Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Here are my finished hand-warmers and a few other rambling's of mine...

Well here they are, I finished them the other morning and love them.

I think a big part of why I like them so much is to do with the fact that they are the knitting project that I learnt not only to knit with DPN's but also to knit cables! I can't quite believe I managed it. :-)

This is where I got the pattern from. xxx

I had a conversation with my auntie on the phone on Monday which then resulted in her coming to see us for the day on Tuesday. It was a lovely unexpected visit which I think made it all the more enjoyable, it's been really nice to see a lot more of my family over the past few weeks.

(Having a Very healthy lunch! Oops!) 
Ray, Rose and I were out for dinner this evening with some of our friends and their babies and Somehow!? I ended up with a chocolate brownie dessert in front of me.. I have No idea how it got there... and well, of course I couldn't not eat it, could I..! Haha. The healthy eating DOES start tomorrow though!!

We went to the shop 'The Eternal Maker' after we picked Lettie up from the station. I went there with Mum last week and I promised myself that I wouldn't go there and spend any money for at least a month! I didn't quite manage to keep to that promise though...

What with both Mum and Lettie visiting, I've been bought some really lovely fabric goodies. I really am lucky to have been spoilt just a Little bit...

(Thank you xxxx)

Also, Lettie has taught me how to sew foundation patchwork, so this now opens up a Whole new world of craftiness to me. So exciting!



  1. Hello you! This all sounds very exciting! Your hand warmers are really beautiful! Well done you! I must say I was just as struck by your wonderful looking nails though!

    It got so frosty this weekend here in France that I rushed to my favourite yarn shop and went a little mad. I am now frantically knitting... when I have the time, that is! Your little sweetie looks adorable, by the way.

    Have fun with your new patchwork dreams.

  2. Thank you for such a lovely day Ash. Pasty was lovely but looking at the photos makes me think it is about time I cracked on with the real healthy eating! And it was a pleaseure to teach you Foundation patchwork.

    Your little family is so lovely xx

    Lettie xx

  3. Beautiful hand warmers! you must be so proud

    How lovely to spend time with your auntie....enjoy your patchwork :o)

    Rose gets more cute every time i see her x

    love jooles x

  4. Your gloves look fab! Well done you! I've never been brave enough to tackle've done a brilliant job!! It's lovely to spend time with family and the ones that mean the most to us. Gives you a boost especially when they show you how much they care. Glad you've had some lovely days :)

    Jo x x

    P.S. Rose is just the most gorgeous little girl!!!

  5. Great job with the mittens, they look fab! Well done for mastering it :) looks like you had a lovely time with your family, days like that are so special aren't they xxx

  6. They are sooooooo amazing! Clever you! Off to follow the link for the pattern now. Not that I can ever imagine dpns AND cables happening anytime soon!


  7. Your baby is gorgeous! She looks very trendy.Your hand warmers aregorgeous, well done! x

  8. Your hand warmers are really lovely, well done on mastering the cables and DPNs - clever you!

  9. Beautiful hand warmers,I soo wish I could make some,I'm rubbish at knitting,I'm now following your lovely blog Xx Manda xX

  10. Oooh, love the wrist warmers!! Gorgeous!!

    Isn't The Eternal Maker a fab shop?

    S x

  11. tee hee - I'm here while you're at mine...always makes me smile more than it should!
    love the wrist warmers, love the look of that pastie and thank you for entering my giveaway!
    fee x

  12. Lovely handwarmers. What a beautiful family you all are! xxx

  13. oohh those gloves are gorgeous! Good luck on the diet that starts soon :-) x

  14. Your Handwarmers look amazing!! Well done you clever thing! that soft Debbie Bliss will keep you warm this winter too :)

    Take care

    Louise xx