, one day I will be able to make something like that! x

  21. Good for you! Your quilt turned out awesome! It has a little bit of everything, embroidery, buttons, quilting - beautiful. I still don't have the hang of free motion quilting yet, I guess it takes some practice. Happy sewing!

  22. Oooh, it looks lovely!! Much better than my attempt, I think I did the quilting too far apart- yours looks much better!!

    Apologies for not commenting much lately and for not sending the fabric yet, I have a little parcel of it for you - I'm just very crap. Will sort it.

    S x

  23. Oh - it's so beautiful, and only your first try?! I'm sure it'll be treasured as your aunt will love it :-)

  24. Oooh lala!! It's incredible. You are sooooo good at quilting! The leaves look amazing!


  25. Hi Ashley!
    Thank you so much for your comment, being a mum is the best thing ever!
    The wall hanging looks great, really beautiful! I wish I could sew like that!

    Hope you and little Rose are well!

    Kristina x

  26. Woooow

    what a lovely quilt.
    Soooooo sweet!



  27. Hi Ashley, your quilting skills are great from what I can see!! The applique is SO pretty and I just love the little button details! I find quilting very difficult - probably why my first large quilt is still no where near finished!! Yours is really lovely, you should be very proud of yourself :-)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend

    Louise xx

  28. That's gorgeous, clever you!